Victims seek to sue Libya for supplying IRA with Semtex

29/09/2020 17:20:00

Troubles victims seek to sue Libya for supplying IRA with Semtex

Troubles victims seek to sue Libya for supplying IRA with Semtex

Victims of terrorism who are seeking to sue Libya for supplying the IRA with Semtex are mounting a legal bid to compel the Police Service of Northern Ireland to confirm it was used in deadly attacks.

The step is being taken in advance of a request for permission to formally serve proceedings on the State of Libya.Compensation claims are being prepared on behalf of those bereaved and injured in several Troubles-related atrocities.They include the 1987 Remembrance Day bombing in Enniskillen, the so-called 'Good Samaritan' attack in Derry in 1988, and the Shankill Road bombing in Belfast in 1993. 

The IRA received secret shipments of weapons from Libya during Muammar Gaddafi's time as dictator - including Semtex for bomb attacks.Previous efforts to secure payouts for victims of the paramilitary group's campaign have failed, despite Libyan assets having been frozen in the UK.

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There is no Libya anymore. The UK helped destroy it in 2011. With unionists, it is always about the money! They should have sued Libya before they helped the USA to free them!!! Good luck. Think Libya is closed. No management either. Grand while were at it i hope the entire world sues britain then. 🤔 It will be interesting to see how the change in government will be seen by the international courts.

that will be a bit difficult considering libya is a now broken war torn slave state thanks to the corporate neo liberal warmongers Libya , regime wise is not an entity anymore , however the UK still exists, and they seem to have drawn a line and moved on, in their minds anyway. Not really a good time to be bringing up the past.

How about suing Sinn Fein...they are the last link to PIRA.... Do that mean I can sue the car dealership for supplying the person who crashed into me? 😅

North’s PPS upholds decision not to prosecute 15 British soldiers over Bloody SundayVictims’ families ‘disappointed but not surprised’; say they will take case to High Court joannaccherry 14 people. John Johnston may not have died on the spot but is just as much a victim and his family just as much failed by this decision. joannaccherry 🥴

Can victims also sue the British government for its own supplying of state sponsored terrorist campaigns? Jeez good luck with that one!! Better suing Sinn Fein!! Hahahaaaa. Who are they going to sue? There is no Libya. Nobody left in Lybia to be held accountable. How do you sue a dead dictator and former regime that no longer exists ? Will they be suing Israel for supplying loyalist terrorists with their weapons ?

Does that include Civillian victims of Loyalist Bombs? Anyone suing the British government?