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Ge 2020, Fianna Fáil

Varadkar and Martin to meet for exploratory talks next week

TDs yesterday failed to elect a new Taoiseach on the first day of the 33rd Dáil.


Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin agree to meet for exploratory talks next week GE2020

TDs yesterday failed to elect a new Taoiseach on the first day of the 33rd Dáil.

They talked over the phone last night, a spokesperson for Fine Gael confirmed. They said the exact location and time of the talks have yet to be confirmed.Varadkar tendered his resignation to President Michael D Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin last night but he will remain in place, along with the current Cabinet, until a new Taoiseach is elected.

There were 41 votes in favour of Martin becoming Taoiseach, with 97 against and 19 abstentions. Varadkar got 36 votes in favour of him continuing as Taoiseach, with 107 votes against and 16 abstentions.Martin stated on Wednesday that for “many reasons” Fianna Fáil forming a coalition with Sinn Féin “would not be the right thing to do”, saying he had written to McDonald to explain that decision.

“Clearly Fine Gael’s intention is to engage in shadow-boxing for the coming weeks and we’ve no interest in participating in such a charade,” the Soc Dems said in a statement.

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If these Pair of Gangsters get in government. I'll start a rebellion or Riot If George 'R[espec]T' Galloway MP considers FF and FG: 'Two cheeks of the same backside!' (See his uploaded YouTube podcast re SF Shock), should their dual butty cheek seats in Dail Eireann not be halved? If they do go into government again, the public will have them calling an election by the end of the year and sinn fein and the other left parties will have all that time to educate people on how hard they worked to keep them out against our will. They'll do worse next election.

Leo is just winding up those old men in ff Hell will freeze over FF and FG need new leaders You wonder after five years in power together what exploratory talks they need to do 80%of the electorate voted for FineGael to NOT be in govt. isn’t it time the people were listened to? FineGael fiannafailparty

Slippery bunch

Dáil rejects Varadkar and Martin bids to be TaoiseachTHE Dáil has rejected bids by both Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin to be the next Taoiseach. Excellent. Also in the process of rejecting Mary L & Eamon R, poor headline, irresponsible journalism. Should be corrected when all four votes conclude. ...Mary Lou beats them with 45

The contempt both FF & FG are showing the people of this country is sickening!!!! WE NEED CHANGE NOT MORE OF THE SAME . Got to give to SF they are streets ahead on the social media front. The pantomime continues Insignificant little man will move on to his high paying job in the EU and continue to do nothing for anyone but himself

Was it ever in doubt , ffs. Leo and Micheal meet up. Conversation goes, Jees Mick what are we going to do about these Sinn Feiners? Feck I don't know Leo, what do you think. Feck I don't know, sure it was your turn anyway! We can meet next month and check in, just keep the O'Cuiv boyo under control! Two dickheads

Nice one about time they got their heads together LynneCampbell5 ✌️ GOD IS A BUDHIST,

Micheál Martin to meet Leo Varadkar for Goverment formation talksThe Fianna Fáil leader declined however to answer questions about coalition options. MichealMartinTD and LeoVaradkar meeting Gwan de lads It seems like they are significantly over complicating this Taoiseach business.

No and No. This Country does not need any more of either of their personal or partys’ self-serving nonsense. 👎🏻👎🏻 That's it so with the Greens. That's the way it was always going to be. 5years of Power, Greed and Corruption. As news spread throughout the land the revelation surprised and excited no one.

Any thing to keep Mary out If FF supported FG's little known naming/shaming of people on welfare by rubber stamping stalking/blackguarding by seconded welfare cops in public places (incl churches!), why are they pretending to have a different political economy? Who's top and who's bottom? Fg and ff successfully undermining democracy in Ireland for the past 90 years

Amazing ... why the left fail to co-operate is amazing. SF L SD Sdpbp 54 seats then the G 66 seats like minded inds 74 seats so then add in the 6 balance Ind TDs ( Tipp/Kerry etc ) job done. Or go with 74 and see how it goes ... stop blaming the other parties Sure what is there to explore they have been in power for the last 4 years together

Varadkar, Martin agree to meet for exploratory talksThe agreement to meet for exploratory talks follows a phone conversation between Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin yesterday evening Leo Sayer not Doer to Mehole Martin' Mehole if we go into Gov together, that will be a CHANGE'....Mehole replies' Yes Leo that's the CHANGE people voted for' ....delusional GE2020 Well that’s a surprise 😑 You and your plutocrat puppets are done for.

Omg they should both be in jail for crimes against humanity They were humiliated in the elections they were humiliated last night and they are coming back for more. We don't want them they have taken enough from us and our country. We won't put up with them anymore. MaryLouMcDonald for Taoiseach. No way are we accepting again what happened for the last 4 disgraceful years! Current Crises will get even worse! This is not political, this is personal!

43% between them. 57% dont want this Besties What a joke people voted for change.leo & Michael want to keep their greedy & corrupt hands on power at any cost. Sinn fein got 100% of the vote and 900 TDs elected so why are the 'establishment ' stopping them from forming a government EricaPerris fucking mess

Clinging on, quite embarrassing really.

Fianna Fail announce negotiating team as they aim to make Martin next TaoiseachFIANNA Fail has announced their Super Six team of negotiators as the party aims to make Micheal Martin the next Taoiseach. The party’s Negotiations Steering Group will be led by deputy leader Dara …

😂😂😂😂😂😂 confidence and supply But it's not what the noisy and entitled minority want. To explore how to beat to serve themselves... They're trying to set me up for the fall If I move forward like this we die as a people, a soon as I'm out of the way. The Republic dies as a country They're planning a real attack

There should be no exploratory talks the people of Ireland don't want FG sure even the TDS in the Dáil don't even want him, just look at the figures from yesterday says it all

Micheál Martin speaks to Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has called Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition. Two helmets... Shite off the pair of ya They better discuss going back for election No 2 not even their arrogance could get this past the electorate.... they have no mandate the people have spoken. The people are sick of your combined Tory policies, you’ve been told load and clear both at personnel and party level.

Martin prepares to turn the screw on Varadkar in his bid for grand coalition Micheál Martin will ramp up pressure on Leo Varadkar to form a grand coalition after the first Dáil vote for a Taoiseach resulted in a stalemate. Martin should resign , Jesus it took 6 counts for him to be elected ffs that speaks volumes from the electorate

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