Politics, Trevor Noah, Mike Bloomberg

Politics, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah's dissection of stop-and-frisk policies is an exceptional watch | JOE.ie

An extremely strong argument made by the late night TV presenter


An extremely strong argument made by the late night TV presenter

The former Mayor of New York has since apologised for what he said, but late night television presenter Trevor Noah is not buying it.

After an excellent description of the whole thing, Noah concludes by saying:"Reporters won’t let this story go. They keep hassling him at events, questioning him about his motives, just trying to find any little thing that he’s done wrong. It must be so frustrating for him. And to that I say, Mike Bloomberg, welcome to the world of stop and frisk."

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You did not just compliment Trevor fucking Noah

Greens to invite parties to policy talksThe Green Party's Joe O'Brien has said the party will invite all parties to bilateral meetings this week to discuss their policies. Country needs to work on having a new election. This is getting silly at this stage. Black going in with white to prevent gray. Forget the bluster over the next weeks, I can tell you the conclusion now. greenparty_ie will prop up FG/FF. Lest they forget, propping up the old guard could enable the same wipe out as the ‘UK’ LibDems suffered regarding tuition fees. Another election is the only fair result

THE JOE Movie Quiz: Week 41 | JOE.ieThe JOE Movie Quiz is back and we've got rounds on the career of Jim Carrey, the week in film, and some of the new releases over the next few weeks

Gardaí in Cork investigating 'unexplained death' of a woman in her 50s | JOE.ieGardaí in Cork are investigating the 'unexplained death' of woman in her 50s.

R. Kelly faces new charges alleging sexual abuse against a minor | JOE.ieR. Kelly has been hit with new federal charges alleging that he sexually abused a minor female for four years. 💪 👩‍⚖️

An updated Status Yellow wind warning has been issued for the entire country | JOE.ieOn top of this warning, further additional level orange warnings have been issued for certain counties across the country.

Five arrested following separate drug seizures in Connacht | JOE.ieGardaí have said that all prisoners remain in custody and investigations are ongoing.

U2 are donating €10 million to fund PPE for healthcare workers in Ireland

Beaumont medics improvise to lift patients' spirits

Government under pressure from business groups and parents to set out plans for lifting restrictions

Trump threatens to cut US funding to WHO

Poll: Do you welcome new garda powers for restricting movement during Covid-19 crisis?

Solidarity call for Travellers during Covid-19 outbreak

Travel during Covid-19 restrictions 'madness'

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