Taoiseach returning to medicine one day a week

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar plans to return to work as a doctor one day a week.

05/04/2020 21:50:00

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar plans to return to work as a doctor one day a week.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has re-registered as a medical practitioner and will work one shift a week to help out during the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years before leaving the profession to become a politician and was removed from the medical register in 2013.He rejoined the medical register in March, and offered his services to the HSE for one session a week, in areas that are within his scope of practice, a spokesperson for his office confirmed.

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"Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out even in a small way," the spokesperson added.The Taoiseach comes from a medical family. He is the son of a doctor and a nurse, while his partner also works as a doctor.

Last month, Health Minister Simon Harris launched a recruitment drive for the HSE as it prepared to tackle the coronavirus outbreak with a stark message: "Your country needs you." Read more: RTÉ News »

liamdmoroney Thanks for sharing! Well done Leo. We also need you to stay on as Taoiseach. Can we have a, Free a grannie/grandad day! Hi Leo well done. Can we have a free a grannie/ granda day Well done but keep your day job as you are badly needed to lead Well done LeoVaradkar Well Leo. What a man. Fair play to you

P.R Stunt. He is only answering the phones. Get a grip he is not saving the World He means consultant job or just SHO. Love the second option. Good luck let's see how that will go.🤣🤣🤣 and how long he will survive Pr rubbish Good man Leo Still dont trust the smug f THATSMISE Oh pi*s off for god sake you cabbages are fooling no one ' he is a traitor and RTE are fake NEWS government PROPAGANDA machine an nothing else..🤮🤮 but thankfully the public are waking up..

Publicity stunt...just like calling the Chinese Premier on them PPE shipment... muppets Amazing story came out same day as tax exiles, who are usually limited to spend only 183 days in Ireland, will be allowed to remain longer this year, w/out taxation consequences, if they prove to Revenue they were forced to stay because of the coronavirus.' Spindoctors at work

This man is so genuine. it shows his love for his country..couldn't see the leaders in the north doing something like this. Fair play to him. Shows real leadership. People can bitch and moan about it being “1 day a week” it fact it’s telephone based but he’s practicing what he preaches unlike other leaders. Well done LeoVaradkar

Hopefully ciarakellydoc will do the same. Come on Ciara 👍👍👍👍 If I get I’ll done let him near me PR stunt. When can we get rid of this clown? Has he not more pressing leader taoiseach type jobs to be doing. Pure optics as usual from FG I hope he is aware of the dodgy gear from China and avoid 🙁 Leader of the people... Good on ya LeoVaradkar 👏👏👏👏

👏👏.. any help on front lines is welcome.. Phone receptionist more accurate Fair play respect It's all about him... Haven't people suffered enough, and now to be treated with soundbites. God help anyone that has to go to him Well done! Thanks Leo. Fully appreciated. Stay safe. WAIT,my people,lets get ready for another great photo shoot .😎

Pictures by RTÉ! Radio coverage jointly by RTE, FG FM aka Newstalk! Scumbag should be shot for wearing green! .JCGalway Uncanny insight SCU 😂😂😂 .JCGalway Uncanny insight SCU Double jobbing ? PR stunt typical for Fine Gael....trap laid, waiting for the bots now I want to see the frontline work he does on video! Otherwise I will never believe it!

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” some comment here are just haters that need to hate. Ahh fuck off leo PR stunt PR stunt, won’t catch him anywhere near a coronavirus patient! Insert sarcasm 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻(But Hey REAL doctors don't work ONLY one day a week, do they?!!! .) Is he going to go commando also with no PPE seens it alright and expected of other Doctors , Nurses to work with none .. ?!!!!

Wonderful Leader and admire him so much for helping out on the front line what a wonderful gesture. Keep safe and all the rest of doctors nurses and all the wonderful staff. Well done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️🖐🖐 Trust me I'm a doctor...holy Jesus Is that really practical? Does he have cpd to catch up on and if so, 1 day per week is just not an effective use of his time.

BarryKilkelly that Friday he was keeping clear... Legend 🙄 Oh Mary Lou, oh Mary Lou, What are you going to do? Oh Mary Lou oh Mary Lou, Any chance you can help out too? MaryLouMcDonald Bit out of context RTE. Tell us in your headline that he'll be working from home. He's not patient-facing or frontline. A shameless PR stunt to tug at the heartstrings of a vulnerable nation, following a shit-the-bed election.

I’m FF true and true but I have to give kudos to LV and SH during this emergency and to say to the haters fuck off !! A poor leader is one who can't delegate, feels he has to roll up his sleeves and do it himself. This is entirely about optics and PR spin, playing to Leo's vanity. Leo's spin department in over drive

dreddiemurphy Is he any good at that job? Leadership One day a week sure he’s used to that Brilliant leadership yet again were lucky to have Leo at this difficult time Does this man's ego and PR machine ever let an opportunity slide..... I think it's fantastic I also think some rural GP's that have seen visits plummet could join him in a hospital environment.

👏👏👏👏👏😘 Well he might as well as he'll be out of a job soon ! Well done Leo. The tax man will cripple him Leo is working one shift a week helping out with phone diagnostic assessments.😂 Rubber gloves and sanitiser. Why isn’t superman here on the frontline? What a hero🤪 Ashtray motorbike, enough said!

Why only one day a week? He does bugger all the rest of the week! Well done Leo, you are doing a great job already thank you. I hope he knows how to pick up the phone Kudos where due. Fair play to him. Very important work. But it can be carried out by other professionals. This is not the highest use of the Taoiseach's time.

Why? Shoe in. Abortion clinics badly in need of people completely lacking conscience. His poor patients Leo is leading with strength and empathy. We are so lucky to have him. If you work a Sunday you will get double pay. Good man Should there be a shortage of docs, he would understandably want to jump in there. But he’s a little out of practice. I’d say, that’s why he’s opting to go in now, part-time. Should it kick off later, he’ll be ready. I support him in this.

Publicity stunt for the middle-classes, who need him to 'play a blinder'. Thank you LeoVaradkar 👏👏 I smell a pr stunt broadsheet_ie Lord, but some amount of Concannonbots on this thread. Irish people find fault in everything. Christ, he is one extra doctor when we need as many as possible. End of Top man Leo, try and save time in your day for sleep.

Yet another publicity stunt. Credit where credit is due, he knows his audience. More Spin.... lets have the PR photos next. Wanker. Was there not a HSE press release 2 weeks saying 50,000 medically qualified people registered to the On Call for Ireland program? All eager and wanting to help. Do your job Leo, be a Leader, not a PR puppet!🙄 spin

Great .... next story please, Simon climbs tree to save cat , maybe , paschal finds communion money and gives it to Rothschild s , Murphy sewing face masks out of wife’s bikini. He might as well go for 5 shift, cos he's feck all good at what he's doing at moment.....Simon Coveney, Leo is on he's way out

Leo you should stay just guiding the country. We dont need you getting Corona like Boris. LeoVaradkar Excellent leader in our darkest hour! 🙏🏻 Not all hero's wear capes, some answer phones Nice gesture. Why is there no coverage of this? Coincidence! The moaners are out in force and they hate all he does right now. Fair play to him.

Such nasty, nasty people populating Twitter. Waiting to pounce, as they’ve nothing better to do. What part are they playing I wonder, these keyboard warriors? Well done LeoVaradkar, leading by example and a true statesman. bekind people. Do something meaningful with your time. Respect!! No supporter of FG but well done taoiseach all help medically is very welcome.

Cothrom na féinne. He’s damned if does and damned if he doesn’t. Fair play to him, practice what you preach. Rather him lead this country through this crisis than the likes of Bozo the Clown in the UK or Donald Duck in the states. Fair play to him, not obliged to but rather from a sense of duty, don't knock a man doing his bit.

Narcissist. Well done Leo! Boris Johnson can’t even mop a floor properly. Well down Leo. 😆 fair play to him. One day though, seriously? Hand the reins to Mary Lou and get out there 7 days a week. That id vote for I think he should go back to being a doctor full time. Another FG PR gimmick. If you're Taoiseach you shouldn't have the time to do anything else.

Maybe the rest of them could go back teaching oh wait 🤔 One day a week is more a PR stunt. A real doc would after one day want to go back the next day and the next day etc. He will probably keep his distance and do more talking than actual work. So is michael Martin going to be taoiseach 1 day a week then

Just reading the comments here, some being so negative. Now is not the time. For me, Leo Simon C & Simon H have shown great resolve in the most trying of times. Bravo. If you cant get on board to fight this virus, shut the hell up. Hi. Before you send these negative responses such as hope he is better doctor than, etc, etc, ask your self. What have you done today? What have you offered society today to assist? Let’s hear the criticism but include you deeds so we can assess your contribution

Fair play👍 What will he be doing the rest if the week, there is no dail, so he wont be busy Absolutely cringy spin . Does he know the pay isnt great, thank FG for that. Not enough beds in ICU thank FG for that. Cervical smear scandal - Thank FG for that . Billions squandered on a children's hospital - Thank FG for that. 2 Tier system - thank FG for that. Cretins .

Answering the phones..... reading from a script....actually he should be good at that And rte will have cameras to capture moment, puke marktigheST J A True Leader 🙌🏻 Much Respect LeoVaradkar I am impressed beyond words 🙏🏻 marktigheST Is he. Still have n the Will that mean the HSELive can claim back 70% of his pay?

LeoVaradkar here you go, you can have this, you're going to need this more than me, it was kindly lent to me by pnolan99 How many pictures will he take of himself during he’s shift . Ask my bollix another pr stunt 🙄 Fair play to the Taoiseach...Michael martin next week will be teaching online (watch this space)

I never like politician's but next vote I will be voting for these guys gentlemen giving it their best When Leo was giving an update 2 d people all d Shinners were saying he sould go back 2 been a doctor & help out. Now that he is doing it the shinners are giving out again, typically Sinn Fein, don't know what they want but 1 thing for sure they will never provide any assistance.

Hopfeully he takes better care of the common man as a doctor than he does as a taoiseach I think he pictured the response to this being something like the scene in Independents Day when the President flies a fighter jet. They're spinning, They're spinning. Is he going on the wards wearing the substandard or no PPE though?

Maybe back on Delwood Green like old days The acting Taoiseach should keep working as Taoiseach not as a Doctor. Even though this has some merit it smacks of a PR stunt. It’s priceless anyone that steps up you’ve a crowd ready to say something brutal whether it’s john below of o’cuiv from the west on government. That’s the beauty of privilege of living in a Democratic society. Remember one and all for us to continue we must beat the virus.

Well done LeoVaradkar , leading by example 👏👏 Well done Leo pitching in when the country needs you. Fair play 👏 He’s gonna do over the phone assessments I’d say it would be a bit weird if you heard his voice on the other end Good for him. Thank you LeoVaradkar for your service. Maybe you could leave with a new, stable government in place. Then the trollies await.

mr Martin going teaching on r. t. e Fair play, prepared to walk the walk... Maybe he could do a few abortions whilst he at it. Given he hasn't been a practicing Doctor for about a decade, presumably he won't be anywhere near any actual patients Leave Leo alone 🌈 I don't agree with this ..why is he doing it ? We are not that hard up for doctors for him to do this ? . stick to one thing we need a leader ..and stop this egoism

Well we'll, that's a last gasp stunt but sadly the mistakes made has only served to place us right in the middle of the sh1te and worse per population than Italy and Spain. the gov should be replaced and he can go full time and not as a out of the way publicity stunt placement. Is it that easy ... he hasn't practiced in years ..if ever.... doesn't say much for the profession

Dimpconvery the push for power Fair play to you Leo 👍🏻 Spend the other 6 days sorting out the leaving cert please IT’S ALWAYS HEROIC TO SAVE LIVES ESPECIALLY LITTLE ONES . finegael pr machine hard at work Everything about this anti Irish worst Taoiseach in Irish history is spin. Lets see how much he actually works. Maybe he could doctor to the Homeless, given his Government has governed while homelessness has increased so much. He has destroyed lives & futures. Landlords love him

It would seem, from the comments here, that it is indeed twat day again on Twitter. PR stunt if I ever saw one 🧐 Flushirt 👏🏻 Jesus is the country not in a bad enough state🙄 Wanker If I were a cynic I would say .... Its leadership from the front, be safe all. Fair play to him Shinners can help out by keeping the streets quiet🔫 🔫🔫🏏🏏🏏🏏😎😎💣💣🧤🧤

loves a good publicity stunt does leo.. Admirable but let's face it, it's a massive PR stunt. If he's going to work with no photographers or social media posts I'd have a lot of respect for that but we know it won't be the case A stunt Reads: we effectively just lost 1/7th if our leader’s time. We will fly a doctor over from abroad to take this workload please LeoVaradkar

No doubt some will find fault with this but no matter how you feel about him, this is admirable. Don't knock it just for the sake of it. These are hard times for all. Fair play! What are other word leaders doing? As usual Ireland lead the charge. Well done LeoVaradkar proudtobeirish PR spin nothing else

A publicity stunt and the concannonbots are all out to praise it! Fair play. 👏 Will he apply for COVID -19 payment? Imagine him being your doctor 😂 Heard realDonaldTrump is going to do the same. It is palm sunday he can use those greasy ones he has to do some good for our country He is going answering phones omg he is a superhero

Fantastic news. First role of a good leader in war, never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself When was the last time he'd seen a stethoscope? Wow, good for you Leo. You are doing a wonderful job already, thank you I'd love to go to work 1 day a week and be on his money.. How about not doing that and spending it making sure the HSE get the order right 🙄

Fair play to him 👏 👍👍👍👍👍👍 True leadership. This is wonderful leadership from a public servant. This is public service at its very best. Ask me bollox Fair play, he asked others to come back so he is practicing what he is preaching. I hope he’s a better doctor than he is Taoiseach.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has registered again as a doctor to help out during Covid-19Varadkar joined the Medical Council register again in March. A spin doctor He’s quiet the hero, 1 shift a week .i sincerely hope he’s not taking wages for it as he’s already on way too much .

Leo Varadkar 'rejoins medical register' to help during Covid-19 crisisHe is expected to help out in a phone role and will assess patients over the phone

Leo Varadkar re-registers as doctor and offers to work on frontline once a weekTAOISEACH Leo Varadkar has re-registered as a doctor and is offering to work on the frontline once a week to help in Ireland’s fight against COVID19, the Irish Sun can reveal. Leo, who was a doctor… NEEDS TO BE 4 DAYS A WEEK Where did he qualify... should be no problem for doctors getting in from there ..RCS or elsewhere. ?

Conor McGregor blasts Leo Varadkar's thanks to China for medical supplies Coronavirus Ireland: Conor McGregor blasts Leo Varadkar's thanks to China for medical supplies Conor from the Diplomatic corp well renowned for his knowledge of international relations and getting kit for the HSE Hospitals and frontline healthcare staff Hopefully taoiseach mcgregor one day. Don't anyone say it's impossible. Just look at what happen with trump How does this embarrassment to his country think he has the right to voice his opinion on this crisis absolute plebe

Final seats filled in Seanad election countThere are now 49 of the 60 Seanad seats filled after five long days of counting, with the incoming Taoiseach nominating the final 11 Senators. The final filling in the gravy train pie... more politicians that I had not hand act or part in electing. Quango close it we are paying enough clowns already 5.5 each if rotating

Conoravirus: HSE says 20% of PPE delivery not suitable, testing capacity to doublePaul Reid says number of tests to rise to 4,500 per day from this week I heard 80% bad in some places. Maybe these lads put a word in for us Alter it make it work .. problem now now days nobody knows how to make anything to reliant on 'just go to the shop'