SF cannot form coalition without FF or FG - Ó Broin

14/02/2020 16:33:00

Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Broin has said it will be impossible for his party to form a coalition government without the support of either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald intends to write to the leader of Fianna Fáil to set up a meeting about Fianna Fáil's decision not to enter talks to form a Government | Read more:

Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Broin has said it will be impossible for his party to form a coalition government without the support of either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael.

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FF AND FG HAVE THE COUNTRY IN TERRIBLE MESS ,SF HAVE IDEAS ,SOLUTIONS TO GET THE COUNTRY MOVING , MUST BE WORTH A TRY,SF DID Not MAKE THE MESS, At least sinnfeinireland are being proactive. Regardless of whether we approve of them as leaders or not. That’s proper leadership. There just seems to be more dynamism in them at the moment compared to fiannafailparty FineGael Michael_O_Regan

MaryLouMcDonald Roses are Red Violets are Blue Gerry Adams' father molested children, Did yours, Mary Lou? They literally have one seat more then Sinn Fein, What was the point of the election if your not gonna let Sinn Fein take part like what was the fucking point, WHY DO YOU HATE SINN FEIN MichealMartinTD, Why won’t you let them part take, We all deserve to no?

agentathcliath Ian Paisley went into government with SF, having previously seen them as sworn enemies. Micky Martin can't bring himself to. Speaks volumes about him. I've a feeling another election is coming, as a FF/FG/Green coalition now would likely deliver a SF landslide the next time round MaryLouMcDonald Do you know if there is any truth in the following?, I was anonymously sent this. 'Informed by a garda quietly, that at Gormanston Army camp (Louth), gardai are increasing their public order training in large numbers. My informant spoke to one of the others practising and between

That is the plan of FF, even though they are the biggest party they will just sit and watch and hope everything else fails so when they do what they want and it fails they can say 'well you failed too', cause they know they will fail, they have no courage. MaryLouMcDonald of course nobody wants to get into government with her, the SF numbers don't add up!

MaryLouMcDonald How is it disrespectful that FF and FG will not work with SF . You have 37 seats and 50 others seats who could work with you to give you 87 . Will they not talk to you . form a minority govt and get on with it and stop whingeing. Sinn Fèin haven't changed from their green book manifesto.

MaryLouMcDonald How on earth is it i democratic if FF FG go into power . They had more than 44% of the vote . It is vastly more democratic than your election to lead SF . Twist the truth to suit your needs . You are no different to FF and FG

FF agrees not to enter coalition talks with SFWATCH: TheMaggieDoyle is joined by Ocionnaith and RTENewsPaulC on the RTEpolitics Your Politics podcast to discuss the fallout from GE2020 and the negotiations for the next government | Read more: New election, lads? Shinners waiting for next election

After 1916 rebellion, l believe pro and anti treaty sides fought a bloody civil war, where atrocities were carried out day and night. When Martin and his cohorts in FF preach about morality, can no one tell them that their Free State was founded on the blood of their ancestors. MaryLouMcDonald Will somebody in RTE tell Heather Humphrey that both SF and FF won 37 seats

All this will do is make the vote larger at the next chance ....these parties will all have to work together at some point since the voting system favours a coalition style of government Can some explaine how FF have more seats. The CC is the speaker so he's neutral so that means FF and SF have 37 each. Is this not correct.

She says she would try to not go into govt with ff and now expects them to go into government with her party it’s laughable Asking for a meeting about why they couldn't have a meeting. Let's be real: FF & FG weren't voted in to coalesce with SF. And SF didn't go into this election intending to stand on it's own two feet in government: boohoo.

Why not write to all who voted for FF on the basis that they wouldn’t enter government with SF... The Lady in Red is glancing at me Us two arse cheeks But she’s not here, just Leo & Me It’s where I want to be I hardly knew, this Blueshirt by my side I’ll never forget, the votes I lost that night GE2020

FF FG 2 sides of the 1 coin, fake opposition making sure they destroyed Labour the greens and Social Democrats so they could set themselves up for the longterm gravy train. Wasn't long doing a complete u turn....

Eoin Ó Broin says Sinn Féin cannot form government without either Fianna Fáil or Fine GaelÓ Broin said that political parties who say they won't discuss government formation with another party - as both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have done about Sinn Féin - 'smacks of arrogance' and 'recklessness'. No it just smacks of not wanting a group who won’t go after criminals in power Short memory? Or you could argue they are doing what they believe is right as forming a government with a far left party with questionable links to all sorts of undesirables might not be in the national interest...

Clearly if you lolkat the results from the first count the people of Ireland voted massively in favour of SF, Mary Lou made a massive mistake by not running more candidates. If she did there he no debate on next government she would have won by a landslide Write a letter? Just email him. Or WhatsApp.

Will she not respect the people who voted for FF, particularly as they said the wouldn't go into government with SF. Why does everyone have to respect SF's mandate. The poverty in Ireland thanks to FG and FF Come out ye Fianna Gael Mary Lou needs a maths refresher course . 25% is not greater than the 42% who voted for parties that won’t deal with her !

Intends...to write...to meet...about not meeting... Irish politics ladies and gentlemen I wouldnt be opening anything sent in the post by her crowd....

She should include her “hard done by” card in the letter too cause it’s worn out to bits now🙌🏻 ProudToBePartOf76 Ah sure they’ll have to and see what can be done. Then the big spin after the meeting on how Michael just not being nice let’s see that as the messages then. Why does the left just do it

Love her.😘 What is wrong with the lady? Yea cry me a river Mary lou