United States, George Floyd

United States, George Floyd

Pope condemns racism and violence in US

Pope Francis has broken his silence on the unrest in the United States, saying no one can 'turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion' but condemning violence as 'self-destructive and self-defeating'.

03/06/2020 10:46:00

'I'm here for my baby and I'm here for George because I want justice for him.' Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd 's six-year-old daughter pays an emotional tribute to him, saying that he was a good man |

Pope Francis has broken his silence on the unrest in the United States , saying no one can 'turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion' but condemning violence as 'self-destructive and self-defeating'.

Pope Francis, who dedicated the entire English-language section of his weekly audience today to the US situation, implored God for national reconciliation and peace.He called the death of George Floyd tragic, and said he was praying for him and all those who had been killed as a result of the "sin of racism".

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Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of US cities yesterday for an eighth consecutive night of protests over the death of a black man in police custody.Large marches and rallies also took place in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Seattle.

In Washington, DC, protests were held near the park where demonstrators were cleared out by police on Monday to make a path for US President Donald Trump so he could walk from the White House to a historic church for a photo.Although rallies on behalf of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality have been largely peaceful during the day, after dark each night crowds have turned to rioting, vandalism, arson and looting.

On Monday night, five police officers were hit by gunfire in two cities.Outside the US Capitol building yesterday afternoon a throng took to one knee, chanting "silence is violence" and "no justice, no peace," as officers faced them just before the government-imposed curfew.

The crowd remained in Lafayette park and elsewhere in the capitol after dark, despite the curfew and vows by Mr Trump to crack down on what he has called lawlessness by "hoodlums" and "thugs", using National Guard or even the US military if necessary.

Dozens of National Guard troops lined up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial behind black crowd-control barriers.In New York City, thousands of chanting and cheering protesters ignored an 8pm curfew to march from the Barclays Center in Flatbush towards the Brooklyn Bridge as police helicopters whirred overheard.

The crowd, halted at an entrance to the Manhattan Bridge roadway, chanted at riot police: "Walk with us! Walk with us."On Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, hundreds of people filled the street from curb to curb, marching past famous landmarks of the film centre.

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Others gathered outside Los Angeles Police Department headquarters downtown, in some cases hugging and shaking hands with a line of officers outside.Los Angeles was the scene of violent riots in the spring of 1992, following the acquittal of four policemen charged in the beating of black motorist Rodney King, that saw more than 60 people killed and an estimated $1 billion in damage.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered in Denver and Seattle but remained peaceful as darkness fell in the West. Analysis: Trump - In God he trustsUN: 'Endemic racial discrimination' exposed in US A Reuters/Ipsos poll released yesterday found a majority of Americans sympathise with the protests.

The survey conducted on Monday and yesterday found 64% of American adults were "sympathetic to people who are out protesting right now," while 27% said they were not and 9% were unsure.More than 55% of Americans said they disapproved of Mr Trump's handling of the protests, including 40% who "strongly" disapproved, while just one-third said they approved – lower than his overall job approval of 39%, the poll showed.

In Minneapolis, Roxie Washington, mother of Floyd's six-year-old daughter, Gianna, told a news conference he was a good man."I want everybody to know that this is what those officers took from me ... " she said, sobbing. "Gianna does not have a father. He will never see her grow up, graduate."

Floyd died after a white policeman pinned his neck under a knee for nearly nine minutes in Minneapolis on 25 May, reigniting the explosive issue of police brutality against African Americans five months before the November presidential election.The officer who knelt on Floyd, 44-year-old Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Three other officers involved were fired but have not been charged.'America is not a battleground'Mr Trump has threatened to use the military to battle violence that has erupted nightly, often after a day of peaceful protests.He has derided local authorities, including state governors, for their response to the disturbances.

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The head of the US National Guard said yesterday 18,000 Guard members were assisting local law enforcement in 29 states.The Pentagon said it has moved about 1,600 US Army troops into the Washington, DC, region.Mr Trump's militaristic rhetoric and the growing role of the US armed forces has alarmed some current and former officials.

"America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy," Martin Dempsey, a retired four-star general who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote on Twitter. Read more: RTÉ News »

He didn’t deserve what happened to him but let’s not pretend ‘he was a good man’. His criminal record would suggest different GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter Your baby is lucky a man like her dad didnt point a gun at her when she was in her mothers womb. George Floyd held a gun at a pregnant womans unborn child. Those lives matter too, she was also black.

Your baby is lucky a man like her did didnt point a gun at her when she was in her mothers womb. George Floyd held a gun at a pregnant womans unborn child. Those lives matter too, she was also black. So sad but glad George's killers are finally all charged. Hoping for justice in the end through convictions.

Such ignorance on this feed 😠 The narrative is false and ignores a toxic masculinity in black American culture. 42% of police officers murdered in the US last year were at the hands of black males. Over half of annual crime is committed by black males. Black males are 6% of the US population. Plz think before posting ignorant tweets, this man was murdered in broad daylight. Show some respect some of these tweets are sickening

A good man who robbed a pregnant woman by pointing a gun at her stomach? Among other crimes George Floyd served time in a Texas prison after he plead guilty to an aggravated robbery in which he broke into a pregnant womans home and held a gun to her stomach. This is who is being hailed as a hero. Good man my ass🤮🤮He was a criminal.

Subtitles please. I’m sorry but those nails distracted me from everything she said. I thought she was going to poke her out SEE WAT COPS CAN DO TO YOU 😎 SICKOS

Violence spreads in US as Trump faces angerCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused for more than 20 seconds before answering when asked about US President Donald Trump remarks about possibly calling in the military to quell protests in the United States | Read more: As a Canadian , it feels like living on top of a meth lab. minneapolisriots His silence spoke volumes. Okayyyyyy. And moving on. 😂

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