L’Arche founder implicated in sexual abuse of women

L’Arche founder implicated in sexual abuse of women


L’Arche founder implicated in sexual abuse of women

Source calls report’s findings into Jean Vanier ‘devastating, just bloody devastating’

Mr Vanier, a devout Catholic, died last May aged 90. One month later, in June 2019, L’Arche announced it had “commissioned an external organisation to conduct a thorough and independent inquiry that will allow us to better understand our history”.L’Arche, both in Ireland and internationally, is preparing people associated with it for the publication of the report on Tuesday. Senior L’Arche personnel in Paris and Ireland said on Friday they did not wish to comment at this time.

L’Arche was founded near Paris in 1964 by Mr Vanier to look after people with learning difficulties.

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