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If Mitch Marner is serious about staying with the @MapleLeafs it’s going to be in his best interest to sign a new deal before the regular season begins. @reporterchris explains why here. ⬇️

2019-09-12 11:48:00 PM

If Mitch Marner is serious about staying with the MapleLeafs it’s going to be in his best interest to sign a new deal before the regular season begins. reporterchris explains why here. ⬇️

If Mitch Marner is serious about staying with his hometown team -- and to this point, there’s been no indication he wants out -- it’s going to be in his best interest to sign a new deal with the Maple Leafs before the puck drops Oct. 2.

TORONTO — Kyle Dubas kicked offtraining camp by calling a moratorium on public comments about the Mitch Marner contract stalemate.That’s fine. It really shouldn’t last too much longer.Because if Marner is serious about staying with his hometown team — and to this point, there’s been no indication he wants out — it’s going to be in his best interest to sign a new deal with the Leafs before the puck drops Oct. 2 on the regular season.

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Should he remain unsigned after opening day there will be consequences. And those consequences mostly appear to negatively impact Marner’s ability to leverage a better offer than what he’s received so far.Dubas wasn’t splitting hairs when he told reporters Thursday that this situation bears little resemblance to the one the Leafs found themselves in with

William Nylanderlast fall. Beyond the obvious — they are both dynamic young forwards absent from camp because they couldn’t reach an agreement with Toronto on a second contract — there’s an entirely different set of circumstances underpinning these talks.

What it boils down to is this: Unlike Nylander, Marner can’t count on the Leafs making their absolute best offer in the hours before a Dec. 1 deadline to preserve his ability to play this season.The nuances of the salary cap simply won’t allow it. This season the Leafs are a team that will use the long-term injury (LTI) provision from start to finish, which means that they won’t accrue additional cap space with each passing day like they did last year while letting 60 days pass before signing Nylander.

"That is a significant difference," said Dubas, when asked about how LTI will impact contract talks."It’s obviously something that we have to plan for and I think without boring everybody with the nuances of the LTI calculations and contract calculations, as [negotiations] get in-season it is a factor," he added.

Sign up for NHL newslettersGet the best of our NHL coverage and exclusives delivered directly to your inbox!NHL Newsletter*I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time.This is why the Leafs reacquired David Clarkson’s contract in a trade with Vegas in July.

It’s left them with enough cap space to give Marner roughly an $11-million AAV on his new deal with Clarkson, Nathan Horton and Zach Hyman starting the year on LTI.However, any offer in that amount comes with a time restriction because contracts signed after opening day carry a higher, pro-rated cap hit — one the Leafs would have trouble accommodating by mid-October even if they carry a roster with just 20 players, which head coach Mike Babcock hinted they may do: "You’ve got 23 guys… well, I don’t know, we might have 20 guys eventually," he said Thursday.

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The only guarantee here is that Brandon Pridham, the Leafs assistant GM and in-house capologist, will earn his pay cheque this season. He’s going to be performing cap gymnastics on a daily basis and may even have to ice a short-handed lineup occasionally when minor injuries crop up.

As for how all of this directly impacts the Marner negotiations, let’s do a quick refresher on how Nylander’s $45-million, six-year deal was accounted for under the salary cap (courtesy of capfriendly.com).Toronto was able to push those negotiations until Dec. 1 because it could absorb an elevated cap hit of more than $10-million in 2018-19 (while receiving a slight cap benefit during Years 2-6 of the deal).

The team can’t repeat that for Marner with a specific window already carved out to pay him and no additional room to maneuver — at least not without trading a significant player off the roster in the process.What’s interesting is the Leafs don’t really become any more vulnerable to an offer sheet once the regular season starts because the pro-rated cap charge in Year 1 doesn’t apply when one of those is matched — as illustrated by the Ryan O’Reilly case with Colorado in February 2013 (the Avs carried a $5-million cap charge each year after matching the $10-million, two-year deal he signed with Calgary).

No wonder Dubas brushed aside any concerns about a rival team poaching his 22-year-old star if negotiations stretch into the season."The potential of an offer sheet has been there since July," he said. "It’s a possibility, there’s no rules against it, it’s a mechanism which teams can use to acquire talent for their teams. If it happens, as we said leading into the draft, we’ll make our decision then and address it."

Ironically enough, the Leafs might eventuallyneedanother team to offer sheet Marner if talks drag into late October or beyond because of the different way that cap hit would be calculated.However, there’s no reason for this stalemate to last that long.

If Marner’s priority is to remain in Toronto, he will have seen the team’s best offer before the regular season begins with a visit from the Ottawa Senators. As a result, we should start viewing Oct. 2 as a significant deadline here."We don’t want to think about going into the season without Mitch on the roster on opening night," said Dubas.

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Should that happen, there might not be much more he can say or do to keep him in the fold. Read more: Sportsnet »

MapleLeafs reporterchris The league is shit now and getting more like the NBA. MapleLeafs reporterchris Maybe once the season starts we can see a story about the other Canadian teams. Any chance of that ? MapleLeafs reporterchris Hummmmm.... did the other Canadian teams fold ? They must have since all you seem interested in are the can’t win a playoff series Leafs.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Let’s just trade all the good players away so wee Mitchie can get his overpayed salary. Seriously folks. Move on. There are great players out there that could provide depth and still keep the leafs where they need to be. MapleLeafs reporterchris Leafsnet...all Toronto..all the time. Chris Johnston toeing the company line. I wonder if Coward Dave davecadeau called down from his high and mighty perch and told him to write this to sway public opinion for the company.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Just make things work..the alternative just takes away from The Quest.. MapleLeafs reporterchris TRADE HIM! MapleLeafs reporterchris Sharks will sign him to an offer sheet and win the cup. He’ll show it off to all of Leaf Nation MapleLeafs reporterchris Thank you Matthews for not putting leafs fans through 3 of these stand stills

FAN590 MapleLeafs reporterchris MarnersDadOUT reporterchris MapleLeafs Even if Marner re signs, he’s never gonna be a leaf ever again. Just like Nylander. They aren’t Maple Leafs. MapleLeafs reporterchris reporterchris MapleLeafs I’d love for Mitch to be a leaf but what might be entertaining is this rookie GM trade him and we watch the result over Marners career. JFJ would end up looking like a superstar.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Pathetic that players who already make millions hold out for more money. Remember players like DougGilmour93, wendelclark17, Todd Gill, TonyTwistHNIC, and Bob Probert? They loved the game more than money, that's the type of players the MapleLeafs need. MapleLeafs reporterchris Pathetic that players who already make millions hold out for more money. Remember players like DougGilmour93, wendelclark17, Todd Gill, TonyTwistHNIC and Bob Probert? They loved the game more than money, that's the type of players the MapleLeafs need.

FAN590 MapleLeafs reporterchris When is the media going to talk about Marner's father? Isnt this similar to the Lindros stuff, except that was Bonnie and Carl? All the rumours about Marner's dad should be discussed at some point like they did with Lindros. reporterchris MapleLeafs The Leafs need to take a stand. A take it or leave it offer. If he doesn’t take it then no negotiations until next year. This kid is delusional and I have no respect for him or his representatives. (Dad)

reporterchris MapleLeafs Trade him to Columbus for Seth Jones and Cam Atkinson. He can sign his 13 million dollar deal there and be on one of the most irrelevant teams in the NHL. MapleLeafs reporterchris Fuck him. Holding his boyhood team to ransom - some loyalty that MapleLeafs reporterchris MapleLeafs reporterchris Who cares...I wonder who will fill out the bottom pair on defense? What role will Spezza play? Which young player gets on the team out of camp? These are the things that matter cheerforthelogo MapleLeafs

reporterchris As always, reporterchris is super insightful here. To me, it seems Marner's leverage actually dissipates each day once the season begins. What's stopping the Leafs from lowering their offer? They're probably better off prompting an offer sheet. It will likely lower the AAV. MapleLeafs reporterchris

MapleLeafs reporterchris Propaganda... MapleLeafs reporterchris His camp is looking for offer sheets meaning he is not serious about Toronto. If Dubas wants to avoid the same distractions as last year then he needs to deal Marner ASAP and fill the holes now. reporterchris MapleLeafs If I were Dubas, at this point I'd retract the 7x11 offer and make Marner sweat for a bit. Again if I were the Leafs management, I'd be offended he rejected my generous, overpayment offer and back right off. If he wants to play here he'll take what he's offered or her traded.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Please 7 lb sweet baby Jesus. Make the Leafs lose him. reporterchris MapleLeafs LeafsNation aHahahahaha. reporterchris MapleLeafs It is clear that he isn't serious. His ask is hilariously high. He can go play for SC Bern if he doesn't want a fair contract. MapleLeafs reporterchris Screw this guy. Should have given him the last offer a month ago. Now sit and wait years is necessary until he accepts. Once you do this to one of them it will stop happening. Same with children. Please beat your children!

MapleLeafs reporterchris He’s clearly not serious about staying with the leafs. MapleLeafs reporterchris It’s clear that the leafs have made a final offer if his agent thinks he can get more then say that a million comes off the table on Oct 1 then another on Nov 1 MapleLeafs reporterchris Sharks will sign him to an offer sheet. Leafs can’t do anything until opening night until they receive cap relieve from LTIR.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Trade him to Florida. He can rot there for the next 8 years and fade away into obscurity. MapleLeafs reporterchris He has to be realistic 11 million x7 years sign it man!!! ( if this is the real offer) MapleLeafs reporterchris He can hit the road ........Dubas can join him

MapleLeafs reporterchris Im pretty sure he will. FAN590 MapleLeafs reporterchris He probably wants to play for a cup contender. 🤷‍♂️ MapleLeafs reporterchris Screw Marner and his Dad..trade him to Edmonton MapleLeafs reporterchris If Toronto is serious about keeping Mitch than they better pay him 11.6....that's the bottom line.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Reminds me of lindros on draft day MapleLeafs reporterchris Leafsnet...featuring all Toronto...all the time...not a clue what needs to be done when running a network. MapleLeafs reporterchris riveting piece you've done here chris, real game changing. so different from your peers. ground-breaking.

MapleLeafs reporterchris I find it hilarious how Matthews didn’t have to endure any of this. How is Marner different? MapleLeafs reporterchris This is such garbage coming from the company that owns the Leafs! Using your media arm to disparage a player you are negotiating with is super scummy. MapleLeafs reporterchris I'm tired of the Marner camp which we all know is being run by Paul. The fact he turned down the amount of money offered by the Leafs clearly shows that A) He is greedy AF or B) He could care less about staying in T.O. Either way, I've lost all respect for the kid.

MapleLeafs reporterchris Not necessarily. He can still take the 7x11 (which is a ridiculous overpayment) and it probably won't happen until day one. Reason, which everyone seems to forget, Leafs need to be cap compliant on Day 1. So they put Horton+Clarkson on IR 1st, sign MM right after MapleLeafs reporterchris The kid should go in and ask for the max. The CBA allows it, then go from there

MapleLeafs reporterchris Not really

Maple Leafs 'persistent' in pushing for long-term deal with Mitch Marner - TSN.caAccording to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been 'persistent' in pushing both seven- and eight-year extension offers to restricted free agent Mitch Marner this summer. he don't want These RFA contracts need to become more strict, an RFA shouldn’t be allowed to walk away and play on a different team while contracts are negotiated. It puts too much negotiation power in the players corner and increases the possibility of injuries occurring playing elsewhere. Should have done the same with Matthews

'We want him in the mix': Marner absent from Maple Leafs' golf tournament - TSN.caMorgan Rielly would have liked nothing more than to tee off with Mitch Marner at the Toronto Maple Leafs' annual golf tournament. He's a good golfer from what I hear. He hasn't proven anything to be worth what he thinks he's worth. I good year? Then Mario Lemieux should have been paid $20 million per year. Gotta love the pro sports business... You get a huge raise even if you never win anything, lol.

Marner, Hyman absences crank up battle for Maple Leafs wings - Sportsnet.caCracking the Toronto Maple Leafs' lineup as a not-so-proven winger used to be all but impossible, but salary-cap-based managerial decisions and a series of unfortunate events have cracked open a window and that welcoming light of opportunity is now shining through. MapleLeafs lukefoxjukebox Puts the 43_Kadri deal into perspective 😖 .. though I hold him fully responsible for the fate dealt upon him .. he’s probs the biggest unrestricted value player out there and the Avalanche have him, we don’t! MapleLeafs lukefoxjukebox They will all have a great year.

'We want him in the mix': Marner absent from Maple Leafs' golf tournamentMitch Marner was a no-show for Wednesday's annual golf tournament charity event as his representatives continue to negotiate terms of a new deal with Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas. greed geterdone marner leafs sign already and you’ll be fine. If ever you need some $ for food come see me. goleafs Not like doesn’t get enough practice in April.

Former Maple Leaf Darcy Tucker has contract advice for Marner - Sportsnet.ca'I look at it this way: if you want to be in Toronto, you’re going to make a deal — that’s the bottom line,' said 16DarcyTucker. '...I wanted more money, but I found the money that made sense and I wanted to be in Toronto.' 📽⬇️ 16DarcyTucker He’s going to make a deal. He loves being a Leaf. He has passion. He has time to make a deal. Let the kid decide 16DarcyTucker The Real 16 right there 16DarcyTucker Tucker come on you were not in the same boat . Mathews and nylander didn't take pay cuts but now marner should ?

Dubas talks Marner, captaincy and Babcock as Leafs open camp - TSN.caKyle Dubas touched on a host of topics with reporters following his Mitch Marner preamble, including how contentious negotiations have been with Marner, the Leafs' captaincy, how his relationship with Mike Babcock has evolved and whether the Leafs finally have a championship-calibre roster. Kristen Shilton has more. kristen_shilton sign him immediately kyledubas