Two police body cameras capture the struggle leading to George Floyd's death

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Police body camera footage showing Minneapolis police pointing a gun at George Floyd and struggling with him during his fatal arrest was released by the court on Monday.

The footage, roughly an hour in length, comes from the body cameras of former officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng, who were the first to respond to a store where Floyd was accused of passing a fake US$20 bill.

Kueng tries to push Floyd in through a back door of the SUV, while Lane pulls him from the opposite door. Floyd is yelling throughout and says, "I can't breathe" for the first time during the encounter. The Minneapolis Police Department previously said it was not releasing the footage because it was part of an investigation into the officers' response.

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He was saying “I can’t breath” before anyone touched his neck.

People should watch the full footage, not this edited commentary crap from the media.


Thanks you CTV news for putting this story out now, so long after this incident happened. Why? Continue the lefts push for division and hate? Absolutely pathetic and irresponsible. Shame on you.

George Floyd was a drug addicted thug.

Now it is the stuggling that led to his death not the kneeling. Why the changing . There was still a kneel on the (neck) or (back).

We are forgetting that these 'two' had a tumultuous past and that the cop maybe used this incident to settle the score but going beyond and killing the man although that man wasn't an exemplary citizen.

Floyd has been falsely portrayed as a martyr and his death used to justify months of riot & arson. This video puts things in a new light. It should've been released immediately. And, the fact he had meth and fentanyl in his system helps explain his behavior leading to his death.

Does anyone really care about a dead junkie, career criminal that threatened to murder a woman and her unborn baby? No! What about Trudeau and the billions stolen from CND tax payers going to offshore accounts of his friends?

Thank god this thug is off the streets

Things don’t appear to be what the media lead us to believe, the video don’t show a racist attack, but it does indicate that with better training an officer vetting no one should pass away over a pointless struggle.

Struggle Presstitutes, you posted the same news some hours ago!! Didn’t get the antiracism replies you would like? People realized it had nothing to do w SystemicRacism LIE! Criminal GeorgeFloyd was f-ing HIGH when arrested! AllLivesMatter

He didn’t deserve to die that way but when you lead a life of crime sooner or later something will happen!

I'm having difficulty seeing the racism here. If people act like savages and thugs and resist arrest, the cops take appropriate actions. It's unfortunate that a life was lost indeed, but he defied authorities & acted like a thug. I feel bad for the officers protecting the public!

Why would you care you already spread your lies......

I hope people are seeing the complete unedited video that shows a lot more to this story then the media originally reported...yes the ending is the horrific same, but that outcome most likely came from Floyds behaviour and resisting arrest

A little late to the party?

I'm confused. Is CTV 'News' admitting that they lied to us about this non-story that has caused massive rioting in the United States?

Anyone mind showing me where the racism occurred in the footage?

After the media sucks all the blood in adverti$ing, out comes the truth that would have killed the cash cow. Shameless and unforgivable. And it's not the first time.

he was higher than the empire state building

Enough of this media overload, this has been released for some time now .CBC trying to stir the pot as ratings are in the toilet?. I'm not even going near what the video shows as no matter what I say about it, my opinion will be misconstrued.

Well colour me not suprised.

struggle ? it’s called “ resisting arrest “

No words 😶

The officer may have used excess force but there was nothing racist in their actions at all and George Floyd was a low life piece of human filth not the hero some people would have us believe.

You mean meth head George who was a career criminal? I'm sure he will be missed


Uh, too late - this footage has been all over the US media for a week now. CTV is pathetic

I believe it was leaked too, not released by the radical left politicians there. You can bet the Minneapolis PD showed to the Mayor and council and they blocked its release. Change my mind.

He resisted arrest, and saud he couldn’t breathe long before he was being roughed up. Funny how this is coming out AFTER all the riots and murders....🤔

Wasn't this video made public like a week ago? Little late guys.

It was a lot different than how it was portrayed. Still manslaughter though just not murder

How long has the video been out.

You finally get it all edited to stoke more violence?

Definitely watch the video and don’t take the CTV news for what it says. And just an FYI he was saying he couldn’t breathe right from the start while he was in his car. So it kind of reminds me of a little story about a boy who cried wolf. Sad what the end result was though.

Struggle, as in resisting arrest! It's not hard to see.

'struggle' = resisting arrest

Go watch the actual footage not CTV’s where they edit stuff out to fit their narrative.

FYI He had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a moose.

Oy vey. The whole situation is a lie! The riots are based on a lie!

This guy died due to overdosing on drugs seconds before cops asked him to get out of his car. He was spitting foam on the way to the cops car. He was asked what was he on and he lied just like every time he was asked a question. There is always a another side to the story.

This footage alone is going to get the officers off. I wonder if all the supporters of defunding police, riots, his numerous funerals all feel stupid. They absolutely should. They got played and used like a cheap hooker. Kinda like Canadian journalists

You cut out the part where they initially talked to him. WOW. Wtf kind of media are you? You are taking a video that was held back to cause riots, then basically doctoring it lol. CTV is fake news trash

(Not clicking) Where he was drugged out of his mind, saying he can’t breathe with nobody touching him as he had 3 times higher fentanyl than a regular hit and where he resisted arrest? Why did it take you 10 days to report on it? You needed to get permission first?

Wow only now just posting this footage it’s been out a couple weeks now

Who cares

He was complaining he couldn't breath long before the shit went down ...the media pushed this way out of hand

Let's all fell bad for a guy who put a gun to a pregnant women's stomach 🤷‍♂️

The struggle did lead to him having heart failure. He likely had heart failure from 1) a bad heart that was wrecked mostly by junkie abuse and 2) all the drugs he was effed up on. The police ought to sue CNN and WAPO like the Sandmann kid did.

Everyday I heard something about racism!!! We are all Human beings!!! Stop the violence against all black people! My prayers are with his family and friends! Love is the only answer! Black Lives Matter

Why hasn't this poor man been canonized yet? What's the hold up?

No you have a new sad story to post of Dr.Reynolds in Red Deer Alberta who was brutally murdered in his walk in clinic with a hammer and a machete! Don't you think this horrific murder of a Dr in Canada needs to be on front page news instead of George Floyd.

Watching this video confirms that the media is our enemy. They pushed a false narrative for months.

They begged and pleaded with him to cooperate and get in the dang car. This is a tragedy, but if you are being arrested damn it, don't resist. Lifetime of crime and drugs and alcohol...never should have happened.

It doesn't matter that this was a struggle and he was hopped up in drugs. These pieces of garbage blacklivesmatter idiots will still think he was innocent and didn't do anything wrong. same reaction just like Michael Brown who actually DESERVED to die.

I still didn’t see much struggling. Saw a grown man begging to be treated fairly, though.

BLM coached by corrupt media brought us riots starting in Minneapolis.

Here's the raw footage, unfiltered and free from the MSM spin. Make up your own mind. Floyd was agitated, uncooperative, complaining about breathing before the cops put him in the car, he asked to be put on the ground, resisted being apprehended.

A camera says a thousand words. Eye opening.

How to be 2 weeks late, CTV!!! Well done

Enough is enough that 💩


WheresTheMoneyCatherine Despite the left's and media's refusal to acknowledge this thug/punk for the criminal he really was, any in depth account will clearly show why he was the author of his own misfortune. Check out his rap sheet...

He should have tried breathing through his nose Hahaha

BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. They care about nothing ,their main purpose is to be disruptive and cause chaos all the while destroying neighborhoods and peoples jobs

Regardless of the phentayl and alleged phony bill. That is a HUGE man. He could have manhandled those cops if he was in good enough shape to. He obviously wasn't healthy. When you start saying good byes to your family you know you're not doing well.

He's a convicted drug dealer. One less scum bag

Why didn't I see any evidence of racism in the body cam footage? If the narrative is true and the cops killed him on purpose because they're racist, why is there not a single instance of racism? The narrative is a lie.

It doesn't matter if there was a 'struggle.' Police are not empowered with the right to summarily execute somebody.

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