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Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters

Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters

2020-09-18 6:15:00 AM

Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters

U.S. President Donald Trump intensified efforts to appeal to his core base of white voters on Thursday by downplaying the historical legacy of slavery in the United States and blasting efforts to address systemic racism as divisive.

He also argued that America's founding "set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism and built the most fair, equal and prosperous nation in human history." But he did not mention the 246 years of slavery in America, including the 89 years it was allowed to continue after the colonies declared independence from England. Nor did the president acknowledge the ongoing fight against racial injustice and police brutality, which has prompted months of protests this year.

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Trump has long fanned the nation's culture wars, including defending the display of the Confederate battle flag and monuments of Civil War rebels from protesters seeking their removal. His speech Thursday suggested his rhetoric could become even more pointed in the final weeks before the election, given that his path to a second term relies largely on energizing culturally conservative white voters.

"For many years now, the radicals have mistaken Americans' silence for weakness. But they are wrong," Trump said. "There is no more powerful force than a parent's love for their children -- and patriotic moms and dads are going to demand that their children are no longer fed hateful lies about this country."

Trump has already cracked down on anti-racism training sessions in federal agencies. He said Thursday he will soon sign an order to establish a commission to promote patriotic education dubbed the 1776 Commission. The panel, he said, would be tasked with encouraging educators to teach students "about the miracle of American history" and plan for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The move is a response to The New York Times' "1619 Project," which highlights the long-term consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans.The project began after The New York Times Magazine published a series on the 400th anniversary of slavery in the United States. Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer Prize for her piece in the magazine. Her essay was titled "The 1619 Project," because in late August of that year, a ship arrived in American with some 20 to 30 enslaved Africans, marking the first arrival of slaves.

The project evolved from the essay and, with help from the Pulitzer Center, educational materials were developed to enhance the knowledge about slavery, not rewrite history, according to the Times."American parents are not going to accept indoctrination in our schools, cancel culture at work, or the repression of traditional faith, culture and values in the public square," Trump said. "Not anymore."

In response to Trump's remarks, Hannah-Jones said the First Amendment to the Constitution abhors government attempts to censor speech and guarantees a free press."The efforts by the president of the United States to use his powers to censor a work of American journalism by dictating what schools can and cannot teach and what American children should and should not learn should be deeply alarming to all Americans who value free speech," she said.

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Lies lies and more lies you all are the cnn of Canada. Is CTV and other news sources staging noose ties to direct a narrative. Could be either friends or groups associated with the Anti white focus groups. 7 day poll let CTV know that you believe they are phoney fraud fauck face race baiting losers that need to be defunded.

Corruption, this article is linked the the previously staged noose article. Police 👮‍♀️, where’s the police. Time to execute a warrant and look for collaborative efforts. Africans owned slaves, Persians owned slaves. Why the laser focus on white Americans?CTV is nothing but a phoney race baiting, loser fraud news station. Defund this abortion of journalism. CTV reminds me of Nazi propaganda, rmtruly does, data cherry picking fauck faces.

This is probably the most racist headline I’ve seen. So white people support downplaying slavery? Disgusting CTV, you never cease to sink to new lows. 👏👏👏👏👏 It's amazing and confusing as to why he's sticks to this 'scorched earth' policy. Note to military, please keep the launch codes away from him.

AGAIN with the TDS. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself. 3 times blackface our criminal PM we know about... CTV what is going on, you folks are brutal. Any Canadian that listens to this need to have their head checked. Why is CTV defending a radical theory - by calling it 'anti-racism training' - rooted in Marxism? Are the millions of lives lost due to Marxism, including many Chinese and colored people around the world, inconsequential to CTV?

Trump: 'We embrace the vision of Martin Luther King, where children are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.' CTV: Trump fans racism. Anyone remember when Biden said black people who vote for trump aren't black? Also, isn't it discrimination for ctvnews to capitalize Black and not white?

In a blatant attempt to race bait, CTV 'News', pretends to do journalism. You should be ashamed, but you're not. Enemy of the people Fake News How I feel about your “investigative journalism” as he should what's past is past. only the ignorant and the useless still play the victim card. American slaves delivered in the 1700s were caught by Black Muslim severs in Africa. Those same Black Muslim Slavers are still doing that today. Maybe SJWs should mention that?

I am not a Trump fan but I do read about history. Slavery didn't last long in the US vs other regions. It was not right and system evolved. Accoding to Thomas Sowell, the problem with blacks is that they need to figure out a way to move on. And White's need to stop the guilt. Such a dumb headline. Did you actually watch?

It was the Democrats who kept slavery/segregation going and created the Jim Crow laws in the South. Don’t you have anyone there that has even a basis understanding of American history? Your TDS is getting stale. Reading the article it's apparent Trump didn't do anything of the sort. More apparent the writer for AP has a really strong opinion (right or wrong) and you trumpet that as though it's news. I'm questioning your agenda here. The AP writer, who clearly hates Trump, makes news?

Not really. The problem isn't Trump. It's Marxist FakeNews like CTV who have spent years, along with a variety of 'academics' and political 'leaders' trying to subvert and destroy the history and political fabric of the western world. What kind of clown headline is this? Double ratio Cough Cough Bullshit

CTV News doesn't realize the fact that they too downplay and outright deny the history of slavery in almost all societies, ancient and more recent. Including First Nation's acts of acquiring slaves and their brutal treatment of them. CTV downplays it's legacy of lies & deception in appeal to continue to fool 🇨🇦 voters! Using USA Fake news to distract Canadians from their own desperately failing nation. 🇨🇦

How true this is ⬇️ FakeNews FireTrudeau defundctvnews 🖕🏻 why does this pic look like he is in jail. propaganda? What? CTV is compromised. Same story on Chinese dailies. Almost word for word. Lol stfu He didn’t say what you wanted him to say. Boo hoo. I feel like you would open a can of “slavery” and shove my face in it until I choked on it. Tell me I’m wrong.

CTV is the fakest news right next to global and cbc. We're not falling for the fake news race baiting agenda anymore. Says who? !? Biased interpretation became the fore front tool for the ‘punisher’,‘social vigilante’ in a 24x7 shift. Let’s hear something honest about the other side, perhaps, Biden’s advanced cognitive problems, where show hosts attempt to help during live interviews!

Why don't you stop arguing about history that can't be changed and concentrate on the slavery that is happening right now in the world. Who writes this shit? Do you have angry BLM & Antifa writing your shit ? CTV shame on you. Having read the transcript I see how badly you have spun this to get the effect you desire. Do you not think this erodes confidence in your reporting? How sustainable is this?

This headline is insane Why force people to defend reality — and by extension, Trump — by provocatively misstating facts? Truth is more often condemnation enough From the transcript of his speech, “We embrace the vision of Martin Luther King, where children are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

From the transcript of his speech, “America’s founding set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism, and built the most fair, equal, and prosperous nation in human history.” CTV has become the anti-Trump propaganda machine You guys are horrible. Total losers.

Wow thanks for that enlightening crap. Thanks CNN sorry CTV my bad Nothing happening in Canada? Trump us your best deflection CTV... A truly pathetic headline No he didn't Fake news He’s down played history, blacks, minorities, women, little girls! His whole goddamn LIFE! What in the actual fuck...? The POTUS should sue you clowns.

so misleading, shame on you. Odds are that is not what he did. Shame on you CTV. The last two paragraphs were informative though. As for his target voters, I don’t know - the man campaigned hard across various groups last time. Photo ops for sure, did they work though? A little. What? Are you referring to the historically incorrect 1619 project that is being indoctrinated into the minds of students? WTF does anyone at CTV know about USA history? They know nothing.

Are you referring to the historically incorrect 1619 project that is being indoctrinated into the minds of students? Ugh!!! Most fucking pathetic headline EVER! ignores today's slavery to appeal to their funders I hope enough people know the history of slavery to see thru politicians and media's race games. Still slavery today but never mind that let's focus on the political racial divide. Why do we allow one race to be divided so easily?

Inb4 his base continues to say he isn’t racist because blah blah blah. CTV is lying to you. They are spreading propaganda. PLEASE WAKE UP 🇨🇦 ♥️ How nice! CTV down plays slavery and genocide happening in China, right now, on a daily basis. You guys are so full of crap...why aren’t you focussing on our corrupt PM...oh, I forgot, you’re bought and paid for by him!

He didn't downplay the legacy of slavery. Fake news headline. He did say that it was time for schools and universities to stop teaching American kids that their history is something to be ashamed of. Stop the white shaming cancel culture. All absolutely true. Go PRESIDENT TRUMP!! Comparing the confederate flag to the civil war may be factual in a way but has no truth to it. The dirty press cannot be informal on the subject of slavery as if it did speak the truth, their attempts of causing chaos to corrupt our thought process would not work.

So what? Broad unsubstantiated allegations. Please provide the transcript Four hours ago You ran this tweet 4 hours ago. Not enough Trump hating for you? Nothing to report on Trudeau? What the fuck is CTV? Wtf you guys are absolutely desperate Horesshit What kind of absurd bs is this? Really CTV this is getting ridiculous. Trying to slander and attaking the President of The United States 24/7 is NOT normal behaviour for a news network.

Why cover this a story Just another “Dumb Trump” moment!!! Way too many other those to count! You should be ashamed of yourselves for your spin, your lies, your propaganda. SHAMELESS! Wow how long did it take you to come up with that misleading title? Talk about your entire credibility of being 'Journalists' Going out the fucking window. Your activists, nothing more and you should be ashamed for calling yourselves journalists.

Liberal lies and bullshit propaganda Slavery was mainstreamed in the USA by Democrats. They justified it as themselves helping out people who could not make it on their own, work in exchange for food and shelter (a life.) Today they call it welfare. Trump is opposite of that, CTV supports welfare. CTV’s daily Trump bashing

CTV 🤡🤡🤡's ... Your fake news photographer was behind bars.. Trudeau painted his face at multiple occasions for your information. Making a big assumption there. You are to report news, not editorialize your opinion on what you assume is someone else's motive. Woah that sounds like the kind of angry bs the democrats spewed when the Republicans freed the democrats slaves

Holy sh!t thats some next level spin. One last story for Marci, before she joins the TrudeauCult ? FakeNewsMedia CTV, that's a very racist headline. CTV down plays slavery and genocide happening in China, right now, on a daily basis. Shoukd read a racist acting like slavery was nothing and to be dismissed so his racist base will continue to support him. FYI america was built on racism and it still there its what many non white keep saying it racist country

CTV can't report Canada properly.... why would they even try with the USA? Canada in 2020 Looks like you have to be white to be an 'American Parent'. 💩✌️❤️ So is CTV just communist China propaganda? Seems like it’s just communist China propaganda. Let’s talk about this actual racist... CTV you are becoming a bottom feeder news agency now! Disgusting! 👎🖕

My god. Something something Erin would do. One race THE HUMAN RACE. StopTheRaceBaiting My God ..... I’m reporting this to TwitterSupport false reporting This is what you call newsworthy? You are all hacks. Race baiting at it again. FakeNewsMedia Fake news. He didn’t say that at all nor infer it. He said the US ‘abolished slavery’!!!!!! No wonder no one respects media these days. Jerks.

Trudeau downplays legacy of slavery to appeal to racists some 'white people' have a much bigger role historically in slavery than others. ctv news is essentially promoting racism fakenews savethechildren bds You win the prize for the most idiotic tweet of all time. Slavery ended in 1865. It is now 2020. What exactly do you call 'downplaying' it? The second part of your sentence is downright slimy defamation and racist defamation at that.

We see right through you, I cannot believe this is supposed to be a reputable news source in Canada. CNN doesn't even do this kind of crap. Nice picture. You people are scum. First, what’s with the pic and the prison bars. Second, maybe you might want to fact check that 1619 bull crap. Third, this: Nice to see people waking up to the damage state media causes

Absolutely disgusting... BoooooooTrump Fake news. Not speaking about racism in his speech is not the same thing as 'downplaying slavery in appeal to white voters' fakenews ScumMedia poor reporting again, bs story propaganda Has Trump ever been in blackface like Trudeau CTV? Quick rule of thumb: Everything you read on CTV related to Trump is pure unadulterated GARBAGE. All of it. It's all misleading nonsense, pushing a false narrative to make Trump look bad. There's no truth. It's liberal hack opinion disguised as news. End of story.

I see only 'leftiests' or 'normals'. No skin color makes a difference. “In appeal to white voters”. Just a straight up editorial “news” site. Who owns CTV? Oh... We are individuals not colours or groups, shame on for this CTV downplays the truth in appeal to people who haven't learned to think critically.

Hey what’s Trudeau been up to? No he didn't you bloody liars 😂

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