The NFC after 4 weeks: Which teams are worth believing in?

2022-10-05 11:25:00 PM

The NFC East and West will come down to the final weeks while a few veteran quarterbacks look to show they still got it.

After 4 weeks of the NFL season, not one NFC team has convinced VochLombardi they are above the rest and the West division is a mess. Full video analyzing the state of the NFC | DAZN_CA 🎥:

The NFC East and West will come down to the final weeks while a few veteran quarterbacks look to show they still got it.

Video Transcript VOCH LOMBARDI: What's up, y'all? It's Voch Lombardi.Starting on Oct.Scroll Right Article content Trying to make sure the club has some insurance in net with the start of the season set for Oct.Back to video After Smith gave an answer, general manager Pierre Dorion chimed in with his own short response.

Watch every second of this NFL season when and where you want it only on DAZN.[AUDIO LOGO] Let's continue our coverage and break down the NFC after four games.After switching to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is scheduled to return to the live stage on May 10, 2023.And the first thing I see at the top of my nose is a bunch of nonsense in the NFC East.A puck hit him underneath his equipment in practice and as late as Monday morning the Senators were hopeful the injury was just a bruise.First of all, you get the Philadelphia Eagles, who are undefeated.Each team is assigned dance and vocal mentors to help put together their performances.They are 4-0.Postmedia Network Inc.

And some people are calling them the best team in the league, the best team in the NFC.We are actively recruiting teams to join the 2023 show.Following further examination, the Senators learned he’ll be out longer than expected.I think that's a bit much.But hey, they're 4-0.The better question is, do you like to sing and dance AND raise money for deserving local children’s charities? Chat with your co-workers to get involved in this exciting team-building experience.They get to say whatever they want to say.Red Wings goaltender Magnus Hellberg (45) makes a save against the New Jersey Devils during the third period at Prudential Center, Apr.I'm going to chill.You will be amazed at how well your team comes together and puts on a seamless show for our great audience.Please try again Article content “No injuries,” Dorion said.

But shouts out to the Eagles.They're doing just fine.10, 2022.Hellberg was selected No.What's nonsense about this division is that there's the Cooper Rush-led Cowboys that are 3-1 and the Daniel Jones-led New York Giants at 3-1 also.And all of these guys are winning for different with any questions about the show.I mean, the Cowboys are winning because of supporting staff, the defense, some of the weapons on offense, right? But I think the Giants are 3-1 purely off coaching staff, man.Advertisement 4 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.The 35-year-old Talbot was scheduled to start Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens at home, but was a late scratch.

Brian Daboll is doing some great things over there.Since 2013, Soo Sings for Kids has raised more than $120,000 for local children’s charities.Wink Martindale is doing some fantastic things with that defense.And I say fantastic because both sides of the ball, the Giants, they have a talent deficit, right? It's not like they have a Dallas Cowboys roster, and they're turning that into wins.This show does not happen without the support of generous sponsors.This news came only couple of hours after the Senators left the ice following their first full skate of what essentially may be the roster opening night.Brian Daboll is taking guys that ain't very good-- Brian Daboll and the rest of their coaching staff.Let's just be fair to to explore various sponsorship opportunities.Fortunately, the club has Anton Forsberg to carry the ball and bringing in Hellberg means the club can send Mads Sogaard to Belleville to play games at the end of camp.

They're taking dudes who aren't that good, and they're getting some quality product out of them, man.While the top three lines are set, the only decision left up front for Dorion, Smith and the rest of the hockey operations staff is to determine who will start against the Sabres as the fourth-line centre.I say quality product to learn how to support our teams.They are 3-1.So just imagine what happens when they start the draft for a little while and they start to get those guys in there that they really like.S.Judging by Monday’s skate at the Canadian Tire Centre, Kastelic will suit up against the Habs in Game 2 of this series that will continue with Kraft Hockeyville games Thursday in Newfoundland and Saturday in New Brunswick.They're purposely sitting some of their best dudes on offense and not doing anything with the others.Hellberg was selected No.

Guys like Kadarius Toney, guys like Kenny Golladay haven't gotten going.They've opted to use dudes like David Sills and Richie James.“We’ve still got three games to go and some guys that we’ve got to make some decisions on,” Smith said.And they've been just fine.Weird what's going on with the Giants.Story continues Will there be two teams from the NFC East to make the playoffs? I'm thinking Cowboys and the Eagles.” Advertisement 6 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues, the Senators are plus-5000 to win the Stanley Cup and the job just got a little more difficult.

I think the Giants will come down to Earth at some point.And the Washington Football Wizards, they just ain't good.So we're moving on from there.From there, it’s fair to say that veteran defenceman Nick Holden is pencilled into the No.The NFC West, who most would consider the other best team in the National Football League, they're looking weird also.Every team in the West is 2-2, all right? So you've got the 49ers, who are 2-2, who just did the Rams dirty on"Monday Night Football.Advertisement 5 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.

" And let me just say this too, right? These teams are 2-2, the 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks.Both have had good camps and are on the radar screen to be called up during the regular season.They aren't playing great football necessarily.But you have a feeling that any one of these teams could win the division.Any one of these guys can be the number one guy.Advertisement 7 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.And I would say mostly because it's that whole divisional common opponent thing.“We’ve still got three games to go and some guys that we’ve got to make some decisions on,” Smith said.

If you're the Seattle Seahawks, you play against the 49ers, the Rams, the Cardinals.Look, you may have Geno Smith at quarterback, but you know these guys.“I want to see everyone play great,” Smith said.So you can just game plan your way, coaching scheme your way into greatness.I'm not saying that it's a product for long-term success.But whatever team comes out of the West, if they end up like 9-7, that wouldn't be too unbelievable.“If everybody plays well, that’s a really good problem to have.The top four is set with Thomas Chabot, Artem Zub, Travis Hamonic and rookie Jake Sanderson rounding out the group.

Now, as we go to the NFC North, this is another weird little proposition here because the Vikings, I feel like, have not been playing great football, but they're 3-1.The Packers are 3-1.And that makes a little bit of sense.The Bears are in third place at 2-2, in which they've been having their own struggle games, I would say.But the Detroit Lions, who may have the best offense, numbers-wise, in the National Football League-- sure, they got the they got the most points, for sure.That leaves defenceman Erik Brannstrom and veteran Nikita Zaitsev battling to be Holden’s partner against the Sabres.

The dadgum Detroit Lions have scored 140 points.That's number one.But their problem is that their defense has given up 141 points.I think that's number one also.Y'all can fact check me on that.“I want to see everyone play great,” Smith said.

So the Detroit Lions, their team looks the most fun.Their team looks like they have the most ability to get things going.Even when you lose a guy like DeAndre Swift and Amon-Ra St.Brown-- those guys were hurt.They didn't play last week.

And you still find a way to get points in the 40s.Now, like, come on, Lions.The Lions are probably a couple of good drafts away.I like what they're doing.They keep losing close games.

So at some point, we're going to look at Dan Campbell and try to fix that.But you can't just say, oh, well, this team that was top five in these last few drafts or whatnot, right? You can't look at them and say, oh, well, y'all are not doing good enough.They're playing pretty well for the talent that they have.It's just not resulting in wins.But they'll get their wins at some point.

And the NFC South, another combination of teams that I don't feel like are very great.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the big name team.They're probably going to be the winner of the division.They're 2-2 right now.And they haven't been looking like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their old self, right? They look fine.

They look solid.But they don't look like that classic Tampa Bay Buccaneers.And when I say classic, I mean the last couple of years since Tom Brady's been there.But the Falcons, who have scored the most points in the South here, they're at second place.And they're tied with Tampa Bay at 2-2.

Do I think they sustain that? No, but the Falcons have the same problem that the Lions have, right? The Falcons have scored 103 points.They've given up 101 points.So it just comes back to losing close games.They've got to figure that out.And as far as the Panthers, Matt Rhule'll probably get fired before the year is over with.

And as far as the Saints go, they're looking at Sean Payton.And Sean Payton is on TV.He's wearing his new TV suits.And he's breaking down games.I guess they're wishing that, hey, we know that you can win games with Taysom Hill, but why don't you come back and win some games with Jameis Winston? I think the South is pretty cut and dry here.


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VochLombardi Hey! I know that guy! I spend my Post game hours listening to him on YouTube. Voch I’m still drinking some of that slateraid. 😂

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