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Taliban, Us Hostage

Taliban releases U.S., Australian hostages as part of prisoner swap

Taliban releases U.S., Australian hostages as part of prisoner swap


Taliban releases U.S., Australian hostages as part of prisoner swap

The United States and Australia confirmed the release of the professors and voiced hope this, along with other developments, may improve the chances for dialogue between the Afghans and an eventual peace agreement

“We see these developments as hopeful signs that the Afghan war, a terrible and costly conflict that has lasted 40 years, may soon conclude through a political settlement,” Pompeo said, dating the start of the Afghan conflict to the Soviet invasion in 1979 rather than the U.S. invasion after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

But the swap was abruptly postponed, with the Taliban then shifting their hostages to a new location.

Before the talks were broken off, the United States and the Taliban both said they were close to reaching a deal.

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Taliban say they freed U.S., Australian hostages for 3 TalibanThe Taliban freed an American and an Australian held hostage since 2016 on Tuesday, in exchange for three top Taliban figures who were released by the Kabul government and flown out of Afghanistan the previous day. FireJessAllen Their negotiator is better than Kyle Dubas. spending your 50s in afghanistan must be a pleasure. how is he without overtapes? compared to german nothinghappensness

Taliban commanders arrive in Qatar as part of swap for Western hostagesProfessors Kevin King and Timothy Weeks set to be released by Taliban Meanwhile in Alberta.... KenneyCorruption

President Ghani says security forces have ‘obliterated’ Islamic State militants in AfghanistanGhani’s comments came hours after a prisoner swap with Taliban insurgents raised hopes of a lull in violence in the country Whenever people use words like 'obliterated' most of the time they are full of it.

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Police warning of new slate of phone scamsUnauthorized porting is similar to another scam the Ontario Provincial Police warned consumers about this week: SIM swapping. Greeeeeeat. Another one fear-porn? creating a problem to nudge people closer to getting bio-metrics? Naw, that would be a conspiracy theory. are carriers aware of this ? CRTCeng

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