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Cdnpoli, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau receives 'all clear' after COVID-19 diagnosis

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau says she has been given the 'all clear' from her doctor, two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

2020-03-29 3:46:00 AM

The prime minister's wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau says she's received medical ' all clear ' two weeks after COVID-19 diagnosis cdnpoli

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau says she has been given the ' all clear ' from her doctor, two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

Last Updated Saturday, March 28, 2020 8:48PM EDTSHARETORONTO -- Sophie Gregoire Trudeau says she has been given the “all clear” from her doctor, two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.Gregoire Trudeau announced the news Saturday night ina post on social media.

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“From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me with their well wishes. And to everyone who is suffering right now, I send you all my love,” she wrote.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau entered self-isolation after his wife tested positive for the virus, which has now infected more than 5,600 people in Canada.

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Where’s the beard 🤔 Oh my gawd now they’re crying that this isn’t a recent photo... I can’t... When our country needs guidance the most, our leader is staying home. He lets all healthy care workers in frontline, dealing with affected patients. While his wife got affected he made excuses not go to work . We had almost 2 decades to prepare (from SARS)- nothing has been done!

Any more up to date pic of them together than this old one? Yay!! Congratulations now running the country Watching this morning and they actually interviewed this WHO Chinese puppet, a day after this disgusting display took place during an interview with a reporter from Hong Kong! Embarrassed that this POS Dr is a Canadian!!

Where's a current pic? God bless our leaders! God bless Canada! Lovely news!!!! Thank the Lord. Wonderful news. And another old picture So she had no ill affects and he's turned the country upside down over this . whatshehiding sophieaffair Sophie...ditch the loser This is genuinely good news. Also, will her husband now come out of hiding?

What happened to the beard Great news. Well I guess CTV is behind on the news most of us already knew she was all right the day we heard about it What a surprise, a healthy individual recovers from a virus. Humans have been doing this for 160,000 years. Now it’s daily news. Glad to see a happy and healthy family leading us in these difficult times

Fuckoff Old photo she hates him And how old is this photo lol? Good one. No misinformation there. It’s really a good news. Any magic diet foods? The Commander does not look so good... sure he is ok? 🙏💛 I promise you that people in this country who’ve been laid off, can’t pay rent on the 1st & whose loved ones are out there exposed to the virus as essential workers DGAF

Great. Any special diet foods? All clear, just like the flights that continue to arrive from China every day, crickets as usual from these guys 👆 Congratulations!!! God bless you and keep you safe and healthy forever!!! Fakenews, she never was sick . Nice picture from 2014. What’s with his ankle monitor?

Ohhhh God bless that's great news. We need some wins COVID19 is kicking our butts. Great news! Be well! New picture please. - Don’t you have a pic of the Trudeau’s with Justin wearing his beard? I wonder why not? Great news for Sophie. We all feel good about this news! Did they check for std's though? surur_bigsecret 🙏❤️💐💐❤️🙏

Time traveler to boot! Look at that , now all the Fear goes away right? NorthernOntario , NorthernOntario Ummm yippee? Why is this news? Lot of people in Canada has recovered Awesome export066 B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Number one, she healed faster than almost 100% of cases? Number two, why ANOTHER old pic? Number three, why is Trudy still on quarantine? TrudeauHouseArrest? TrudeauLiedPeopleDied TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauCorruption TrudeauMustGo

How is it the PMs wife has COVID19 symptoms March 11th, tested March 12th & gets results the same day? THEN starts IMPOSING restrictions & scapegoating travellers? Feels like we are living in Gilead. Awesome! Soooo JustinTrudeau will be back to work Monday morning like the rest of the essential workers across Canada!

Finally,JustinTrudeau will get back to work. Congrats PrimeMinister JustinTrudeau SophietTrudeau Covid_19 CoronaUpdate CoronaVirus Fake, she never had it.justy wants your empathy cause justy wants us to drink his Kool aid!!! Never forget he’ a narcissist and has an adjenda, we mean nothing!!! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. don't forget to thank Him, first Lady Sophie Trudeau.

Of course the rich and famous.. Congratulations to you on your recovery So why did she go to the UK when they knew full well this was ongoing? This is another old photo unless JustinTrudeau shaved his baby face congratulations!! 🥳🥳🥳 StopCoronaVirus So where the F is she? Damn! Her husband has blood on his hands

Good for her now she can get back to work selling her pills to make period blood taste good. Disgusting Good news. Sophie Trudeau is better. We need good news - all of us. There is advantage of PM's wife. She got tested and result came back less than 24 hrs. For myself 13 days and counting , waiting coronavirus test result... They blamed for huge backlog? Why I got treated differently? I am paying tax for your salary Mr. Trudeau!

She never had it! All fake... Justin why didn’t you get tested? “ I didn’t show symptoms” GTFOH Praise the Almighty Supreme Buddhist Goddess Kannon-sama - for blessing Sophie with a speedy recovery. Regardless of political bias, we must have compassion for all victims of this dreaded virus - that does not discriminate on the basis of political party or religion or race._()_ glad you got the all clear... what was it like? Mostly mild or horrific cough? I know every case is different. Just glad to hear you feel better! Good news. canadianpoli how is Idris? OLD PHOTO...DON'T BELIEVE A WORD.. No one flippin cares Wish you guys happiness and joy all life long be safe god keep us all

“The prime ministers wife” I’ll stop right there thanks, fake news. Why are you showing an old picture, are they still separated? Did she ditch him for the actor in Hollywood? No beard. Old picture back when she might have liked the guy. It is the greatest news for her and her family but it is the worst for the country. It is exactly the case that induces people to ignore the severity of the pandemic

🙏 Why did she travel to the UK in the first place? Weren't we supposed to cancel all the unnecessary travel plans? No no no... So the cute Trudeau survived covid-19, Yea but does she still have the virus 🤦 I think she really just had 19 strains of chlamydia She will probably leave the house, wherever she is staying, before Trudeau leaves the cottage.

Great news. 🤗 Glad to hear that, prayers for more recovery 🙏🙏🙏🌎 I call Bullshit!!! Thank God🙏♥️ Her BF must be happy to hear that Take out some blood Sophie! (use an extractive nurse or whatever they are called). Send it to every clinic. Be the vaccine! OneNationK Old picture. OneNationK CTV is a rag

Canad_IANism That’s good. Now can you ask why our PM is still self-isolating 17 days later? So glad to hear this ... Yet Justin is still locked up in his cottage?🤔 COVID infectees must be careful as there is conflicting knowledge and data - it may get reactivated, do not show symptoms and still infect others too, unless confirmed otherwise by ‘all clear’

jvipondmd That's what we like to hear! Congrats Sophie and family. If people are going to get it they want this COVID19-lite version basketball players, actors and politicians get. Glad you and your wife is safe. Well well well what do u know Fantastic news💕 ____________________ Where are the recent photos We haven’t seen one photo of the two together since he came back from Costa Rica holiday!!!

That’s exactly what they want us to believe 🧐😬 Good for her. What did her Doctors use to treat her? judamazloum Yippee...🥳 Great news! Now for every other case... 😪 Every Canadian needs a bail out , how about a $3000 payment to all canadians ! Millions are struggling ! Ask all internet and phone companies including mobile to give free service over the next 4 months ! You need to do more ! BCGovNews ,JustinTrudeau liberal_party NDP

Why are you not using a recent photo of the Trudeau’s? Thanks God Awesome news! Great news. Hope everyone remains healthy. don't like her, or him. sorry. I DON'T Glad to hear that. Fake news, we all know that douchebag JustinTrudeau is not with Sophie Covid_19 StayAtHomeAndStaySafe CoronaUpdate ❤️🙏🇨🇦

Awesome. Glad to hear it! Whatever we think of the politician she is married too, She is still a Mom. When Mom is sick the whole family hurts. I am happy for Her and family. How has it only been 2 weeks?😳 She actually had 2 negative Covid tests? I find that hard to believe after 2 weeks when there are so few unresolved cases reported.

Kristinazzz9191 No recent pics of them together? 😂 So she recovered from this Flu virus. Awesome. Maybe now we can open our country and get past this hoax virus been pushed by the Libtards. Cute couple; perfect image of happiness; 'look at us' attitude; out of touch with harsh reality of life for millions of Canadian Citizens, including Native People, who were/are DISPOSSESSED. PLEASE : No photo-op in homeless shelter ! Or handing two bucks to beggar on the street.

CTVBarrieNews Doesn’t help the rest of the country Did she learn how to use toilet paper Something real odd about this. Did hubby shave. Scheduled recovery? Virus follows the calendar? Guess that means JT can come out of hiding. Let’s see what happens. Now if the right wing would understand this is the way to live, everything could be good. I bet they will not. cdnpoli covid19

Good to hear!! Beardless. Why use old pics? Let's get her in the hospital helping she won't need any PPE! Please show JT in beard with Sophie or fuck off. Sophie hasn't seen in months. Please report real news stories or stop, hard stop. Like this if you wish Sophie Gregoire Trudeau would get her own twitter account 😍

Happy to hear you’ve recovered Sophie 😍 JustinTrudeau How about a all clear quarantine to make sure. This is good news. I didn't know Sophie is the prime ministers wife, Thanks for letting us know CTV. It certainly doesnt look like it from the pictures we see... great news I wonder.. Who cares! We weren't aware that JustinTrudeau shaved his beard. Oh, right. He didn't. How about an actual current pic of the happy couple? cdnpoli

LETS GOOOO BoyerMichel Delightful news. care less human being... after sophie got sick, then trudeau start paying attention... fking idoit Nice picture glad you had a shave before you had the photo on your wife’s recovery! Weird that none of your pictures have them together with Trudeaus fancy new beard.

K Covid-19 is even in fahler ab......middle of nowhere Great news!.. She can pursue her divorce proceedings Skippy is wearing blackface while alone. She's doing Idris Elba... you do the math. I’m so glad to hear that! Does that mean ass hat will stop hiding in his cottage Great news Who cares That is awesome news.

Wow the beard is gone!! Old pre beard photo. Why are you using an old photo of them together?🧐 Congratulations May God bless 💐💐💐👏👏👏 LOL, trudeau doesn't really look all that happy...guess he's gonna have to sneak around Awesome this is excellent news so happy to hear Sophie is healthy!!! Fakenews, she left him 6 months ago . Explain his ankle monitor, ctv . What’s he being charged for ?

What a stress this must have been for the Prime Minister. I couldn’t have imagined going through his wife sick, keeping the kids calm and dealing with a crisis. who cares gawd I can’t believe all these idiotic commments. Can’t be Canadians. Boots go away. 🚀 Congratulations! I hope all others will receive the same great news. ☘️

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News JustinTrudeau Coronavirus Videos Medical Ottawa cdnpoli The people living in Canada should be extremely happy they are not living elsewhere. All of our politicians and most people are doing a great job. Negative comments need to be ignored and quarantined.

Sophie caught it when she was banging someone else other than Trudeau. They haven’t lived together since Christmas so why is he still quarantining? Hiding out? Word salad and then he’s gone. In and out of the rabbit hole! TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauLiedPeopleDied Good news, this should allow the pm to get back to the office and let the DM do her job.

CTVNationalNews Where is Turd-eaus beard? Can you post a recent pic of them Didn't think so.... And TrudeauWorstPM is still in hiding ♥️A dignified First Lady. Who told him?

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Those with COVID-19 symptoms will be barred from domestic flights, intercity trains: TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to offer an update on Canada's response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. TheWestBlock TheWestBlock telling us there is x number of Covid19 cases in Canada is meaningless. If we want people to start taking this seriously we need to be told how many of the positive cases are being hospitalized (stable/critical).

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Domestic air, rail travel barred for anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms: TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says that as of Monday, boarding of domestic flights and trains will be denied to people showing any symptoms related to COVID-19. Breaking: Stay the f_ck at home. At some point we have to stop expecting government to solve this and realize that it is on all of us to step up. Stay home as much as possible. Physically distance yourself from others. Wash your hands. Sick or not do your part and until everyone does it won’t get better. Nothing slow about our PM. Should have been done months ago!MichelleRempel AndrewLawton TheRealKeean TheTorontoSun jkenney fordnation

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