Rejecting carbon capture risks increasing emissions. Here's why

2022-01-25 9:36:00 PM

Rejecting carbon capture risks increasing emissions. Here's why via @NatObserver

Rejecting carbon capture risks increasing emissions. Here's why via NatObserver

Put simply: Canada and the world need carbon capture in the toolkit to address climate change and meet international climate obligations.

But it’s not just the climate impact that the academics overlook.Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, pictured Nov.Aid groups and international agencies estimate about 23 million people, more than half the country, face severe hunger and nearly 9 million are on the brink of starvation.Rebates on carbon taxes haven't helped Canadians warm to them, a new survey suggests.

They also seem to misunderstand the state of play in the carbon capture industry.Their letter states that carbon capture is not “proven at scale” and is not “economically sound.'If there’s ever a time where Minister Guilbeault is prepared to communicate with Canadians on an issue that he knows well, this is it,' says Summa Strategies' Elliot Hughes.” But there are of CO 2 being captured around the world annually from a variety of industries and sources, including projects capturing carbon at a cost well below.S.

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NatObserver Carbon capture tech is a cat chasing its own tail. The process requires energy, so you have to burn more fuel to run it, which decreases overall energy efficiency and increases emissions. You can’t change the laws of thermodynamics! NatObserver Exactly. We need effective methods to channel renewables into CO2 capture when they overproduce.

Upcoming carbon price increase to 'pose some of the greatest challenges to the Trudeau government yet,' argues Angus Reid’s KurlInnovative Research Group’s Greg Lyle, meanwhile, sees the annual increases that come with the federal carbon price policy as more of a ‘growing pressure’ for the feds than an ‘immediate crisis.’ LRyck LRyck This will work well as it is designed to provide a strong economic signal to switch to cleaner energy, and will manifest emissions reductions. As far as I am concerned our future looks bright and cleaner. s_guilbeault AmitaKuttner ElizabethMay

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Attitude on carbon tax rebate defined by politics, not facts, survey suggestsRebates on carbon taxes haven't helped Canadians warm to them, a new survey suggests. Results published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change say that not only did rebates fail to make much difference to public opinion, Canadians don't understand them very well. CTV reporting based on politics, not facts Lol these paid for articles are so obvious. Give it a rest. Oh no, tax policy has become politicized!

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