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Public safety minister says B.C. RCMP to move off Wet'suwet'en territory

#BREAKING: Public safety minister says B.C. RCMP to move off Wet'suwet'en territory


BREAKING: Public safety minister says B.C. RCMP to move off Wet'suwet'en territory

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair says that the RCMP in British Columbia have agreed to move from their position on Wet’suwet’en territory and to a nearby town.

Blair said that the B.C. RCMP have sent a letter to the hereditary chiefs indicating they would be deploying their police officers from the nearby town of Houston, B.C."I'm hoping that… the condition that the people said was the reason for the barricades has now been met," Blair said. "I think now the circumstances are such that those barricades should come down… now it's time to move forward."

In the House of Commons MPs will be debating a motion from the Conservatives that calls on the House to "stand in solidarity with every elected band council on the Coastal GasLink route, the majority of hereditary chiefs, and the vast majority of the Wet’suwet’en people, who support the Coastal GasLink project, and condemn the radical activists who are exploiting divisions within the Wet’suwet’en community, holding the Canadian economy hostage, and threatening jobs and opportunities in Indigenous communities."

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Clear out these terrorists! Chicken shit cowards it’s a step forward without violence Trudeau “interfered” in the Judiciary AGAIN!!! He TOLD the RCMP not to enforce a lawful court order by equating doing that with “force” in the media. Is Canada a “Banana Republic” since the PM ROUTINELY interferes in the Judiciary First with Raybould his AG then this....

Bill Blair can barely tie his own shoes and this is what he came up with. What could possibly go wrong. Lol. EnviroWatcher So, capitulation by BillBlair then. Take there welfare away and cut of the money that’s pump in to them, go get a job. Really? Nothing like emboldening eco-radicals and a splinter FMNI how do you enforce any lawful court order in Canada again Do we all just ignore the court or refuse to pay our TAXES perhaps....

ArenFelker Cowards folded like a cheap set of bed sheets Flakes MOHAWKEMOTIONS BillBlair Step one done Now CGL must leave sovereign Wetsuweten lands CGLLeave PolishTheChain WetsuwetenSolidarity WetsuwetenStrong

Impaired driving incidents in N.S. on the rise since cannabis legalization: RCMPNova Scotia RCMP report there has been an increase in intoxicated driving events since cannabis legalization, but experts are unsure whether the increase is a direct result of legalization 40% increase but experts are “unsure”... wonder what it will take to be sure? It hasn't happened anywhere else. They would be the first. Impaired experts.

Rule of Law is racist, I can see why RCMP are being removed. Damn Rule Of Law and all the racist laws of upholding it. Sheeeeesh! From a government that told us emphatically last week that they can't and won't direct the RCMP. Weak. Idiot. Does that then mean he’s closing the Smithers, Houston, and Burns Lake Detachments?

What an FN joke Canada is FN Chiefs power struggles have hurt Candian support. They, & supporters, have overplayed their hand. The protests were a huge mistake. Further protests will only give the PM more control/Canadian support. PM should threaten to cut all FN funding if they don't back down today.

Who's kidding who? The Wet'suwet'en cannot end this now. Their cause been hijacked by a bunch of entitled little lefty wingnuts with personal agendas. And we cave again. Next demand Ok Mr Blair bend over and cough It seems this is a story that plays out every decade. Maybe the rest of the country should follow Quebec’s lead.

Case of alleged RCMP secret-leaker could head behind closed doorsProsecutor Judy Kliewer said Wednesday the Crown intends to ask that observers be excluded from a March 17 pre-trial hearing in the case of Cameron Jay Ortis, contrary to the usual principle that courts operate in the open Judas will give him an award for helping sell the country out !

The people who think this is a game of checkers are hilarious. The RCMP are moving in order to force the indigenous protesters to resume blocking pipeline workers. That will put the hereditary chiefs in a bad PR position, which is smart. It's chess, not checkers. But, but, the Premiers wanted to bray on the conference call about inaction! Are they going to complain that the logical Step 1 was indeed taken? Are they going to advise that we should have skipped to Step 5? or gone down the heavy-handed route?

Didn't Junior say he can't tell the Police what to do? So why is Blair telling them what to do, or not do. Joke they will be back in a week Well, next time there’s an issue there and someone calls the police, tell them to go fuck themselves So law abiding Wet’suwet’en have no voice, rights or protection?

Ffs. This is beyond acceptable and reasonable now. Useless tactics. I thought the govt said it’s not their place to tell the RCMP what to do? This is an absolute joke i wonder if that GMC has proper insurance and val tags In a few years from now we’re going to hear about violence, crime, sexual abuse and lawlessness in the area. And the Crown will have to pay money in compensation.

National-secrets case against alleged RCMP leaker could be moved behind closed doorsProsecutor Judy Kliewer said Wednesday the Crown intends to ask that observers be excluded from a March 17 pre-trial hearing Everything is in this country no shock there. Who is Trudeau protecting now.

A country with laws for everyone but the natives. Great job you useless wimp Trudeau. Good move Bill, so to be clear it will be you who tells the RCMP what to do next right? Does that mean we can move in? ianabailey Of ffs the rcmpgrcpolice is useless Now they can go in cut down more trees and lay more explosives.

B.C. RCMP open door to leaving Wet’suwet’en territory in effort to end rail blockadesAn internal letter to B.C. RCMP members obtained by Global News details plans to meet with the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs and discuss removing a mobile detachment on their land. So breaking the law works in Canada? I see how it is KarlBelanger Let the lawsuits begin The real ones or the fakes?

Hereditary chiefs say they'll meet with ministers if RCMP get outA small, mobile RCMP detachment in a remote area of British Columbia has become a bargaining chip in proposed talks that many hope could put an end to blockades that have disrupted rail and road traffic across the country. Not sure why we to different class of people with two different set of rules for the different class. It’s absurd, and we are watching it blow up in our faces. If those anarchists don't respect the rule of law, there must be consequences. Arrest them, and give them their day in court. CTVAtlantic They have no authority to meet with anyone

Personal information of 69,000 public servants emailed to wrong government departmentsMore than 69,000 public servants affected by government’s error-prone electronic pay system are now victims of a privacy breach after their personal information was mistakenly emailed to the wrong recipients. Dayam!!!! ha ha And Statscan wants my banking informaion. Yeah, let me see a warrent!!!!! This government can't even tie their own laces let alone run a country. So embarrassing for Canadians. This should be a lesson to developers switching over sensitive systems. Run both systems in parallel for at least a full cycle (in this case at least a year). The expense of testing is small compared to the colossal mess we have now.

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