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Opinion: The CBC has no business chasing ad dollars with low-brow game shows

The CBC has no business chasing ad dollars with low-brow game shows @GlobeBusiness


The CBC has no business chasing ad dollars with low-brow game shows GlobeBusiness

The CBC is launching a Canadian version of Family Feud in a bid to boost its advertising revenue s. The game show is set to occupy the prime 7:30 p.m. time slot on four weekday evenings this fall

Well, private TV programming, anyway. And Ms. Williams knows a lot about private TV, having retired as chief operating officer of Corus Entertainment last October. There, she programmed such edifying fare as

That Ms. Williams was good at her previous job may not, however, be great news for those who think the CBC should stop competing with private broadcasters and focus on its core mandate.

The public broadcaster’s advertising revenues fell 3.4 per cent in the first nine months of its 2018-19 fiscal year, to $181-million, with English-language conventional and digital advertising taking the biggest hit. The percentage drop on the English network was 8.2 per cent during the period ending Dec. 31, while advertising revenue at Radio-Canada rose 1.1 per cent.

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globebusiness Most original CBC content is ‘higher brow’ and attracts more educated audiences than that of its domestic competitors. Its objective is to grow its audience, so aiming lower probably makes strategic sense.

10 Canadian books coming out in June we can't wait to read | CBC Books10 Canadian books coming out in June we can't wait to read! What are you reading this summer? | cbcbooks cbcbooks What’s with the colors for the logo?

CBC pitches advertisers in push to save commercial revenues, pre-empt election funding fight CBC pitches advertisers in push to save commercial revenues, pre-empt election funding fight GlobeArts GlobeArts You mean Anne of Green Gables version 8.0 wasn't the massive revenue driver they expected. Shocking! GlobeArts Let the pandering begin now. GlobeArts CBC = Communist Broadcast Channel, why? Because Liberal Independent Channel News = LICN. Imagine... Justin Trudeau to be takin a LICN at 11pm... 😏

Meet the companies that help pay for staff vacations | CBC NewsCompanies are signing up with new benefit platform Vacation Fund, where employee savings for holidays are matched — at varying levels — by employers. Its the latest strategy among several recent initiatives geared at making sure staff use their holiday time. News I’ll work for a company that helps fund a vacation to that river! News it seems like it would be good for retention & getting people to both actually use their vacation time, and to use it for actual enriching travel & not just staycations hope it catches on News I work in a remote location. It might entice people to work here if given the opportunity to go back home to see family or go on holiday. Retention is a big problem as well as getting people to consider working 5 hours away from the nearest city centre.

Minority governments another sign that Canada is in the midst of a political upheaval | CBC NewsWith more minority governments in provincial capitals than ever before, Canada is showing signs that it is taking part in a global wave of political disruption. News I dislike the concept of a minority government. The FPTP system is just not a good system, since we end up with things like minority governments. I would much rather a ranked ballot system, but that doesn't look likely to happen anytime soon, unfortunately. News That's a good thing. Give us electoral reform and we'll never have another majority government. News June 03, 209 innocent Sudanese civilians were brutally killed by security forces. More than 35 killed, hundreds injured and many brutally beaten

Everything you ever wanted to know about keeping chickens in your backyard | CBC LifeHave you ever wanted to raise your own chickens? Expert Carson Arthur fills Canadians in on what they should know before getting themselves some backyard chickens? | cbc_life cbc_life Do it! Food independance should be a goal for everyone. I couldn't sleep well being reliant on the global food supply chain.

SNC-Lavalin to stand trial on corruption charges, Quebec judge rules | CBC NewsSNC-Lavalin spent months lobbying the federal government to avoid finding itself in this position. That ignited a major political scandal in Ottawa when the former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, accused the Prime Minister's Office of pressuring her to arrange a deal for the company.

No repercussions after Indigenous children called 'savages' at hockey tournament, parents say | CBC NewsAt a novice hockey tournament near Montreal won by an all-Indigenous team last year, parents of an opposing team called out racist words and yelled at players to go back where they came from. | CBC News News Yea. Go back to Canada. News Disgusting. News Novice

Peter Mansbridge on Kawhi's 'decision' and his love for Drake - Sportsnet.ca'I love his music, I love the way he talks about Toronto, I love the he supports the Raptors.' Legendary former CBC news anchor petermansbridge joined the Starting Lineup to talk about Kawhi Leonard's looming 'decision' and his love for Drake. Raptors petermansbridge Drake Mansbridge never talked basketball before this year lol

Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women issues final report with sweeping calls for change | CBC NewsAfter more than three years, dozens of community meetings and testimony from well over 2,000 Canadians, the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls inquiry delivered its final report to the federal government at a ceremony in Gatineau, Que., today. News The government should literally be shipping piles of money to each band. NO COLONIAL STRINGS ATTACHED. The time for healing is NOW and it involves about a trillion dollars. White people: it's time to listen. AND GIVE YOUR COLONIAL MONEY TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. EQUITY News While watching the live broadcast of MMIWG report release, my sister and I were horrified when chose to run a live clip of POTUS at Westminister Abbey on the same screen. This historic Canadian moment was trivialized when your corporation made this choice. cdnpoli 1/2 News I have started reading the executive summary and am looking forward to reading the entire report. This is long overdue.

Canadian dollar extends recovery from five-month low as oil ralliesCanadian dollar extends recovery from five-month low as oil rallies GlobeInvestor globeinvestor That’s cool. Now maybe someone would explain why I’m paying as much for gas as when oil was selling for 120/barrel? setup conspiracy ripoff

Opinion: Keeping student minimum wage low: more summer jobs, more life lessonsJason Kenney set hands a-wringing when he set a separate, lower, student minimum wage. But that makes hiring a teenager more attractive to employers, epic mistakes and all Minimum wage is immoral. All those whose labour is not worth the minimum wage will be out of work. It artificially lowers the bar for everyone. If your career is minimum wage you have screwed up. It is for high school students gaining experience. The minimum wage should be 0, ZERO!

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