O’Toole Says He Won Tory Leadership ‘As A Pro-Choice Conservative MP’

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O’Toole says he won Tory leadership ‘as a pro-choice Conservative MP’ cdnpoli

on the third ballot early Monday morning, said Canadians can expect to hear a lot of “Liberal spin” about him and his record. “Don’t buy it,” he said.O’Toole gave the broad strokes of his priorities as leader of the Official Opposition, to address national unity issues and Western alienation, and said his party will be ready to fight another election if the Liberal government falls after the throne speech set for Sept. 23.

“Justin Trudeau would rather play politics than do his job. Even now, with our country still in a crisis, he may be trying to trigger an early election,” he said, referring to“Because of that, I may soon be asking Canadians for the chance to serve as prime minister, so we can get this country back on track.”

O’Toole did not give any indication if his party would support the throne speech, but said he will “put the interests of Canadians first” and collaborate where possible while pushing for “better solutions and faster responses” for Canadians rocked by theMuch of his remarks were focused on his pitch that there is room in the Tory tent for Canadians of all backgrounds and walks of life.

“Whether you are Black, white, brown or from any race or creed, whether you are LGBT or straight, whether you are an Indigenous Canadian or have joined the Canadian family three weeks ago or three generations ago, whether you are doing well, or barely getting by, whether you worship on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or not at all... you are an important part of Canada and you have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada,” he said.

Yet he won the job after scoring down-ballot support from the social conservatives in the race, Toronto lawyer


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And yet, the Proud boys are with him, as well as, the SoCons of the Sloan and Lewis supporters. I think the jury will be out for a while on this one.

Been waiting for a conservative to say this. Been too long

Wolf in sheep's clothing... They always say this shit until they take power.

Then please ensure ErinOTooleMP that DerekSloanCPC is not in your caucus. Leadership is reflected by the people you support and surround yourself by and to tell the truth. At least that’s what you’ve been requiring of Trudeau.

He's not going to last long....

We will see.

I don’t trust this guy as far as I can throw him. I don’t believe a single word he says. This party doesn’t care about anyone unless they’re male, white & rich.

This guy also wants to completely dismantle the CBC. So.

So he should!! The LGBTQ have rights just like everyone else. Being Pro Choice is also smart in 2020. Government needs to stay out of Womens personal issues!! He might make a good leader if he does these things. Time will tell.

I don't believe a word he says. We are being educated by what has happened south of us and I, for one, will only believe actions, and the company a politician keeps, not words. Their party slogan is already at odds with Erin's promises.

Absolutely this is appropriate. The LGBTQ2 community has worked hard to earn all their rights and they must be kept in tact.

No matter a woman should have a choice of her own body even Ireland has come to realized this.

Forget appealing to the group du jour, defend the individual. The rest is window dressing to excuse infringing rights of the smallest minority.

He has been quoted dozens of times over the years if you cared to be actual journalists and looked.

yes technically pro-choice. But ban after the first 3 months. Do women even know they're pregnant in the first 3 month? (this is a serious questions as I've never been there).

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