McEnany compares Trump to Winston Churchill

The Washington Post's Christine Emba and Political Science professor Stephen Farnsworth break down the White House press secretary comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill.

2020-06-03 10:50:00 PM

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared U.S. President Trump's walk to a historic church, which saw authorities force peaceful protesters from the area, to Winston Churchill surveying bomb damage during the Second World War. More here:

The Washington Post's Christine Emba and Political Science professor Stephen Farnsworth break down the White House press secretary comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill.

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The church wasn’t burning and the protesters were peaceful. Brainless! Only of Churchill had bombed the place first.... he didn't btw.... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Nothing makes sense anymore. Where the hell does Private Bone-Spurs find these people. He and his father got him exempted from the military due to a false foot problem and now he wants to use that same military as his personal troops.

🙄 Wow. Lol Your a disgrace!!!!! Murica OMG!! Really what a joke !!! What a disgrace! Hey sweetheart.....are you on drugs? Can you and intelligent so I think smart woman side with that idiot you are to be ashamed yourself I hope he’s paying you a lot of effing money you even know who Churchill was? I doubt it.

When you do stupid things first and then think, you get this. Equally Stupid explanation! The frightening thing is, his cultists believe it too. I wonder how Boris Johnson feels about blondie comparing realDonaldTrump to Winston Churchill. He’s either laughing his ass off, or he’s furious. Yea she's right its a symbol to be remembered..... for all the wrong reasons.

realDonaldTrump has the audacity to compare himself to Winston Churchill? OMFG! Stupid What a load of crap Planet where? Baaa haaa haaa Stop talking omg This is such a crock lol my god this administration is from mars Another bimbo!!!!! Really!!! Are you in your right mind? Go back to your hitory books. Don’t listen to an uneducated boss.

Churchill never declared war on his own people so he could have his picture taken holding a Bible!!! Poor girl. Forgive her as she doesn’t know what she is doing under Trumps thumb. She is scared of her boss. You can definitively see and feel it. Work you have to do to save your job. He can’t do anything right according to too many. God bless him anyways!

There is no similarity between T and Churchill. Churchill was articulate & had great class. Trump is vulgar, classless, and represents the worst possible embodiment of a sociopathic, fascist dictator, held in check only by the boundaries of our democratic checks & balances. That demented Trump is doing everything he can to destroy democracy! He must be stopped.

WTF? Ya, and Trump was “inspecting” the bunker too, not hiding away in it. bullcrap TimeForChange Lies from trump Sounds like fox news. But, but, but, did Churchhill bomb his own country? I musta missed that bit. this woman is amazing I wish we had someone at least CLOSE to her in canada Barbie Doll ass kisser

Well, if this administration is defeated in November, McEnany will be fine; she has a fallback career as a great comedian! (Or a really, really terrible one) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What the sweet f*ck is in the water down there?! Honestly. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Americaisbroken What kind of fool would equate Winston churchill and trump in the same statement.

they don't even care how ridiculous they sound lmao Whaaaaat? How? In what world? 🤢 Idiot! Shame on you to compare deplorable Trump to Churchill. bullshit She’s great! Don’t agree with anything she says. I question whether she does either but this world is fuelled by BS to the masses. Look around fools (Aint just this leader for sure) and you will see all others lying too. None as fine ( or as dangerous) as this

I love PressSec but comparing Trump to Winston Churchill 😂😂😂 I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hope the moneys worth it girl ✌🏼 Clueless AC360 just gave a very poignant response explaining in plain language why you’re off your nut. Hopefully you will be able to understand plain language. It’s not that of bunkerbabytrump but is basically his kindergarten level just for people like you.

She also said protesters were told via loud speaker on three occasions they must move back as the AG ordered the perimeter around the Whitehouse expanded by one block to prevent further damage in the area before force was used but that doesn’t fit your narrative does it. Wow 😯 Bunker Boy Trump! She is another lackey who will be looking for a new job soon enough!

How can you have Trump and ChurchillI in the same sentence , unless you talking about chicken place , I wonder what she will do after Trump ?Maybe a stint on Broadway playing Pinocchio, used car salesperson or I know, her pants will be on fire! Wanna know what it takes to sell your soul as a press secretary for trump.?!?! $250,000 annual salary. They’ll say anything you tell them to.

Well it was certainly a bomb alright, whose explosive idea was it? She’s as funny as he is. Macaroni. What the hell. For all you people who complain about the United States. I would like to thank the United States, and specifically the United States Navy for helping Canada find the remains of our six sailors and airmen/women who died in the helicopter crash in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks.

Bullshit! If our leadership will not come from our elected officials, we can show them what we expect. Look to the protesters protecting property, condemning instigators and defending officers, these are the leaders of our current situation. Are you serious Winston Churchill never sent the troops against his fellow Countryman. Donald Kill ‘Em All Trump is a scared little boy who needs to go home to his mommy. Trying to look like a big man like other dictators doesn’t work especially not in America.

🤮 As clueless as the Ginger King! Sinful to mention trump in a sentence with one of the greatest leaders on earth, Sir Winston Churchill. Spot on! Amen 🙏 Oh please !!! Now THAT is a real stretch! A more appropriate image of Trump that comes to my mind is Hitler touring Paris after the Nazi’s moved in!! Just because you say it doesn’t make it true 🙄

You’ve got to be kidding me I always say that shot I hit to win D division highscool basketball regionals was just like Jordan’s game winner in the 98 finals 😂😂😂😂😂 God help us. This BunkerBoy has delusions of grandor. Shut up Not sure what the issue is here. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 holy crap that's funny!!! She’s as delusional as her boss!

Are You Flipping Kidding ... Trump should be Ashamed Of That ‘So Called Walk’!!! Winston Churchill did not have to tear gas people out of the way. What an Asshole... What utter nonsense. Oh Trump is a drunk? Cause that would be the only similarity possible. Bullshit Liar liar liar yabba dabba doo Puppet Wow

Please, blonds, don’t hate me for this tweet. It must be embarrassing for the rest of you however I’m sure she’s the reason for all the dumb blond jokes. Actually I wonder if she is really a blond ? Perhaps Trump knows? Props for saying that with a straight face. How do these people come up with this crap, seriously! TrumpIncitesViolence TrumpIsARacist TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpCrimeFamily 25thAmendmentNow

Holy crap. Talk about self aggrandizement. The only commonality is Hitler. How she compares Carter ‘putting on a sweater to promote energy saving’ to trump having peaceful protesters tear gassed and shot at for a photo op holding a bible - with a straight face is beyond me. What a sad, delusional individual.

Shameless... Is this the person who said she would never lie?! What a joke she is! That is stupid and totally untrue Lmao 😂 O M G !!! Twat! I’m just gobsmacked. Really? Churchill? Why in Gods name doesn’t someone call this brainwashed, lackey, lunatic out for saying such tripe. So Trump creates the damage (to innocent civilians), stands for a photo op in front of a church, (church leaders expressed outrage for) and she compares it to Churchill. Y'all are mad!

he bomed allright CHURCHILLSGHOST Ummm enough.... “And The People Shall Be Led By A False Prophet “ She is full of crap! Oh my goodness, such an liar! Stop talking please and go home to wash dishes! talking trump toy 😂😂😂😂 Finally someone to stand up to the dipshit reporters. Why do I keep hearing Don Henley's ' Dirty Laundry ' every time she opens her mouth.

Trump keeps trying to mimic other wartime leaders and dictators he admires but he’s too stupid and self interested, and surrounded by too much too stupid and self interested. Delusional... the whole lot of ‘em Look she trying to protect bunker boy Trump with her nonsense and lies Dumb blonde. Time for a new job.

Given the fact that she was prepared and had extensive notes to answer that reporter, does anyone else get the feeling that question was planted? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Might be a bit of a stretch there Kayleigh, anyway American cities aren't on fire from Nazi bombs they are on fire from anti-Nazi fire bombs duh! Comparing Trump to Churchill !? Check yourself at the door lady!!

🤣 🤣 🤣 She is great, composed, calm and respectful. That’s a great sentiment, America is more than the looting, rioting, and vandalism of the past week. I just have one question... why break up a peaceful protest to make this statement? It was an unnecessary abuse of power, and it must be held accountable.

She’s lying... youtried youfailed The usual partisan bias from FakeNews CTV. Btw, the original leftist narrative was that tear gas had been used to clear those 'peaceful protesters'. Not so much: When are we going to have an honest conversation about what we are going to do about the US who, under the wrong leadership, can destroy economies fairly easily? The world has allowed them to become too big and too powerful under the assumption that they are inherently good.

Why do we even run this crap in the Canadian news. This level of idiocy has nothing to do with news. Surveying allied bombing of his own citizens during a time of peace would be a better comparison. What about the 2nd Church visit? Was that another 'bomb damage-walk-day' too? (just in case the bomb damage had increased the second day).

Churchill and Trump should never be mentioned in the same sentence.. Disgusting. The American people are not the enemy You have got to be kidding! Comparing Trump to Churchill? 😂😂😂 That’s disgusting! It’s amazing what ppl will do for money...and this dingbat is a prime example Skipping the cup and going right to injecting the Kool-aid into her veins is this one.

Shes a red hot liar just like her boss !!!! What! It did not convey at all what you said it did. So tone deaf. What are you talking about? .realDonaldTrump trumpsaclown nocomparison Comedy! dumbblondesyndrone 🤷‍♀️ 🤮 Wow, is that dumb! The difference is that Churchill surveyed the damage done by the Nazis. Trump went out to survey the damage that he had done to his own people. Trump is more like the Chines gov't surveying Tienamen Sq. after the army went in. PressSec

Did she just compare Trump disrupting a PEACEFUL protest, by harming US citizens, for the purpose of a photoshoot to 911 and WW2? (Ironically both of which were also racially driven)? 😂😂 Clown!!!! Ah ok. You folks in the media are afraid of this woman. You should be. The only thing that the two men have in common is obesity.

Hmmmm....comparing him to Winston Churchill in WWII? THAT is disgraceful. If Trump was a leader then, he would have spent it in a bunker, peeing his pants None of those leaders gassed their own lying puppet. Trump couldn’t carry any of their dirty underwear . Given that Winston Churchill worshipped in that same church one magic Christmas when they played 'Oh Little Town of Bethlehem,' I find that comparison particularly offensive. I have come to realize that she is particularly tone deaf.

Disgusting Obviously PressSec is not a student of history, but her support of fake POTUS speaks volumes about her character or lack of it. Shameful comparison, realDonaldTrump is no leader, abdicated his responsibilities as 100s die daily and he promotes violence against their own CNN And yet,.....he's still bunkerboy

Seriously? That was the most ludicrous idea ever. Are they are diluting themselves? No, don't answer that they are completely delusional. Good lord🤦‍♀️ Delusional! Communist Tele Vision I don’t remember Churchill having to remove British protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets before surveying bomb damage. But hey, what do I know? It’s not like I was there. 🙄

Canadian Presstitutes LameStreamMedia keep attacking any gesture from real christian leader Trump, standing up 4 his country n defending the defenseless citizens against FarLeft Antifa! Nothing that clown Trudeau CowardInTheCottage will ever do! TrudeauMustGo CDNpoli Mental I LOVE HER!!! ❤️ Love her 💕

I need to throw up Trump is compared to Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln all in a few short months,wonder who’s next. Link to the official source Whitehouse Press Channel: She will say whatever she is bought The White House Press Secretary job has become a laughing stock, it's a disgrace. Bullshit 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 she is crazy!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Except Churchill did not require a militarized secret service with snipers on every roof top Agree with the Press Secretary 100%. Like Churchill before him, Trump2020 is facing down the socialist-communist Nazi facists, now in the form of AntifaTerrorists . Freedom and Democracy will win again. We always do.

Comparing Trump and Churchill 🤣 She’s spells her name D E L U S I O N A L wow. Tear gassing, firing rubber bullets and chasing off the clergy for a bullshit photo op. Lol....I think not! Right on! Trump2020 The MSM can screw off. When did they make smoking pot legal in DC ‘cause this woman is high on something.

Churchill! The Cheeto and his press secretary are hallucinating. I'm still confused how an murdering idiot in Minnesota turned into an anti-Trump campaign. From an outside perspective it seems they'll turn anything into a means to get him out of office. If you want him out so bad, just vote him out FFS.

So much for her promise not to lie from the podium.... WAMA1 Trump2020 Don't even compare Churchill to Trump. They're not even close to having the same competence or intelligence. In other news. Media continues its attempt at misrepresenting and distorting facts. 'The propaganda machine is in full affect.' Cited one unnamed whistleblower.

She is simply delusional. Godwin's Law She's trying to equate peaceful civil rights protesters to Nazis. She'd use the idiotic 'antifa' term, ironically?, to do it. What a stretch. Hard to believe someone would even use this argument. How is burning a church peaceful Narcissistic bunker Boy. God bless and protect Donald Trump

Trump threatens military force against protesters across the U.S.U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to deploy the United States military unless states quickly halted the violent protests that have convulsed cities from coast to coast, speaking in the White House Rose Garden as tear gas canisters could be heard exploding just a block away. Too bad there isn’t a military to take care of the problem in the White House. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to call The military to get rid of Trump. HEIL Anyone remember Tiananmen Square

Donald Trump Vows To Crack Down On Anti-Racist Protests In Surreal Rose Garden SpeechAs the president spoke, police deployed tear gas and flash-bangs against protesters outside the White House demanding justice for George Floyd.

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to expand Group of Seven to readmit RussiaTrudeau rejects Trump suggestion to expand Group of Seven to readmit Russia GlobePolitics globepolitics Wouldn’t the Gang 7 needs a boss? globepolitics Trudeau: Russia bad. China good! globepolitics Vote Trump out

George Floyd protests: Trump says he will deploy military if states don’t mobilize National Guard“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” President Trump said during his address. Good! Wtf 😂 The military serves to defend the state against enemies of the people. When the people become the enemy, who's left to serve and protect the people? The American police aren't looking like an ideal candidate in this situation. This is a terrible idea.

Trump declares he's president of law, order amid protestsAmid racial unrest across the nation, U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday declared himself 'the president of law and order' and threatened to deploy the United States military to American cities to quell a rise of violent protests. 100% agree with realDonaldTrump ! No, he's starting a civil war invoking a 200 year old law What a leader!!

The conflict Trump always seemed to want reaches his doorstep - Macleans.caImage of the Week: George Floyd died in Minneapolis but protestors gave voice to their anger outside the White House