Buffalo Declaration, Jason Kenney

Buffalo Declaration, Jason Kenney

Manifesto underscores the depth of frustration in Alberta, says Premier Jason Kenney

Manifesto underscores the depth of frustration in Alberta, says Premier Jason Kenney

2020-02-22 4:02:00 AM

Manifesto underscores the depth of frustration in Alberta, says Premier Jason Kenney

The Buffalo Declaration says Ottawa must make a concerted effort to repair national bonds or face the real risk of Alberta seeking to separate

The 13-page Buffalo Declaration released Thursday says Ottawa must make a concerted effort to repair national bonds or face the real risk that Alberta could seek separation. It was written by Alberta MPs Arnold Viersen, Blake Richards, Glen Motz, and Michelle Rempel Garner.

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Asked at a press conference about the manifesto, Kenney said, “I think what that letter underscores is the depth of frustration. I think a lot of people are going to come to the table with a lot of ideas and a lot of commentary. All of it underscores that the frustration of this province is deep and genuine.”

While not specifically endorsing the letter, Kenney made clear there were major issues that the federal government needed to address to stop the West feeling alienated.“We have made it as clear as day to the prime minister and his government that Albertans not only expect but demand respect and fairness in this federation and that we are prepared to act if we end up with federal policy that further injures our economy — for example, should the Teck mine not be approved.”

The federal cabinet has until the end of the month to make its decision on the $20.6-billion oilsands mine proposed by Vancouver miner Teck Resources. Premier Kenney has said in a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau that a rejection would have devastating consequences and would stoke Western alienation.

Ken Boessenkool, a Conservative strategist and former adviser to former prime minister Stephen Harper, said on twitter that the manifesto arose “from a sincere and real feeling of alienation.”“Western feelings of alienation are real. Separatist sentiment is also real, but dangerous,” he wrote.

The frustration of this province is deep and genuine The Buffalo Declaration lists a number of challenges that the authors believe the province faces. Among them, the belief that Alberta has always been an unequal member of Canada; that Alberta has a distinct culture that has gone unacknowledged, and that Alberta has been treated as a colony within Confederation to be exploited for the benefit of the east rather than a partner.

It calls for reform of the equalization system and demands fairer political representation, such as could be achieved with a different senate arrangement. It also calls for arts and culture funding to be spread more equally to the west, and for Ottawa to “Ensure Western art is prominently displayed in national museums.”

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What hogwash. I don’t want someone of Michelle Rempel’s ilk being frustrated on my behalf. I’ve been through downturns in the oil industry before. When it’s happened, I work harder. Rempel just whines and becomes more obnoxious. cdnpoli Bullshit jkenney should denounce it Interesting choice to call it a manifesto. You could've gone with declaration, but nah. Better to use loaded language.

It underscores that the province failed to diversify its economy during years of economic boom time. Just get the referendum legislation in place so we can thank our hosts on our way out. Manifesto shows degree to which conservatives are pissed off because they did not win federal election. The party picked Scheer and he dropped the ball where it counted most.

The word manifesto is too be used only with socialist dogs - thanks. watch businesses flee, and professionals too-if doctors don't leave now over the tearing up of their contract by the province I am so glad you take the time to post these articles. It is good that you focus on one point. When Ontario hit the hard times, how many people said to get your books in order and sort yourselves out. Was there a war room formed? Did Ontario do ANYTHING like this?

Manifesto on roots of Western alienation reflects ‘depth of frustration in Alberta,’ Kenney saysThe Buffalo Declaration , which was posted online on Thursday, was signed by Michelle Rempel Garner and three other Conservative MPs from Alberta Lol, the Canadian province that had it all more than once because of our oil economy. They're pityfull! OIL IS HISTORY! Oh jkenney you silly man. You have no clue Alberta is living in the past! Canada is a 21st century country with a 21st century economy, that’s on a role! While Alberta plays footsie with a club of old men stuck in the past.

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