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Manitoba, Provincial Election

Live Blog: The latest updates on Manitoba's provincial election

BREAKING: CTV projects a PC win in Manitoba


BREAKING: CTV projects a PC win in Manitoba

Manitoba will be electing a new provincial government on Tuesday, and CTV News Winnipeg will be providing the latest coverage as the day goes on.

Manitoba will be electing a new provincial government on Tuesday, and CTV News Winnipeg is providing the latest coverage.

CTV News Winnipeg’s reporters are stationed across the city and province to give the audience the most important information as it comes in.

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Libs owned yet again Agree ctvedmonton Awesome. Good job Manitoba. Next is Canada. And than we can start getting rid of Liberal style municipal clowns. My condolences to Manitoba ctvedmonton Did anyone think Manitoba would go anything else 🤔 😢 We're all screwed if PCs win in October too. Alberta Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan PEI Quebec New Brunswick

Blue wave is rolling! Gonna hit Chew Dope in the face come October too!! Go PC's !! Way to go Manitoba. Give the Liberals and Greens a good whipping No. Majorities Manitoba is FN no trust PC.

Manitoba election 2019: Live results and riding-by-riding vote countsWatch here for live, detailed results for Manitoba ’s 2019 provincial election


LIVE: Ministers survey areas impacted by DorianMinisters Sajjan and Goodale visit areas that were impacted by hurricane Dorian in the Halifax region, LIVE here 11 a.m. ET. Ministers Sajjan and Goodale speak in Halifax: It’s election time. We'r out to buy your votes What do either of these clowns have to do with Halifax clean up efforts? What is The Architect taking credit for today SajjanMustGo CanadianForces CDS_Canada_CEMD

LIVE: Trump speaks at the White HouseU.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters outside the White House. anyone covering Justin Trudeau speaking today ? Does anyone care? By the time that the door closes behind him when he goes back inside, he will have changed his 'mind'.

LIVE: Trump presents Medal of ValorU.S. President Donald Trump presents the Medal of Valor and Heroic Commendations. To Chrissy Teigen? To himself? To who, himself?

Trump called off peace talks because Taliban failed to live up to ‘commitments’: Pompeo‘The Taliban overreached,’ he said, apparently referring to the escalation of violence around Kabul as negotiators closed in on an agreement

WATCH LIVE: CTV News Winnipeg’s election specialWATCH LIVE: CTV Winnipeg has special coverage of the election in Manitoba as voters decide who will be the province's next premier.

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