LIVE: Andrew Scheer speaks on WE Charity scandal

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WATCH LIVE: Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks about the ongoing controversy around WE Charity:

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Beating a dead horse...move on about working on how to recover from the pandemic....

The minivan-tuition theif is the only one talking about this witch hunt still.... why is scheer even still around, he resigned in shame.. TWICE


Sheer needs to stop

Andy, be quiet and let the adults handle this!

CTV what ever happened to real reporters real news

Go play hockey

Oh leave already you freak better yer go to the US

Andrew is a derp!

Why would I listen to this miserable specimen whine on and on? Move on, nothing of substance to see or listen to here.

Why he still there !! Didn’t he leave the party because of spending scandals?

Wait... didn’t he resign as leader of the CPC because of mismanagement and almost fraudulent use of public campaign funds for personal expenses? Scheer lost his moral authority long time ago to pretend he can judge any 'supposedly' unethical actions

CTVLondon Please stop giving him airtime. He is pissing in the political gene pool. We are tired if hearing him dig-whistle through the media. Why do you think someone tried to assassinate the PM? Why do you think people are going after cathmckenna ? This has to stop.

CTVLondon The amount of people not worried about the corruption within our government is disgusting. What a bunch of 🐑

Scheer, what a tool.

OMG, is he still on this? Time to move on Andy.

Is CTV going to investigate Harris profiting off of the privatization of long term care homes? He’s making millions while people are dying.

There is no ongoing controversy. Stop beating that horse. Its dead

The Conservatives would never have this problem because they would never offer a program like this to help students.

Is there nothing more productive to do with politician’s time in Canada than this? How about the parties work together for the good of Canadians.

CityNews CP24 globalnewsto CTVNationalNews CTVToronto ALL...⚠️ CPC_HQ AndrewScheer🤪🤮🤮🤮🤮😷🤒DISGUSTING ❌SHUT UP🤐🤐 & STAY HOME. YOU ARE OUT🛫✈️🚀....STAY OUT....🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

It’s really quite sad when you see how people still blindly support trudeau,wondering, what does he have to do to lose your support?Because the libs can’t control committees anymore the truth will eventually come out and Trudeau will be found guilty once more, but will it matter?

WatchCTVNews Do we care?

Controversy? I think thay was debunked a week or so ago. Was Scheer at home in the states?

The 'ongoing controversy ' is a figment of the imagination of the CPC and the right leaning media. cdnpoli

CTVLondon Um. Didn’t they drop him?

'controversy' lol. The only issue with WE is how AndrewScheer CPC_HQ took away opportunity from Youth and Students. It will be remembered.

the only controversy is the one postmedia created. you should not be allowed to call yourselfs a news station.

Is he still lying about being american ? Or was he lying when he said he was giving up US citizenship ? I think he did both eh ! Tell him it’s time to clean the shitters at the insurance brokers which is all he was qualified to do there !

Nobody wants to watch that 😠

F🤬 off Scheer you’re FIRED nobody cares what You have to say. Your still pissed you never won.

Do you pay these liberal trolls ?

Does CTV have a Conservative bumper sticker on its forehead?


I would like Andrew to talk about why he is sill holding a US passport after a promise to Canadians people he would drop his American citizenship...until then this guy is a liar.


Yawn... old non-news. I'm more interested in how the various parties are working together to help the Canadian economy recover from the pandemic.

CTVLondon Where did you get the money to pay for your van and kids education? Right......

My God! When is this guy going away?!

Proving time and time again that he was running to be Prime Minister of Saskatchewan. And only a portion of SK at that... Leaders should be inclusive, leaders should show what they want to be, not simply run against something.


I thought he stepped down as leader. Oh wait he doesn’t know what that means...

He thinks this is an opportunity for him to it's not scheer

Can someone give the old record player a slap so he can move off this broken track. resignandrewscheer

Pls shut up Mr Scheer. You Pcs are waiting tax money doing other ppls dirty work. Trying to destabilize the government. More important stuff to do at this time. With covid,racism,homelessness etc. Your party is irrelevant and totally out of touch. Pls fade away quietly & quickly

rachaiello How is it someone can talk about something that is so far based on accusations. If he has proof that it happened let’s see it!

If he can't get this WE thing kick started he will wee wee in his pants.

'as someone who has lots of scandals myself, I know what Trudeau should do'

Scheer still around 🤔

Betchya donuts to dollars he's going to screech and demand the PM resign, and Canada will yawn.

Has Andrew Scheer forgotten about the PC funds that he spent on his family when he moved to Ottawa? Check out his accounts

More corporate CTV.

I can't trust someone who can't get insurance broker accreditation

There is no controversy and they know it. This is a nothing burger they're trying to feed the gullible public, which result in what happened at Minister McKenna's office. CPC are 100% to blame.

Why has the PM disappeared since the 'WE' scandal is he hoping it will go away as he has ? Now we have a new scandal with Telford's husbands employer received contract and missing PM or Cabinet to answer questions.

Is it just me, or does AndrewScheer seem to make a much better at tattle-taler, than a leader?

Why not ask every other insurance adjuster for their input if you're going to spotlight this failed one so heavily.

Let it go

It’s only a ongoing issue to the CONS, we have all moved on to their next debacle.

Global Pandemic, economic collapse, and this nothingburger is used for wedge to cheat canadian students of aid. Conservatives are Socialism for RICH and Screw the rest.

No thanks CONservative TV network....

Who the hell cares what this tool says about anything? It would behoove you to spend time actually doing your jobs and investigating this cult of criminals who are wasting our money during a bloody pandemic & the resulting economic hardships many of us face.

Who wants to watch that? Such a bunch of unnecessary garbage with that man! GET OVER IT!

I'd rather watch paint dry

There's something wrong with the video sound, all I hear is 'BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH WHINE WHINE WHIMPER Trudeau is a meany BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH sniffle sniffle'

I'd rather watch paint dry.

Andrew, knock it off!

Comments are mostly people insulting Scheer's appearance or saying who cares. Well, a lot of people do care about this corrupt regime trying to sneak past another scandal.

Prepare for hostile, ambitious and ambiguous tweets. Add some direction to your hate, please and thanks :) VV

Huh what will an American Andrew Scheer🇺🇸 knows about Canadian🇨🇦 charity

CTVLondon Pass. Scheerstupidity ByeScheer

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