John Ivison: Justice demands the Pope apologize for Church's role in residential schools

For the Catholic Church, sorry seems to be the hardest word

2021-06-02 3:37:00 AM

John Ivison: Justice demands the Pope apologize for Church's role in residential schools

For the Catholic Church, sorry seems to be the hardest word

Yet, as the Commission noted in its report, reconciliation is not about “closing a sad chapter in Canada’s past.” Rather, it is about “opening new healing pathways that are forged in truth and justice.”Justice demands that the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church acknowledges the Vatican’s part in cultural genocide and asks its survivors for forgiveness.

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100% agree and while we are asking for apologies, ask him to apologize for all the hurt, rape and deaths that happened in the Catholic orphanages during the Duplessis years 1936 - 1959. I’m thinking the Catholic Church should be ashamed of themselves for all of the residential schools, verbal, psychological, physical abuse and don’t forget the pedophilia that they have exposed generations of children to. Yet the church continues to preach to us.Are you listening

Naah, justice demands that this cult of murdering, raping pedophiles gets sued out of existence and its leaders get jailed. Yeah I fucking agree. It’s disgusting Time to try the church for crimes against humanity EMBARRASSING Ontario Canada government attacking our children students in the name of fighting COVID19 No school, no education, no friends, no teachers, no playing, no hope vaccine MentalHealthMonth drugs addiction, violence, lockdown God bible

It will never happen. They wouldnt open the door to reparations. Thats the whole denial of this mafia even to the sex crimes committed to many children worlwide is greed, pure and nasty greed. While this is outrageous the schools have been shut for many years and no amount of outrage will change this. So where is the outrage for the thousands of children trafficked every year, this is something we can do something to change

The catholic church never apologised for slavery.... assume this is a JOKE ... apologize one school 200+ graves another 139 schools plus others run by provinces and run by religious .... this may be the worst thing since the extermination of JEWS ... and involves religious polys and every other fk UP To start

Sabrina Maddeaux: 215 child graves and the Catholic Church still hasn't apologized for residential schoolsThe Pope himself remains silent, despite renewed calls for an apology from Indigenous leaders and survivors’ groups They have caused grief all over the world and have not apologized yet. Why would they start now? The Catho-Pedophile Church !!! Waiting for the “Justin haters” to blame him & his Govt. 🤣🤣🤣

An apology? Wow, I thought we had 215 dead kids in a mass grave. I think we're passed the point of apologies. A lack of apology is an admission of guilt. How about we dig into that massive pot of gold for the survivors.... Bunch of pedophiles disguised as a religion Does the pope sh1t in the woods?

‘Disgrace’: Indigenous leaders blast Catholic Church for silence on residential schoolsThe Indian Residential School Survivors Society called on Pope Francis to address the atrocities that happened at residential schools, days after the remains of 215 children were found on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. cancelthevatican I’m beginning to think the Catholic Church is a really evil organisation. Show of hands: Canada becomes the first Judeo-Christian country to outlaw the Catholic Church.

Charlottetown removing statue of Sir John A. Macdonald after discovery of 215 children’s remainsCharlottetown council had decided to add an Indigenous figure on or near the bench where the figure of Macdonald was seated 215 Children Murdered by Cultural Genocide Schools in Canada run by the Queen of England and the Catholic Church. Change my mind don’t me. Why is Macdonald always the one and only culprit? And why is the media and Indigenous leadership so afraid to blame the guiltiest party, by far, the Roman Catholic Church?

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Charlottetown to remove Sir John A. Macdonald statue after Kamloops residential school discoveryCharlottetown council votes to remove Sir John A. Macdonald statue from downtown after discovery of 215 children’s bodies at Kamloops residential school site That should fix everything Fair enough, what will happen to the statue? Funny no one ever mentions Pierre Trudeau he was PM when they were still open? Why aren't they changing Mtls airport name? Or every other PM that has something named after them or statues for that matter or is it just is it just selective outrage?

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