Breakıng, Foreign Affairs Minister, Francois-Philippe Champagne, Iran, Plane Crash, Ukrainian

Breakıng, Foreign Affairs Minister

Iran must compensate crash victims' families, Canada-led group agrees

#BREAKING news: Iran must compensate crash victims' families, Canada-led group agrees


BREAKING news: Iran must compensate crash victims' families, Canada-led group agrees

Canada and other countries are demanding compensation from Iran for the families of people killed when Iran ian forces shot down an airliner leaving Tehran last week.

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says the countries whose citizens died are judging Iran's co-operation day by day.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francois-Philippe Champagne, right, and Dominic Raab the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State speak to reporters following a meeting in Montreal, Thursday, January 9, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

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The cheque’s in the mail Perhaps there was someone on that plane that was being targeted.. The plane was intentionally shot down. Now saying it was accidental. Interfering with the crash site, bulldoze it right away... Sounds suspicious Not a Crash Better them than us Were the families of the Malaysian aircraft compensated? CanadianPM cdnpoli

Does Iran recognize dual citizenship? Do they recognize the victims as Canadians or as Iranians? Lol... yeah. What are you going to do if they don't? They are already harassing the victim's families. CTVAtlantic Canada has got to keep their nose out of this.Why are we involved? It wasn't a crash... It was shot down..

Cant see Canada enforcing this at all. But does Iran agree? If not, what can be done? Nothing! There is very little left to hit with sanctions. We don’t trade with Iran. Facebook and Twitter are the next way to exert pressure.

Possible Iran nuclear deal sanctions complicates Tehran crash probeThe escalation of rhetoric over the nuclear deal is casting a shadow over a meeting that Canada hopes will lead to justice and financial compensation for the families of the victims What a lame excuse. it's non of western societies business. the only thing that is our business is the plane. iran is not near fabrication of a nuclear weapon. even if they were, it's non of our concern. what is our concern is forward defense of a nuclear weapon coming from anywhere--even home. So Iran killed these innocent people in cold blood, and now refuses to hand over their bodies Where's the UN and Trump? Iran is fishing for excuses to aggravate Canada?! What a tragedy for Canada and these victim's families 😩! Canada now has an exemption not to go to war

They already said days ago they were? Don’t you follow the news? If I remember they said 3 Billion. as we speak Iran is either shaking in their boots or rolling on the floor with laughter my money is on the latter Freeze the top evil leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran overseas bank accounts. WTF you think Iran cares

Compensation varies between countries and EU and others are limited to 10000 per person unlike USA Of course...but how to enforce? Magnitsky? And they are. QUEBEC'S most favorite word in English COMPENSATION !!! A Trudeau lead Canadian government agrees with what other countries are enforcing Didn’t Justin tell us it was trumps fault? It’s not but that’s a pretty quick about face.

Canada seeking official status in Tehran crash probe, Garneau says Iran 's president levelled threats Wednesday against Europe in response to European countries' new crackdown on his country's violations of their nuclear deal -- a move Canada is also supporting. The plane was shot down. It didn't crash.

Yeah! Get some of those Obama dollars out pay these poor people, we know you got billions in cash from Barry.

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsInstitutions throughout the country are planning a moment of silence at 1 p.m. EST I've seen lots of flags at half-mast. It was such a waste of innocent life.

Plane crash black boxes ‘are with Iran,’ Canada prepared to help decode: GarneauOfficials have begun their investigation into the downing of the aircraft and is ready to deploy a second team to help in decoding the black boxes, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said. *are ready Liberals need a distraction for something they did or R about to do to Canada & Canadians..Iranians fessed up & admitted to killing 58 CDNS. So begs to ask the questions why spend which will be likely millions on some keystone investigation to conclude what IS ALREADY known! Send Trudeau to Iran, he’s all in favour of getting an advance heads on what’s happening- maybe he should sober up & go himself. The sock puppet could use a dose of reality.

Canadian universities plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsMore than a dozen universities have said they are grieving students, faculty and researchers who were among the 176 people killed last week in Iran . Are they going to demonstrate against the rogue theocratic Iranian Mullahs who terrorize the middle east and the world? Just askin'...... to Was not a crash! It was shot down by 2 Iraining missiles! Was not an accident!!!

Iran warns Europe as diplomat says officials 'lied' on crash Iran 's president warned Wednesday that European soldiers in the Mideast 'could be in danger' after three nations challenged Tehran over breaking the limits of its nuclear deal. Tehran's top diplomat meanwhile acknowledged that Iran ians 'were lied to' for days following the Islamic Republic's accidental shoot down of a Ukrainian jetliner that killed 176 people. Just a few precision strikes on the religious leaders and some nuclear sites and it's all over Iran. EUROPEAN soldiers could be in danger ,because all mighty iran and their leftists allies in the west will attack Europe 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sending all my Ativan ... settle down for the Love of Pete. Hasn't this Dead Horse Been Flogged enough? Find a new gripe for Crimonies Sake. Just be nice !! Kiss your wife hug your kids give gratitude to the little things and everyone mind tour beeswax. caughtinaloop

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