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Commission For International Justice And Accountability, Yazidis

Investigators building case in bid to prosecute Islamic State figures for crimes against Yazidis

Investigators building case in bid to prosecute Islamic State figures for crimes against Yazidis

2020-05-21 3:56:00 PM

Investigators building case in bid to prosecute Islamic State figures for crimes against Yazidis

The Commission for International Justice and Accountability is sharing its findings from Iraq with the UN team and is pursuing more evidence from Syria , where the Islamic State group made its last stand

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War crimes investigators request transfer of Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga to UN custodyKabuga, 84, was detained in a Paris suburb on Saturday after a quarter century on the run

Ontario company contracted to make 7,500 ventilators for Health CanadaCelestica Inc. has been contracted to build 7,500 ventilators in Newmarket, Ont., for a Canadian medical device company working on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. More tax money going to pay hospitals for a fake pandemic. Keep the fear going CTV. Your fake news reign does have an end it should have already been mandatory that all emergency and safety equipment be made in Canada, by Canadian owned companies So does it mean we will stop importing them from China? Please say Yes!

Impeachment starts against top Swiss prosecutor in FIFA case - Sportsnet.caSwiss lawmakers voted Wednesday to open an impeachment process against attorney general Michael Lauber for his conduct during investigations linked to world soccer body FIFA.

Canada’s coronavirus death toll reaches 6,000The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases also surpassed 80,000 on Wednesday -- although more than half of those cases are considered recovered. Remember, just a few months ago, the Trudeau government told us border restrictions were racist and masks were ineffective. Today we learned they regret not shutting down the border sooner, and that face masks are not just effective, but now recommended. BREAKING: The combined, influenza and pneumonia which is a common complication of influenza, kills more than 8,000 people a year. Source: Nearly 1500 of those were in LTC homes just in Ontario. Where’s the total number for LTC home deaths in Canada? and how does that correlate to complete economic destruction

Trump considers travel ban as Brazil records worst daily death tollBrazil has recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths and cases, one day after it became the country with the third-highest number of confirmed cases in the world. JustinTrudeau ❓😷 Should Canadians❓ I hope Canada isn't stupid enough to still allow flights in from Brazil? hilarious - world's leader of Covid cases and deaths is banning people COMING to the US...

390 new coronavirus cases, 43 deaths in Ontario as total cases reach 23,774Ontario reported 390 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the provincial total to 23,774 cases. 'Chinese Wuhan virus'. Fixed it for you. conspiracy Give it a rest. People are clueing in to what's going on. Open up and virus outbreak happens. We call b. s.