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House committee hears clashing expert opinions on Bill C-10

House committee hears clashing expert opinions on Bill C-10

2021-05-17 11:30:00 PM

House committee hears clashing expert opinions on Bill C-10

Taking a pause from their clause-by-clause review of Bill C-10 , the House of Commons' heritage committee heard from experts on Monday who both strongly oppose and defend the contents of the legislation.

Janet Yale, the chair of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel and a former telecommunications executive, told members that the proposed changes to the Broadcasting Act would appropriately regulate an untamed online sector, while also protecting users who engage with it.

“Individuals who create content, amateur or professional audiences, large or small, are not affected by Bill C-10…. No one is going to police that content, tell them what they can say or compel them to pay dues,” she said.Capital Dispatch: Stay up to date on the latest news from Parliament Hill

“What Bill C-10 does require … [is that] the YouTube, the Disney+, the Netflixes of the world – who share that content and make money from distributing that content – must operate by a set of rules and contribute some amount of the revenues they’re harvesting from Canadians.”

On the other side of the argument was Michael Geist, the Canada Research Chair in internet and e-Commerce law at the University of Ottawa. He has long been critical of the bill, arguing that it would encroach on personal rights and freedoms.“No one, literally no other country, uses broadcast regulation to regulate user-generated content in this way. There are good reasons that all other countries reject this approach, it’s not that they don’t love their creators or that they want to avoid regulating internet companies. It’s that regulating user-generated content in this manger is entirely unworkable, a risk to net neutrality and a threat to freedom of expression,” he said.

Through Bill C-10, the government is seeking to make changes that they say are aimed at ensuring major social media platforms and streaming services promote and pay their fair share toward Canadian artists and are held to similar standards as regular broadcasters.

The bill has been embroiled in controversy after the Liberals removed and refused to reinstate an exemption from the bill that protected individuals’ online content from its proposed Broadcasting Act, prompting the free speech concerns.The government continues to point to a separate regulation exemption for individual users that remains intact, and subsequent amendments have sought to specify scope of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) new powers under Bill C-10.

Though, the discoverability aspect of those regulatory powers means that the CRTC could play a role in putting guidelines in place around what platforms’ algorithms could suggest users watch or listen to next on social media or streaming platforms, which free speech advocates continue to say will have implications for the content Canadians are seeing.

On this point, Geist said “what you are saying, is the government, through its regulator, gets to determine what gets prioritized, not on a specific piece of content per se but it’s going to make choices elevating some and prioritizing others. That clearly has an impact on individual Canadians’ expressive rights.”

Yale disputed his argument, suggesting that it assumes algorithms as they function today are “pure” and “uncontaminated by commercial considerations.”More to come…With files from CTV News’ Rachel AielloRELATED IMAGESThe Peace Tower is pictured on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, as lawmakers return to the House of Commons following the winter break. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

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Er! What's to debate? Canadians have the right to freedom of speech, and expression! We are not asking 'The Experts', about their opinions on this matter! it is our right as Canadians! period end of story! Why stirring up the again? Michael Geist is not an expert, he is an academic with a dull axe. The reasons why America supports Israel

Screw the experts. Its purely an attack on Canadians freedom to consume what ever content they please. They did it to radio, they did it to TV, now they want to do it to the internet. Anyone that likes having a choice of what they watch or create, knows this is bad.

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