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Justin Trudeau, Coronavirus Canada

Globe editorial: Liberals to Parliament: We’ll govern without you, thanks

Liberals to Parliament: We’ll govern without you, thanks @GlobeDebate

2020-05-27 2:56:00 AM

Liberals to Parliament : We’ll govern without you, thanks GlobeDebate

Mr. Trudeau has been able to stand in front of a microphone every day, far from Parliament , and make announcement after announcement about new programs

This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy.Open this photo in galleryPrime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to a question during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill Tuesday May 26, 2020 in Ottawa. The government – a minority government, remember – has been able to operate with minimal oversight since March.

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Adrian Wyld/The Canadian PressWhile Canadians struggle with government-imposed restrictions on their movements, their businesses and their employment, and face fines or even jail time for failing to quarantine properly, the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to do its best to shield itself from parliamentary accountability during the pandemic.

The government – a minority government, remember – has been able to operate with minimal oversight since March. That’s when all the parties agreed to temporarily adjourn Parliament, as part of the emergency lockdown measures brought about by the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Since April, thanks to a Liberal motion opposed by the Conservatives, but adopted with the support of the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois, the Trudeau government has only had to answer to an all-party special committee on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Story continues below advertisementThe 30-member committee meets through videoconference twice a week, and one day a week in the House of Commons, with time allotted for opposition members to question ministers – but only on issues related to the pandemic.

What might look like Question Period when the committee holds its meetings in the House of Commons has in fact been a pale imitation of the real thing.Mr. Trudeau has meanwhile been able to stand in front of a microphone every day, far from Parliament, and make announcement after announcement about new programs.

The special committee meetings have been accountability-lite – some of the fizz, none of the calories – and now even they are coming to an end.Under a new Liberal Party motionon track to be adopted on Tuesday eveningwith the support of the NDP, the special pandemic committee will cease to exist as of June 18, and Parliament will remain suspended until Sept. 21.

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There will be only three scheduled days this summer when opposition MPs will be allowed to ask questions of the government. As well, only a handful of committees will be allowed to hold meetings, and must do so remotely.Most worrying of all, under the Liberals’ latest plan, a whole-of-government committee will have exactly four hours on June 17 to debate, and then approve “without amendment," more than $150-billion in new spending on proposed COVID-19 relief programs.

Story continues below advertisementThose spending estimates have not been released, so it’s impossible to say exactly what’s included. But what it is safe to say is that your average family spends more time deciding on a new washing machine than Parliament is going to be given to consider tens of billions of dollars in new authorities.

This is not how Canadian democracy is supposed to work. We largely agree with the Liberal emergency measures – but that’s not the point. As keeper of the public purse, the House of Commons is in charge of approving, or not, government spending. While successive governments of all stripes have done their best to minimize this role, none has ever gone quite as far as

cancelling the tabling of an annual budget, and then reducing debate on its near-budget to half a day’s work.We live in a difficult time when the federal government is working in overdrive, and will likely need to do so through the summer, but the elected body that it reports to has been jammed into neutral. That’s not Canadian-style responsible government, especially when the government in question is a minority.

Parliament should be, and could be, sitting. You only have to look around the world to see that legislatures have found ways to continue their vital role during the crisis. That includes parliaments in Britain, Germany and France.As businesses across Canada begin to be allowed to reopen, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand why Parliament can’t. A recent report by the House of Commons Administration says it is

ready to holdvirtual sittings, or hybrid sittings in which some members are in the chamber and others are at home.The Liberals and the NDP need to make an immediate U-turn and support the return of Parliament. The tools exist to practise both physical distancing and democracy. We don’t have to choose.

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Story continues below advertisementAnd the need is urgent. Canada’s limitations on large in-person gatherings could well continue into 2021. The Trudeau government might be happy to go a year with a silenced Parliament, but nobody else should be. Read more: The Globe and Mail »

GlobeDebate Sharing cartoon. GlobeDebate Ummmmmmm 20,000 protests can gather but we cant have parliament? GlobeDebate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ financial_smart GlobeDebate Emperor Trudeau. There's a reason he likes china financial_smart GlobeDebate TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate Not surprising, he has always considered himself above the rest of us anyway. Why not formalize it?

GlobeDebate This is BS and you know it G&M. Stop lying to Canadians GlobeDebate Istandwithtrudeau GlobeDebate Hey, G & M... Trudeau will answer to The People not the Misfits you cheerlead for. You must be pretty bummed: the new Owners of TorStar r going 2b stealing all your readers/subscribers. How long do you think you can last? Guess u'll be going to Trudeau for a Handout, hey?

GlobeDebate you say that like its a bad thing GlobeDebate Stephen Harper, who closed Parliament unnecessarily several times for reasons including to hide documents that had been requested by Parliament and to avoid a confidence vote he would have lost - was wholly endorsed by the ridiculously hypocritical Globe and Mail. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate If you all think government stops after things like debates and meetings 🤷🏼‍♂️. GlobeDebate Credibility : ∅ GlobeDebate The Drama Queen is putting on theatre... with no accountability to the public GlobeDebate Par for the course for our Prom King GlobeDebate Deceptive headline! Trudeau has a minority gov't, the support of NDP. CPC just want a platform to whine & criticize- don't add anything constructive to COVID19Canada crisis, just want cuts to those in need.

GlobeDebate Good god. Bias much G&M? It’s a pandemic. Our government is working just fine. Working around the clock to help Canadians. They have responded well. They want to minimize travel for MP’s. The same occurrences are happening around the world. Get over it Andrew Scheer supporters GlobeDebate To china, not to us.

GlobeDebate This is frightening. GlobeDebate Govern what? GlobeDebate So it seems GlobeDebate p_bellemare84 GlobeDebate Well, if this isn’t dictatorship, I don’t know what is. TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate I don't care for Andrew's veiws on most things, but he nailed it on this one! GlobeDebate TrudeauCorruption TrudeauDictatorship Disgusting POS

GlobeDebate shitshow of a govt liberal_party GlobeDebate CORRUPT AT ITS FINEST GlobeDebate All Parliament member should show up to the next session and take their seat and demand to be heard. Fight for your Canadians. What is Trudeau going todo arrest Parliament members as well! GlobeDebate Always remember JustinTrudeau admires chinas basicdictatorship trudeaumustgo canadaisbroken

Dusty186 GlobeDebate Lol, they need to change the party name, it's misleading to low IQ voters. It's more of a authoritarian socialist kind of party. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate How could any normal liberal_party accept this bull shit canadahasnomoney needpropergov’t to push force NOT hide GlobeDebate Holy crap G&M, you're not even pretending to be balanced are you? Here is the sitting schedules for anyone who cares to look: Summer is typically OFF. Even when dear leader SH was in. And we are in a pandemic. Do better, G&M. cdnmedia cdnpoli

GlobeDebate He's been governing unilaterally for 5 years & CDN's have noone to blame but themselves. I'm embarrassed that CND's have allowed & even encouraged a dictator to destroy this once great country. I will never identify as a CDN again. This is not the country I grew up in. GlobeDebate That news headline is a definition of dictatorship in few words.

GlobeDebate This is the scariest thing I have read in ages - more so because the Liberals, JustinTrudeau and Bill_Morneau really don’t know what they are doing GlobeDebate The worst part is he's setting dangerous predent for all governing parties yet to come. This is just the beginning, there's more damage yet to come from this party.

GlobeDebate TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM GlobeDebate I wish the US would hurry up and extradite him for the Uranium One fraud so we can get someone with a brain and one iota of moral fibre as PM.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Relax As you can see Justin Trudeau is explaining to the House how he likes to grope womens asses. Notice the collection of fingers for a thorough exploration GlobeDebate What kind of DEMOCRACY is canada that for last 3+ Month DISGRACED/CHARACTERLESS JustinTrudeau PMcanadien says things on NATIONAL TV standing under TENT outside his HIDEOUT & NOT A SINGLE REPORTER from ANY Newspaper/Channel QUESTIONING his ACTION/DECISION/BEHAVIOUR NDP CPC_HQ

GlobeDebate This is unbelievable. They have no mandate. They did not receive popular vote or majority in parliament. They have basically taken power away from the people with the aid of Jagmeet who has virtually no standing with the Canadian people. GlobeDebate Straight up Nazi! GlobeDebate These “politicians” work for us and we demand that they get back to work. Or resign.

GlobeDebate Kinda like Harper did three times GlobeDebate Unbelievable how this can happen. No accountability whatsoever. GlobeDebate The G&M GlobeDebate Because YOU, the MEDIA let’s him get away with it. Specially the partisan actors in CBCNews cndpoli GlobeDebate Justin Trudeau is simply doing what some authoritarian style leaders are doing in other countries. He's using a virus pandemic to leverage executive power. The problem is, he's not achieving the same results for the country. EvanLSolomon ipoliticsca CTV_PowerPlay ctvqp

GlobeDebate This just proves we dont need the government in the time of need. Can we stop paying you and put the money on the spending you have you have done? GlobeDebate Liberals to Parliament: We Are Now a Dictatorship You will submit to the United Nations, New World Order. Democracy is at thing of the past. We have surrendered your sovereignty, get over it.....

GlobeDebate What the actual fuck! Get the Mr. Dress-up morning show off CBC and get him back to work, in parliament, with all parties. GlobeDebate There you are to all you folks that voted Liberal, NDP and Green Votes all these 3 parties really are communists, socialists and do not believe in democracy and they truly hate Canada & everything we stand for. I hope you are happy 905, maritimes and Vancouver.This is all on you

GlobeDebate Wait a minute peewee, that would be a no. as far as I know you haven't been installed as the Queen yet. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Irresponsible and false headline from a US-owned, conservative right media company. Let's talk instead about a minority government working across party lines to save this country. Take your conservative politics and go home. You are not Canadian🇨🇦 ThankYouTrudeau

GlobeDebate During the 1918-19 pandemic, Parliament was prorogued for 9 straight months. This was while WWI was occurring. Zoom and conference calls didn't exist then. Would you describe Borden as a would-be dictator? GlobeDebate So angry with this. I want more than a 4 hour debate on $150 billion in new spending. There are flaws/holes in the existing Covid aid that needs to be fixed. Parliament needs time to debate properly.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate The conservatives have been obstructing and being total idiots throughout this crises. No help, no solutions they bring nothing to the table, just constant complaining. Canadians deserve better from their elected officials. Grow up! GlobeDebate When wondering why few pay to read the articles, THIS is why.

GlobeDebate Poor Canada, very worried for our future. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate This situation will end badly.... History prove it again and again. The abusing of power it's like drug usage, it will just increase over time. Then, one day, we will wake up in a Communist country, and the Chinese communist party will admire us.

GlobeDebate At least when it’s over we will know who to blame if it doesn’t go well . We know the east won’t no matter what but the west will know what split the country apart . GlobeDebate GlobeDebate STOP THE MEDIA CRACKDOWN GlobeDebate Man oh Man he looks like his father (Fidel) GlobeDebate Time for us to call on our MPs and protest this negligence by our current governing body that is not governing. People have the power.

GlobeDebate PM JT did NOT say that. Stop with your yellow journalism. GlobeDebate POS! GlobeDebate And did your wife really leave you? GlobeDebate What a shame Jagmeet Singh. GlobeDebate TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate Finally someone in the media willing to bring this disaster to light!!!! GlobeDebate He’s a tyrant dictator.

GlobeDebate How about a big nope. GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau if you do not want to be in parliament THEN RESIGN cowardofthecottage GlobeDebate Dear Parliament: JT isn't that into you. B-bye! Very misleading headline. The NDP & the Bloc agreed to this. It was a mistake, but it was very much the decision of Parliament.

GlobeDebate It’s beyond ridiculous that the Globe is seriously even mentioning this. YOU are the reason Canadians are in this mess! YOU the media and your nonstop Liberal suck up! GlobeDebate Canadians to the Globe and Mail. We'll inform ourselves without you and Ezra Levant 😉 GlobeDebate You guys are preaching to Scheer’s sad base. Trudeau operates as a minority. Nothing is done in a vacuum or without the support of at least two other parties. Did you apply for the wage subsidy yet or will you be laying off more staff?

GlobeDebate Ummmm Doug Ford imposed and extended the emergency order, not Trudeau. So who are you blaming? Hopefully the Globe goes the way of PostMedia. GlobeDebate Same attitude as his arrogant old man. Throw him out. GlobeDebate Omg more GlobeDebate That’s called dictatorship.... or was I taught wrong in school

GlobeDebate The Globe and Mail is a neoliberal rag. How pathetic. GlobeDebate So believes that the CPC_HQ doesn't have to follow the will of the majority of elected Parliamentarians? Sounds like either sour grapes or sedition to anyone who actually understands how Parliament works. Oh Globe, how you have fallen.

acoyne GlobeDebate stoptrudeau cowardofthecottage GlobeDebate Maggot didn’t say no to anyone. GlobeDebate Still on that CrazyCon 'essential service' shtick huh? You realize the NDP agreed and the BlocQuebecois didn't object. Leaves the Cons holding thier own d/ck again .. GlobeDebate Omg great article.. exactly what i was wondering... why isnt he leading by example.. arent the other parties speaking up.. maybe give him a timeout from MarioKart so he can work!

GlobeDebate marieeesophh GlobeDebate So we’re just going with… “let’s try out a dictatorship for a while, See if the UN people like us better this way?” WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GlobeDebate Well oiled machine 😂 GlobeDebate Don’t forget the ND(poo)P GlobeDebate Shameful over-reach of power by Trudeau. Someone please explain to this arrogant,pompous Bufoon what a Minority Government signifies. He does not seem to get it. I am assuming Margaret never said ‘NO’ to little justin. We WANT a WORKING GOVERNMENT! BringBackParliament

GlobeDebate TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate WAKE UP OTHER PARTIES,THAT SOUNDS LIKE A STATEMENT THAT COULD MEAN PERMANENTLY ! VOILA! THE DICTATOR!! GlobeDebate Liberals leading in the polls . GlobeDebate Good old mop and pail . GlobeDebate Umm I'm pretty sure this is the exact type thing he just got stopped from doing when he tried pulling the 'I will do whatever I want with taxes nd you cant stop me' type crap. Hes becoming more of a dictator every day. Nothing but a power hungry criminal!

GlobeDebate theJagmeetSingh is the real weasel here for allowing this to happen. 🤬 GlobeDebate COVID19 is the best thing that could have happened for the power grabbing PM with a minority government. GlobeDebate So much for parliamentary oversight and democracy. Trudeau getting one step closer to the dictatorship he so admires.

GlobeDebate Ironic, only reason you're able to write this article is because you and all the other useless cdn media suck his lil Trudy everyday GlobeDebate I can't believe you said this. Didn't you get your monthly payoff from Trudeau? GlobeDebate Edging ever closer to Trudeau's ideal form of governance.

GlobeDebate This sob need to be kicked out GlobeDebate With 37% of the vote in the last election.... GlobeDebate Get this half baked POTATO out of office! GlobeDebate Unacceptable KingTrudeau GlobeDebate I don’t know, maybe it’s because the Conservatives spend their time asking me who I’m voting for as their leader every day instead of holding Skippy’s feet to the fire. Having Jagmeet in their back pocket doesn’t hurt either.

GlobeDebate A lot of people think democracy is in danger because of Trudeau when in fact it’s the opposite. Democracy is the reason we are in such danger, democracy is what allowed the majority of retards vote for Trudeau and now they will vote away your rights. It’s democracy at its best. GlobeDebate I believe a protest outside his cottage home would be appropriate!

GlobeDebate Simple solution. MP's dont get paid until work is actually done. And while were at it each province should retain all federal taxes collected within the province and redistribute them in sectors within the province. Starve out the bastards in Ottawa. GlobeDebate Trudeau's not overly bright fan base will find excuses for this lack of Democracy. A grocery store is an essential service but not the Parliament of Canada running the country TrudeauMustGo

GlobeDebate Um? Correct me if I’m wrong here.... but.... isn’t that the epitome of communism? Ruling the country without parliament having a say? 🤔 Yes! 🙀 I do believe it is! (not that I believe any opposition party will oppose the CCP globalist puppet!) GlobeDebate Disgraceful GlobeDebate Lunatic dictator.

GlobeDebate More like dictator to parliament GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Make No mistake about it ..the Communist liberal_party and their disgraceful leader JustinTrudeau will pay dearly for their attack on Canadian democracy! theJagmeetSingh NDP ElizabethMay CanadianGreens are complicit in shutting down democracy in Canada!TrudeauDictatorship

GlobeDebate stephenharper ANY ADVICE FROM YOU TO HELP US CANADIANS ? GlobeDebate Remember Canada FactsMatter when China released wuhanFlu ChinaVirus onto the 🌍 No Huawei No CHINADA No COVID19 wuhanFluTax JustinTrudeau liberal_party ChinaMustPay for their 🦠 mess worldwide! 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇮🇹🇮🇷🌍defundUN defundWHO defundChinaVirus Plandemic cdnpoli

GlobeDebate Did you see how they dragged that guy from the Chinese Democrats out of the parliament in China? I bet they wish they could do that with Scheer. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Makes you realize the overwhelming majority of people in parliament are useless and unnecessary GlobeDebate That’s what I call Democracy gone out the window !

GlobeDebate He tried to do a power bran a couple months ago! Not even sneaking this time! JustinTrudeau you are a dictator! We want you out! GlobeDebate Don't worry everyone JT will still get his trust fund plus his salary for this time. He will be well rested for his couple days of work a week when he finally does decide to go to work. Anyone that voted LPC or NDP should be charged a stupidity tax.

GlobeDebate Hey Globes - that’s not called governing. It’s called ruling, or tyranny, or fascism, communism, dictatorship, but mostly it’s illiegal and a violation of my rights as a Canadian. Hope the rest of us care too. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate FakeNews GlobeDebate And you couldn’t call them out at their daily bbq under the tents. Idiots.

GlobeDebate Correct me if I'm wrong. I was norm just after WW2 I don't believe the Cdn gov't of the day was shutdown during those years...we still had a democracy...correct? Shud this time be any different? GlobeDebate Never make JT accountable donkeychucker2 GlobeDebate Citizens to Trudope: we don’t need your governing!🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

GlobeDebate I'm guessing that Trudeau doesn't go back and re-watch his campaign speeches of 2015--seeing as EVERYTHING he said was false, phoney or a FAIL. GlobeDebate No they won't. GlobeDebate Bastards. The lot of 'em. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Canada. GlobeDebate I was sure I lived in a democratic country where my opinion was represented by parliament and my opinion counted? I don't want to live in a country with a dictator.

GlobeDebate If I didn't know better I'd say free trade, global market, was initiated precisely for the event that's unfolding. To crash markets, break the supply chain, grind all activities to a halt so as to manipulate everything we rely on to survive. Tell me im wrong. NWO is emerging. GlobeDebate 'Basic Dictatorship'

GlobeDebate We need to remove this government. All of them are guilty of subverting democracy. When are people going to realize that the whole CV 19 crisis was a lie? I for one will cry not one tear when Canada breaks apart GlobeDebate Don’t let his son become the next one !!! GlobeDebate Just the fact that he stands to profit from the ccp vaccine should be enough to have him arrested...

Surfing_Yeti GlobeDebate GlobeDebate How bout I'll live my life without governance, thanks, now gfy. Badsmoke23 GlobeDebate and the Federal NDP just showed that they are perfectly comfortable being the liberals lackeys.... no surprise i guess. GlobeDebate Kings have been overthrown for less. GlobeDebate This is an Authoritarian takeover.

GlobeDebate NDP and Green Party supported Liberals motion on this. It's only whining Conservatives that are bitter they have no air time to whine in parliament while having to stay in their ridings to do actual real work except for Michelle Rempel who currently hiding in USA cdnpoli GlobeDebate The tax payers are in for one helluva sticker shock when the boy trudeau is done.

GlobeDebate Canada's new dictatorship GlobeDebate WEXITNOW GlobeDebate Getting closer to management of the population rather than representation of the people GlobeDebate So how long are Canadians going to continue sitting on their asses and allow this to keep happening? GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Just close up shop, if this is your level

GlobeDebate Seriously tho, how has nobody taken this guy out? Not advocating anything here, but with so many mentally unfit people in Canada and his ability to piss off as many people as possible, mathematically it has to be reaching that point. GlobeDebate Most of us would feel some sense of moral obligation and keep parliament open, but not our narcissist in the cottage, oh no. He’s all for me, and me for me, after all he needs that UN seat and China’s approval. TrudeauDictatorship chinada WuhanFlu

GlobeDebate We used to say that in Canada, we elect a benign Dictator. With Justin Trudeau extending the Parliamentary shutdown for another 4 months - the word 'benign' has been removed from that statement. This is a bare-fisted power grab using a dying virus as a thin excuse. canpoli BourgaizeGail GlobeDebate Libs will dictate without you....

GlobeDebate Trudeau is killing the country. If it wasn’t so difficult to become an American citizen, I suspect many would have left left by now. I used to be proud of my country, now am just sad and embarrassed by the complete void of competent leadership. GlobeDebate I cannot believe this passed until SEPTEMBER, the MPs just wanted a summer vacation while still accepting their normal paychecks. What an absolute joke. If they're not going to go into parliament then they all need to be on the CERB, no reason we should be paying full wages.

GlobeDebate Time to ask JustinTrudeau to resign ErinOTooleMP AndrewScheer as TrudeauMustGo as TrudeauNotFitForOffice !! GlobeDebate Let’s take a look Trudeau has worked his way around democracy for years now and all we do it seems is bitch about it on social media 🤷‍♂️ What’s the fucking point

GlobeDebate dictatorship PierrePoilievre ErinOTooleMP GlobeDebate What's next Chancellor Justin? Will you set the Reichstag on fire and use that as an excuse to cancel democracy and seize power for yourself? TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate Bet that this Parliament NEVER reconvenes & Canadians head to the polls in early October with Trudumb NEVER challenged or NEVER having been questioned in the democratic HOC - this is dictatorship at its finest

GlobeDebate Not acceptable- PERIOD! GlobeDebate The reserve power should be called out by AndrewScheer on the Governor General to ask her to dissolve parliament since the PM is not intent of having a semblance functional Government in the HOC or appeal directly to the Queen that the PM is unfit. AlanCane604 LeonardRoxon

GlobeDebate This almost sounds negative. What about your bailout 💰 ? GlobeDebate Wouldn't that be the Governor General's job? GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau’s play: delay until summer. Apart from the enablers yfblanchet ElizabethMay theJagmeetSingh who’s willing to be complicit in this? davidakin AdrienneBatra acoyne anthonyfurey brianlilley VassyKapelos kinsellawarren EvanLSolomon MercedesGlobal cdnpoli

GlobeDebate The minority government cannot govern alone. Stop lying to us. This headline is propaganda. GlobeDebate “Fuck democracy” Trudeau and his minority government GlobeDebate GlobeDebate The NDP went along with this after extracting a promise on sick leave, a provincial jurisdiction. Singh doesn’t understand that he closed down the government and got nothing in return. Idiot.

GlobeDebate I am starting to feel that JustinTrudeau & liberal_party wanted COVID19 to happen. JT has been able to do almost anything he wants with our Country with little resistance. Now closing parliament until Sept 21? More fireworks could be coming & that is disturbing! TrudeauMustGo GlobeDebate He has been governing without anyone else for 5 years

GlobeDebate Now he is able to move forward with his dictatorships plan, after banning so many guns from legal gun owners hands. Social distancing means no protests allowed. Canadians are being squeezed into Socialism. We must WAKE UP !!!!! GlobeDebate Well, at least he finally told the truth about something...

GlobeDebate The communist dictator has completed the transformation and the sheep didn't even blink. 🤦‍♂️ GlobeDebate I'm looking forward to seeing the CERB run out & his supporters turn on him. I sincerely hope every person who voted Liberal suffer the most. cdnpoli GlobeDebate And just like that TrudeauWorstPMEver becomes TrudeauDictatorship

GlobeDebate You all happy with this monster you helped to create? acoyne GlobeDebate Fake news! GlobeDebate A minority government can't govern without the support of other parties. If he tries to pass laws while parliament is essentially out the country will be in an uproar. If parlament is suspended or prorogued there needs to be a damn good reason or it's just a wired political move

GlobeDebate What a total POS!! GlobeDebate The only party not playing nice is the Cons. Frankly we don’t need them anyway! All about politics instead of helping people!! Democracy is for the people. Not corps!! GlobeDebate Shameful. JustinTrudeau and theJagmeetSingh just took away the voice of 7.6M Canadians.

GlobeDebate Aw com'on guys stop fighting! Leave TrudeauWorstPM alone. Here...I'll guide you to a topic you all love to hate. GlobeDebate This is what happens when you flood the country with immigrants fleeing from tyranny . They elect a tyrant . JustinTrudeau rode in on the ethnic vote this is why he favours more immigration .

GlobeDebate Thank you, for reporting on this! GlobeDebate So Liberals, NDP, Greens, and BQ are now one Party called the Liberals? Or does Globe and Mail not understand how democratic votes are conducted under our parliamentary system of government. PS Fuck the Cons. GlobeDebate I call bullshit Canadians are very happy not to have to listen to Andy’s persistent whining about nothing‼️

GlobeDebate Have a little sympathy people! Do you realize how long it's been since Trudeau was able to use government jets to fly him out to Tofino for a surf vacation? The humanity! GlobeDebate A minority government now running the country with the help of the NDP/ Greens. Watch your wallets,incompetents now in control with no opposition.Democracy is dead and the man running the country is a fraud. Where is the outrage media,incompetents all.CBCTerry susan_p_riley

GlobeDebate It’s the perfect time for a covid style virtual protest to be commissioned. Ideas on platform? GlobeDebate We are headed towards a dictatorship and our PM doesn’t even start out with a majority. GlobeDebate The Liberal government cannot govern without the rest of parliament. It is undemocratic. To everyone that objected to the Conservatives trying to prevent the Liberals power grab early in the pandemic, this is the result. Government without representation of the electorate.

GlobeDebate Can you report those atrocities without putting his face on the cover?!? Why do we have to be subjected to this ugliness? GlobeDebate Nice headline - if slightly inaccurate. The Cons didn't get the support of ANY party. Really - who asks for a full on audit on all programs, including Covid programs, when we still don't know how long it will last? Or to return to full sittings - in the middle of a pandemic? 🙄

GlobeDebate THIS IS A LIE. A majority of MPs - three different parties - agreed to adjourn regular sittings and instead continue work in committees. Liberals are a MINORITY government. They can’t unilaterally do anything. This is shameful lie. GlobeDebate WTF is this! GlobeDebate Not without the public’s consent, they don’t. Bills passed without debate aren’t laws, they’re edicts by a tyrannical government. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

GlobeDebate Canadian governments sure seem to hate their legislatures. GlobeDebate Ah, dictatorship it is, I guess. GlobeDebate Doesn't Parliament always shut down over the Summer? GlobeDebate Did the G&M carry this headline when Kenney usurped power in Alberta, enacting legislation that circumvents the Opposition?

GlobeDebate It’s insane !!! The time has come to call an election and get rid of this idiot and his party. GlobeDebate Arrogance is a sickness and these carny grifters are rife with it... GlobeDebate TrudeauWorstPM GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Hey Canadians! Welcome to be ruled by the monarch. GlobeDebate And you people in the media support this person? WHAT THE FUCK? DO ANY OF YOU GOT A CLUE OF WHAT YOU PEOPLES HAVE DONE TO CANADA NOW! I SURE HOPE Y’ALL ARE HAPPY!

GlobeDebate Very ironic the NDP have weakened parliament, they literally have Democratic in their party name, shame on them. GlobeDebate You clowns won’t write a peep about this though. GlobeDebate hey siri, what is a 'basic dictatorship'? GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Each day is getting worse with this guy... I first I thought death penalty for him. But 2nd is rather in suffer in jail

GlobeDebate Huge shout out to all the a$$holes in the 905/416, lower mainland and East Coast who voted for this c*nt! GlobeDebate And you helped him in this criminal act. You , the media . Thanks for nothing . GlobeDebate If anyone ever doubted that the Mop & Pail was entirely in the back pocket of the Conservatives, this headline should forever remove any doubt that you once had. NeverTrustACon

GlobeDebate Someone, PLEASE! Can’t say it, but PLEASE!!!! GlobeDebate I fucking give up on Canada....what's the point GlobeDebate Majority of parliament voted for this GlobeDebate Our country is an out and out joke. It becomes more apparent every day. Any good will Canada has garnered was well in the past.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate canada - specifically JustinTrudeau and liberal_party voters. Listen up. You’re responsible for putting these people in power. Try to understand that they don’t want what’s best for Canada and your country is at great risk because of it. GlobeDebate This isn’t a democracy, this is a Dictatorship. For reals! TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship

karen_vecchio GlobeDebate This is wrong on many levels, what's next, will the liberals decide elections are not required either ( with NDP support of course) GlobeDebate Canadian msm IS a good part of the problem for never never reporting what the hell this pm and pmo is up to. GlobeDebate De facto dictatorship

GlobeDebate NDP, Green Party and MSM enabled Liberal minority government dictatorship - Canada’s political system is a joke. This isn’t what a parliamentary system of government was envisioned to be, period ! GlobeDebate Not a very sound approach! I guess that I am not surprised as accountability and transparency does not matter to JustinTrudeau BobBratina did you run city of Hamilton this way when it came to payments?

GlobeDebate The media (CBC) is funded by the government. So there’s that. Just one more stupid socialist idea. GlobeDebate Totally unacceptable GlobeDebate This is what the media wanted also, they were running out of ways to cover up all the atrocities of this government, abandoning parliament with all that is going on in this country today is certainly not democracy

GlobeDebate Why not hold parliament in the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, home of the Ottawa Senators? Plenty of room for social distancing for 338 members. TrudeauDictatorship cdnpoli GlobeDebate Another lie from globe and another reason not to buy the paper or support any of your advertisers GlobeDebate Minority, majority, makes no difference in Canada’s corrupt system of government. The people who decide the fates of millions of others will have no loss of income. Tone deaf.

GlobeDebate The Liberals are the only party that voted on this? Is that how minority governments work? Or are you just reaffirming my decision to cancel my subscription to your rag? GlobeDebate DEMOCRACY BACKSTABBED. GlobeDebate The lefty's freaked out when Harper porogued government for two months. Trudeau has now neutered it for six months. WTF?

GlobeDebate The outrage in the comments is hilarious. Liberals are polling through the roof currently. GlobeDebate A minority gov’t has just muzzled the majority of this country’s MP’s. Since they are our mouthpieces, that muzzles us too. But Canadians have become a compliant people, so speaking up has become a lost passion anyway... am I right?

GlobeDebate All the Liberal supporters cheering this should be wary. They can cheer and jeer now, smug in their demagogues victory, but this sets the Conservatives up to pull the same tactic in the future. Erosion of democracy is never good, even when it’s “your” team. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate How does a minority government weld so much power? None confidence vote ASAP please.

GlobeDebate Truly amazing Canadians are allowing communists sympathizers shut down the country. GlobeDebate Tyrants GlobeDebate My God. What is happening to our country. GlobeDebate Anything to shirk accountability and sanctioned by the biased paid liberal media. FakeNews enemedia GlobeDebate FACTCHECK:1)“the gov has only to answer to an all-party spec [30 MP] cmte on the pandemic” avg 250+ MPs and meets 3 (now 4) times/wk. 2)“only on issues related to the pandemic.” There’s a Q&A on guns everyday. 3)“cmte will cease to exist as of June 18” Sched to meet in July & Aug

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Translation by someone not in the media-- Liberals to Parliament-- 'You're non-essential, but you'll still get your regular cheques and perks' GlobeDebate with a minority gov't no less... GlobeDebate All I keep thinking is - which country will I move to to get away from TrudeauDictatorship ? I’m thinking Costa Rica. Imagine how you’d live in a country that that without even one year of Canada’s tax burden because of the idiot JustinTrudeau You’d have freedom and money.

GlobeDebate Remember LIberal sheep, you will not always be able to choose the dictator! GlobeDebate Liberals and NDP together to destroy democracy in Canada under the applause of many blind Canadians! GlobeDebate All hail our simpleton King! hollyanndoan GlobeDebate Afraid to face the music? Get back to work in the House and stop the nonsense with your non-answers.

GlobeDebate Like it or not his followers love this move, and are only upset that they reconvene in Sept. As long as cheques keep rolling their way they're happy. This country is fast becoming a shithole and I'm afraid there isn't any stopping it. GlobeDebate When parliament would not let Trudeau have his unchecked unaccountable spending and taxation power grab for two years, TeamTrudeau are now picking up the ball and are heading home. CowardsOfParliament cdnpoli

GlobeDebate This is insane. Who needs democracy since Trudea has already sold out GlobeDebate So JustinTrudeau liberal_party is telling us that Parliament and CanadianPM are not essential service. So my questions CBCNews, Global are...Why do we need them? Why are we still paying them? Should they not be applying for CERB?

GlobeDebate So what is the purpose of all the elected MP's? Trudeau does it all by himself, just like all dictators. GlobeDebate It’s embarrassing, as a Canadian, to realize how many people DO NOT understand how our government works. GlobeDebate Excellent article. GlobeDebate Full blown economic depression here!

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate theJagmeetSingh NDP JustinTrudeau CanadianPM liberal_party this is completely unacceptable. You have no right to govern unchecked. We live in a democracy. NDP you are sell outs. Good luck holding the govt accountable. theJagmeetSingh amateur move. GlobeDebate I disavow Trudeau and his govt. The globe and mail is garbage.

GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh Canada has become a banana republic, unaccountable to parliament or it's citizens. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate The NDP are loving this division. They think they’ll be able to sneak their way in there in between it all. NO THANKS NDP, you’re just as dangerous as the liberals.

GlobeDebate But they’re not governing now. GlobeDebate Canadian politics is transparently corrupt. But, let’s all gather around Trudeau’s morning show, while he auctions off our country to the UN. GlobeDebate Adrian Wyld about to be Brian Jones'd. GlobeDebate Justin wants the summer off what’s the big deal? If they tried this in the US there would be riots. This is really shameful.

GlobeDebate Everyone in Canada will be back at their jobs long before the people who are running the country! Does that sound right? To anyone? People before us fought bled and died for our democracy and they just said it doesn’t matter. 4 days in the next 100! With full pay! Shameful. GlobeDebate This is a dictatorship...no accountability, just money thrown, and no debate. Restrictions imposed, Businesses closed.

GlobeDebate So is the outrage just that the government is taking its normal summer break? GlobeDebate Populace to and GlobeDebate: that’s not called “governing”. GlobeDebate This was their take on Harper proroguing. But this time around The Star will write some diatribe about how this is good because white people are evil.

GlobeDebate Commies GlobeDebate Remember that everything they are doing is for your own safety and security. There is literally no advantage for the Liberals in behaving this way. GlobeDebate .... and they're taking away your guns. GlobeDebate Liberals made a grave mistake in not seizing all the newly illegal firearms immediately. Canadians now have 2 years to use them on the idiots.

GlobeDebate This really isn't cool GlobeDebate You’re a bit late to the game on this breaking situation. Looking for stories? GlobeDebate Then they need to be removed from govt, wait when the next election happens. They will be reduced to the third place party inky_mark Kurogane_84 GlobeDebate Separation? Rebellion? Or will Canadians sit idly by as Canada heads towards full blown socialism/communist

GlobeDebate Hello CBCNews globalnews CTVNews PnPCBC Are you all endorsing this blatant power play by OurCartoonPM ? Pretend it’s a conservative gov’t pulling this bullshit & do your freaking job. It’s well past time to start acting like journalists. GlobeDebate Pathetic cowards. GlobeDebate This is hard to watch. What does he have over all of them cdnpoli TrudeauDictatorship NDPSucks GreenPartySham

GlobeDebate It makes sense Trudeau would do this. His father did the same thing inCuba... GlobeDebate Watch Planet of the Humans. GlobeDebate Cowards all GlobeDebate No you won’t little potato. Cons, get your act together. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo TrudeauIsALiar TrudeauCorruption TrudeauNonConfidenceVote DefundCBC

GlobeDebate Exaggeration on many points. GlobeDebate History will not be kind to all these “leaders”; the legacy of their surnames will be remembered for generations, but not in a good-way. GlobeDebate A good start for all media...are you listening CBC CTV global stop covering the Morning Cottage Show starring justintrudeau, he craves attention and will crawl back to parliament in a heartbeat, Canada needs you to step up now.

GlobeDebate Trudeau was only able to get away with this because our media doesn't hold him to account for anything. GlobeDebate If Canadians are this upset why aren't the protesting at Parliament Hill GlobeDebate Oh GnM..... GlobeDebate TRUDEAU HAS AN AGENDA AND IT'S NOT CANADA. GlobeDebate Can we non confidence the whole of government? Asking for my country.

GlobeDebate What if we all just stop paying taxes. There is clearly no representation. GlobeDebate Govern, we've been waiting 5 years and you've done nothing but blame Harper. Incompetent fools! TrudeauDictatorship GlobeDebate Liberals to CrazyCons: You're irrelevant. cdnploi GlobeDebate MPJulian theJagmeetSingh NDP The Federal NDP has let Canadians down today. Remember the 'D' represents Democratic, not Dictatorial. A teenager can work safely with precautions in a grocery store, but a limited numbers of MPs can't continue the Democracy of our nation? Shame.

GlobeDebate 🇨🇦 is way past repair. Every major industry decimated for non contributing votes. Investment’s fled, business is fleeing or folding & no revenue coming any time soon. No way to vote it out w/a broken electoral system & every level of accountability has been corrupted. 🇨🇦is cooked GlobeDebate

GlobeDebate More items have been passed in the past two months with a minority Government and limited sitting sessions then the past 4 years... still think we live in a democracy? 🤡🌎 GlobeDebate This is a communist coup. Disgraceful. GlobeDebate Communist dictatorship! By the way, if anyone is interested, Dr. Leslyn Lewis would make an AWESOME PM. Far superior to our current activist: LeslynLewis

t7_linda GlobeDebate OMG, it's like they think they have a majority government. Go team Canada!! LOL fakedemocracy GlobeDebate We’ll govern without you because JustinTrudeau can’t screw over Canada & have the opposition party question him or his ministers. Trudeau choses which media outlets can ask questions during his daily morning show and now choses who can question him inside HoC. Nobody. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate Cunt. GlobeDebate I have never agree more with a Globe and Mail article. Canada is a Democracy, JustinTrudeau. Return Parliament to the people. cdnpoli GlobeDebate Minority gov’t soon to become MAJORITY. 💯 GlobeDebate Seriously Canadians, WTF did you vote for? cdnpoli Trudeau GlobeDebate The increasing apathy in Canada is discouraging

GlobeDebate Wow an article that’s not bought and paid for by the Liberals. Thanks . Refreshing to see an actual bit of journalism, well done 👍 GlobeDebate 'The Liberals & the NDP need to make an immediate U-turn & support the return of Parliament. The tools exist to practise both physical distancing AND democracy. We don’t have to choose.' Editorial, cdnpoli

GlobeDebate I truly don’t understand how any Canadian can be happy with this, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we are witnessing the loss of any form of democracy. It’s truly disgraceful and disrespectful to all the Canadian populous. GlobeDebate CCP LIBERALS BillTufts GlobeDebate No budget for this year then. Ok. Clearly it wasn’t needed or going to be followed. Canada is dead Don’t think - just follow. Anything else is conspiracy theory

RobynUrback GlobeDebate He needs to be shutdown GlobeDebate 'As keeper of the public purse, the HoC is in charge of approving, or not, govt spending While govts have (tried) to minimize this role, none has ever gone quite as far as cancelling the tabling of an annual budget, & then reducing debate on its near-budget to half a days work'

GlobeDebate Wow - the Grope en’ Male....? Yeah, another terrible and brutal fake news organization that CAN NOT figure out that their time has come - and gone! The mainstream Media is like KODAK related to digital photo’s... Yeah... went there. GlobeDebate Pretty much sums up the left/right idealogical divide... Conservatives want to work for & be accountable for their paycheque. Liberals want to hide at home & cash their govt paycheques for doing nothing. Sickening cowards. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate 'A whole-of-govt committee will have exactly four hours on June 17 to debate, & then approve 'without amendment,' more than $150-billion in new spending on proposed COVID19 relief programs. This is not how CDN democracy is supposed to work. Editorial, Globe & Mail cdnpoli GlobeDebate Trudeau is loving the virus economy he created. It gives him the dictatorship he has always desired.

GlobeDebate Gerry Butts to Canadian voters: 'Up yours! And thanks' GlobeDebate GlobeDebate GlobeDebate This is not my Canada GlobeDebate So I think a protest is in order at 11am in front of a certain cottage. How many million Canadian patriots will join me? GlobeDebate TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauDictatorship

gthomasCJca GlobeDebate JustinIsTheVirus GlobeDebate Tyrants come in all shapes and sizes. MonicaFibonacci GlobeDebate liberal_party JustinTrudeau GlobeDebate My comments: Welcome to Justin Trudeau's version of China's 'basic dictatorship.' If this stands then. Canada deserves to be a colony, again and 100,000 men and women have died in vain.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate I will take ' Things a wannabe Dictator might do' for $ 400 Alex. cdnmedia cdnpoli TrudeauMustGo GlobeDebate It’s bad enough we have these tyrants running our country...but they’re in love with the Chinese Communist party. So frigging unbelievable. TrudeauWorstPM GlobeDebate Today the 'government' actually acknowledged that there is no need to have a government at all or at least A smaller government is required Too many MPs Useless officials

GlobeDebate How infuriated do you think Canadians would be if they found out that Trudeau allowed China to build underwater listening stations off Van Island so they could spy on US submarine movements. WELL IT ALREADY HAPPENED! GlobeDebate These Liberals are Absolutely disgusting 😡😡 Get back to work. If you can't do that or don't want to then you should quit JustinTrudeau

GlobeDebate jkenney if this doesn’t show you we need a referendum maybe you were the wrong choice for Alberta. GlobeDebate Is that supposed to be news? Sound pretty much the last 5 years. GlobeDebate theJagmeetSingh Come on Jagmeet!! Please do not destroy our cherished democracy. acoyne GlobeDebate Maybe he should have prorogue. You liked it when Harper did it.

GlobeDebate New centre of power will be the federal government. When everyone is a beggar/borrower, who has the untrumpable advantage? Seigniorage—prerogative to print money—will enhance Ottawa’s power to declare winners/losers as one cannot demand money from the owner without conditions.. GlobeDebate Who's paying you to try to destroy our democracy?

GlobeDebate Who else served in the military and are absolutely NOT accepting Trudeau or his Liberals anti Canadian dictatorial behaviour, policies, taxation, spending, etc.? eamorris_ GlobeDebate This is not ok. GlobeDebate This has just gone too far !! What the fu*k has happened to our Country !?!? Unbelievable !!!

GlobeDebate Globe and Mail: GlobeDebate Eventually the provinces will figure it out and tell the sock boy to fuck off, they will govern the way they want, maybe even stop sending taxes to Ottawa. GlobeDebate This is a democracy? It is unconstitutional!!! GlobeDebate Trudeau hates being held accountable. This is more his style.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate No confidence vote is needed. What a disaster of a PM GlobeDebate Thanks Globe. Any news org that doesn’t object to this with as adamant a rejection is doing major damage to Canada. Sing needs to be called out too. GlobeDebate Democracy at work? Just like media doesn’t report the decreasing number of hospitalizations?

GlobeDebate September 21, this douchebag will call an election.... count on it. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Wow. Incredible how that from the time of the election of a minority to a full dictatorship in 6 months. All the pieces worked perfectly in his favour. The Media, the Bloc and NDP are complicit. GlobeDebate The worm is turning. This is huge for the globe to have reported it. Kudos to them.

GlobeDebate Bull 💩 🖕 GlobeDebate How do you feel about this liberal voters? Doesn't seem very liberal.. GlobeDebate Союз нерушимый республик свободных Сплотила навеки Великая Русь. Да здравствует созданный волей народов Единый, могучий Советский Союз! GlobeDebate 'Govern without you'? With a minority gov't? I don't think so.

GlobeDebate The Bloc wont support the Liberals because of failed promises. Now Liberals make more promises to the NDP. In exchange the Liberals will have no government oversight with 150 Billion Dollars until Sept. Government refuses to answer questions. CORRUPTION GlobeDebate Remember when Harper cancelled Parliament a few weeks early and the press had a conniptian fit?

CFNOffical GlobeDebate I thinks that's called a dictatorship JustinTrudeau AndrewScheer ... there must be a rule whereby you can appeal to the Governor General If he's taking over Canada you better do something or Canadians will GlobeDebate Wow... Keep piling it on, how does he sleep at night? GlobeDebate Fantastic, Canadians elected a dictator to run the country. So, are Canadians too many fools? Or the election was manipulated by liberals somehow? No one cares I think.

GlobeDebate Arrogant douchebag. GlobeDebate When are we going to see some Liberal voters actually wake up? TheIcedKermit GlobeDebate Wrong GlobeDebate Stop. C’mon now. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Of course the majority of the Canadian media will ignore this pathetic behaviour GlobeDebate My past levels of being upset, with all the political parties, have been surpassed beyond words!!!

GlobeDebate Someone should remind Trudeau with a drop kick to the face that his '14 day isolation' is nearing it's third month & deliberately avoiding our parliamentary democracy which is the foundation of our society's governance is treasonous. MonicaFibonacci GlobeDebate This is not ok !!! . GlobeDebate “Working hard because that’s what Canadians expect” -JustinTrudeau before he was dictator. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate Kid needs to fcuk off GlobeDebate I mean r any of us surprised they have used these tactics for 4 plus yrs to avoid accountability,my future grandchild is 30,000 in debt before they r born, liberals still spending, no economic recovery plan in sight& now he cant possibly go to work till Sept.Wht a leader

GlobeDebate Remember the media reaction when Harper prorogued Parliament for a few weeks? I'm willing to bet we won't have the same outrage here. GlobeDebate Tyrants. GlobeDebate Given that only the Conservatives disagreed, are you implying that the Cons were right Because they are Right but wrong on this.

GlobeDebate This is all sounding familiar, Enabling Act ringing a bell. GlobeDebate The dictatorship is here GlobeDebate But we' ll take your money to pay 75% of our employee wages while refusing to work. Unbelievable. The media coddling is resulting in real harm to our democracy, businessas & vulnerable citizens. Stop hanging around the PMs driveway. This is disrespectful to Canadians now.

GlobeDebate Not ok at all! GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau No, that isn't how parliament works. Oh ya, forgot, you haven't been there in so long you don't know how it works. You have been to busy hiding in your cottage trying to become a dictator instead of Prime Minister. TrudeauMustGo GlobeDebate Tyrants in Gucci suits with nice hair are still tyrants. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate TrudeauMustGo TrudeauDictatorship GetBackToWork GlobeDebate Hahaha imagine if Harper did this. The rage that the entire country would feel. The Star editorial page would be on fire! But it’s Trudeau so no big deal. Our very own monarch. Don’t question his decisions - team Canada. GlobeDebate I feel like, they tried for quite a while, to work with the conservative on how parliament can move forward but Scheer would have nothing less than full parliament back, just this week wanting to make it essential so everyone had to go. Sounds like a PCP problem.

GlobeDebate This is just going too far, we need to stand up and demand better from our government! Come on MSM media needs to wake up in Canada and not let this pass unchallenged. globalnews everyone must be able to see through this, it is a blatant political move. cdnpoli GlobeDebate Criticize lack of accountability/oversight or the scope of spending, but calling it a dictatorship is a little rich. Minority parliament (Liberal+NDP) voted to deal with the crisis this way. So parliament spoke. This is a crisis. Historically that's the way we govern in a crisis.

Citizen004 GlobeDebate This is what Canadians voted for. Hope they're happy. GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau is acting like a tyrant, arrogant and drunk on power and with a minority government. I hope Canadians are taking notice. GlobeDebate At what point do we get a no confidence vote? GlobeDebate Umm. It's a minority government. He can't do anything without another democratic party agrees and votes with him.

GlobeDebate Canadian democracy is dead. GlobeDebate NAUSEATING. SHAME ON THE LPC & NDP GlobeDebate Unbelievable that this happened in Canada GlobeDebate NDP shame on you! GlobeDebate I am a Canadian and this is NOT ok with me! GlobeDebate Shouldn't this be pandemic related Globe. I can't afford shoes so my paying 75 dollars a year seems highly unlikely.

GlobeDebate BringBackTheHouse GlobeDebate So the country figures out just like in France Italy and Greece etc large CV deaths are due to nursing home abuse even as we find out Canada had abused Its elderly making them so weak they could not fight a paper clip cut And Justin is still allowed to govern.The world is insane.

GlobeDebate Govern? Dictate! I hope every Canadians wakes up and kicks them all out GlobeDebate Trudeau’s even getting ready to set the youth to hard labour collective farming. I’m sure they will be better farmers than the already experienced farmers in Stalin’s Russia 🇷🇺 GlobeDebate Yea way to go PM.

GlobeDebate Democracy is meaningless in this country anyway. We're a vassal state now GlobeDebate Liberal Fascists GlobeDebate GlobeDebate although wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill, Never waste a good crisses. The Cdn Liberal's have embraced it GlobeDebate Cue the bot brigade. GlobeDebate “Dictate without you” Fixed that for you

GlobeDebate Hubris. GlobeDebate “Basic Dictatorship”. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate F 2 That! Trudeau is a lunatic GlobeDebate wtf? GlobeDebate GlobeDebate GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau and the liberal_party are garbage. Worst of all theJagmeetSingh is willing to sell out democracy to lick Trudeau’s hole. Maybe someone should remind him this isn’t politics as normal in India!

Globe editorial: People need space. Hey drivers, can you spare a bit of road?Expansions to bicycle and jogging lanes are necessary, and should be a starting point for a new kind of city building that leaves behind cars-first thinking GlobeDebate Have you seen downtown Toronto - lol, what garbage reporting! GlobeDebate Sure, great places to spread a pandemic. GlobeDebate Last I checked people living in Etobicoke Scarborough and other GTA suburbs paid taxes to support the city. Bike lanes are great for downtowners but cause traffic hardship for seniors disabled and discourages suburbanites from enjoying our city. War on Cars must stop.

MPs debate as Liberals, with NDP support, aim to suspend Parliament until Sept. 21Federal government introduced motion on Monday that outlines alternative scenarios for political debate during delay globepolitics Glad to see theJagmeetSingh support my dictatorship. globepolitics Shocker, Big Trudy agrees to push the NDP’s 10 paid sick days in order to gain their support to suspend parliament. Who would have guessed that? globepolitics Un-Democratic 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Trudeau backs paid sick leave plan to get NDP support for Liberals’ parliament proposalThe government will have to get provinces and potentially employers on board to make sick leave a reality, but Trudeau said they were committed to doing that Just another virtue-signalling foray into provincial jurisdiction, unless of course, if the feds want to pay for this program. JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh This is historic, Canada needs this. Only Temporary so the NDP has been had. Why the NDP would go for a Temporary measure is beyond me

Liberals move to shut down debate over plan to extend suspension of ParliamentLiberals move to shut down debate over plan to extend suspension of Parliament GlobePolitics globepolitics globepolitics In the middle of the biggest crisis in a century, the government decides to go AWOL for four months? globepolitics What happened to democracy and our media?

Liberals postpone Parliament until September with help from the NDP, despite Tory objectionsSome MPs will still sit in Ottawa, four days a week well into June as part of a special COVID-19 committee that will include questioning on the pandemic from opposition Of course...they haven't worked all year, why start now. So then they should forgo all their salaries since they won’t be working. They are lower than my dog 💩 punditclass This is disgusting. Blackface is already the laziest PM on record now he can have the summer off and not be held accountable.

Tax hikes ‘unavoidable’ to offset raft of COVID-19 spending, federal budget watchdog says‘These measures have to be allowed to sunset, otherwise we’ll be looking at a level of taxation that’s not been seen since for generations,’ Yves Giroux said Wait a minute. Our Minister of Finance said that there would be no tax increases. Could he have lied to us ? No kidding...but most Canadians think it’s free money Maybe we could just have a smaller government with less programs and far fewer employees.