George Floyd's death sparks new activism among communities of colour

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The climate of racial reckoning that has emerged in the United States since George Floyd's death has reinvigorated Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and other people of colour to fight back against the racism and discrimination they also have experienced for decades.

When Washington, D.C.'s NFL team dropped the offensive reference to Native Americans from its name last month after decades of resistance, activist Frances Danger knew why: the Black Lives Matter movement.

The climate of racial reckoning that has emerged in the United States since Floyd's death has reinvigorated Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and other people of colour to fight back against the racism and discrimination they also have experienced for decades. The largest ethnic or racial group in the U.S. after whites are Latinos, who make up 18% of the population. Black Americans are next with 13% of the population. Asian Americans are nearly 6% of the U.S., while Native Americans are barely 2% and often aren't counted among statistics for social indicators.

"We are not the majority and we are not the minority," he said of Asian Americans, who have also been the target of anti-China attacks during the coronavirus pandemic. The virus was first detected in China and President Donald Trump has been among those who have derogatorily named COVID-19 the "China virus."

Rodriguez said when she was growing up, her generation felt powerless to fight back against the police officers who seemed to always be pulling over cars driven by people of colour for seemingly no reason. But she said her niece, who is in eighth grade, is not only protesting racial discrimination on social media but also sharing information with classmates about how to become an ally to other minority groups.


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Of colour? What the fuck are we, albinos?

Colour? Umm... which one?

Criminals stand with a criminal.

You spelled riot wrong

Kind of too bad thats all they can find to rally around

As a man that had a lack wife in the late 80's and 90's I'm gonna say there was no copious amounts of racism. It's the news channels today creating the divide. Sparking it. Tv channels totally want us all. Divided and fighting. Easier for them to control us.

Helping spread the hate I see ..CTV

He was a criminal and was saying ‘i can’t breathe’ when he was sitting in his own vehicle still not being touched by anyone. And all these so called protestors are Antifa. It’s just destroying communities and people’s livelihoods.

People of colour have actual people to make their hero’s. Floyd was a degenerate.

fentanyl kills BLM

How is ruining your own communities, bringing more poverty and job losses, bringing and breading more hate going to fix anything? We have to work together, educating each other, respect each other- that's the way forward, not hate and violence. 💙

Floyd had 11 ng/ml of Fentanyl in his system, anything above 3 ng/ml can suppress your respiratory system, lead to death, you can't breathe. Going to be a interesting trial!

Violent riots, just.. violent riots

Rubber bullets and tear gas to all, but this time for real. Bada Bim Bada Bum 😉😘

'. . . I will forever be thankful to him [George Floyd] because my grandkids are going to wake up in a world and maybe never hear the word 'redskin' in their life.' says the stupid, ignorant, activist dope who perhaps has never shopped for potatoes.

how long before they BLM wear out this guys name? Protest after protest after protest getting kinda mundane dont ya think? I believe ALL LIVES MATTER no matter who you are but please stop using this guys name to continue to ruin other ppls lives with YOUR point

I don't know why. George Floyd was a drug addicted thug.

Just another excuse to Burn, Loot & Murder! Nothing but domestic terrorists!


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