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Don't head to your cottage to wait out COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians warned

Canada's chief public health officer is urging Canadians not to travel to cottages or other rural retreats to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-03-29 9:28:00 PM

Tam warns 'urban dwellers' not to travel to their seasonal properties to wait out COVID-19 because it could overtax rural health-care systems

Canada's chief public health officer is urging Canadians not to travel to cottages or other rural retreats to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, should an out-of-town visitor contract the virus, they may find that they can't access treatment as easily as they would have been able to had they stayed in a larger city.In some rural towns, expected patient influxes and staff absences are affecting local health-care sectors in severe ways. Emergency rooms in the Ontario communities of Clinton and Chesley

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because of demands during the daytime.Bracebridge, Ont. Mayor Graydon Smithtold CTV News Barrie on March 21that his town was "seeing an influx of a lot of people," potentially putting a strain on its health-care system."We've got a limited number of ICU beds, and if we're suddenly dealing with double the population … we could see a real shortage of needed health-care facilities," he said.

Canada's chief public health officer weighed in on the subject Sunday, making it clear in no uncertain terms that this is not the time to head for a cottage, cabin or camp."Urban dwellers should avoid heading to rural properties, as these places have less capacity to manage COVID-19," Dr. Theresa Tam said at a press conference in Ottawa.

There are also supply-chain issues to consider. Retailers across the country have found it difficult to keep food, cleaning supplies and other highly-demanded products on their shelves. For stores in remote areas that are used to serving small populations at this time of year, a sudden influx of cottagers can make it even more difficult to meet the needs of their year-round customers.

Even FOCA, which largely represents owners of seasonal properties, is urging cottagers to consider the strain they could put on these communities."FOCA reminds members that our rural communities have reduced capacity to accommodate sudden changes in supply demands," the organization said in its bulletin.

"This is not the time for our usual credo to 'buy local' in cottage country."Tourism is a major big business in many cottage communities, where populations often more than double during the summer months – bringing in the economic stimulant needed to keep the permanent residents afloat through the winter. That's certainly true of Saugeen Shores, Ont., where Luke Charbonneau has started repeating an anti-tourism mantra that he never expected he'd have to give.

"Don't travel out of Saugeen Shores; don't travel out of Saugeen Shores," hetold CTV News Londonon March 26.On top of all that, there is no evidence to suggest rural areas are inherently better protected from the virus. Based on the numbers available Sunday morning, sparsely populated Yukon was reporting roughly one confirmed case for every 9,000 residents, while Ontario – Canada's most population-dense province – had approximately one case for every 12,000 residents. There have been three deaths in Ontario's Simcoe-Muskoka health region and three more in the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge health region, both of which include large swaths of the province's cottage country.

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Factor in the likelihood that the vast majority of COVID-19 cases in Canada have yet to be detected, and it appears there is no reason to believe in the idea of rural sanctuaries."Even if you have not heard of cases in your community, that does not mean that there are no cases or no exposures waiting to happen," Tam said.

As of Sunday, there have been more than 6,200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada out of more than 205,000 tests conducted. More than six per cent of known cases have ended up in hospital. Sixty-three people have died of the virus in Canada.With files from CTV News London's Scott Miller and CTV News Barrie's Craig Momney

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Too late Trudeau's mantra Don't do as I do, DO AS I SAY! If you’re self isolating in your cottage o don’t see a problem with it Maybe our leader should lead by example. His wife and kids are at there cottage. What about Princess Sophie and her taxpayer funded servants? mini_bubbly We just had 2 people from ON come to stay at their late parents' home. There are less than 40 residents here in Peggy's Cove and most are over the age of 50. Many are much older. If I see either of them out and about b4 14 days, I will call authorities. This is not a drill folks

greater social distancing - things to do after winter to maintain the property ... just do not go out shopping They should also be telling the Americans to StayHome and forget about coming up north to cottage this year. Keep your diseases at home in the city where they belong. We don't want them here.

🤔 but it’s ok for queen sophie to go to the retreat on the lake? Just not the rest of us plebs covid19 Unless you're Trudeau's wife, Sophie. Unless your last name is Trudeau, then you have the freedom do whatever you feel like. Fuck that I’m outta here. Sophie? Isn’t old JT at the cottage? And Sophie at the other cottage? Hypocrite.

But it’s ok for Sophie to go!! LiberalHypocrisy Shut up so why doesn't your resident hack sitting outside Rideau cottage every morning challenge the PM on why Sophie is hiding out at the cottage? Why not? dougie doesn't understand what bugging out means.. many w cottages do so as to have an isolated place to go in a crisis..govts booklet tells of a safe space.. hummmm. maybe he shouldn't have told ppl to go on march break huh!

I'm reliably informed that some 90% of Yukon's population lives in Whitehorse. Ontario's is more dispersed among more centres of varying density. So, watch your assumptions. There are exceptions to this advice. Some cottages are remote and off the grid - these are probably the safest places in the world.

Stuff it, I'll do as i please when i please how often i please. If we want to pack our car full of essentials for a long weekend and we have zero contact with anyone for 4-5 days I think that is far more responsible than staying in a city Seems like a better idea than hanging out with a million people It's too late they have already showed up ,

Translation: Let Justin Trudeau enjoy its big taxpayers-funded ITS OWN COTTAGE. Unless you’re the Prime Ministers wife, who just apparently recovered from Coronavirus, and need another excuse to be away from your husband. Unless your last name is Trudeau and then you can do whatever the f you want and the media will give you a lap dance.

Fine for the Tru-dope family Champagne sipping socialists 🖕 Do what you want just do not put anyone else at risk. I'm safer at my cottage lol! What's the harm Also suck my cock They don’t want anybody to see Sophie banging her new man Unless you are Sophie Trudeau. Get out of the city if you can. I'll go where I want thanks

cottagelife Too late. Ok so the mayor at my cottage where I PAY PROPERTY TAX in the community says he does not want me there. As soon. As my property taxes are halted i will halt until then cottage bound i be Except if you’re Sophie Trudeau. That’s perfectly fine. Are the 2 nannies going too? Hell, if it’s okay her to do it, then by God, it’s okay for us to do it as well!

Trudeau's wife and children are at a cottage right now... Rules for thee but not for me apparently. TrudeauDictatorship cdnpoli I sure hope Sophie is enjoying the cottage. Hypocrite!!! Why would the leader of our country do the exact opposite. Why is Canada having such a difficult time with conflicting info?

tell your employer to GF himself .. pound sand you m'fukkers .. that what the military are being deployed for ? better have more jail space ready🖕👹 Unless your the family of Politicians, then ok But didn’t Sophie Trudeau take her kids to their lake house? Why can’t we? Going out to the cottage is increasing social distance. You should want this, unless of course you have some sort of sinister plan you need people locked in cities for.

Try stopping us If they own it, you can’t stop them. This is horrendous reasoning. Because the population of Yukon is so small, for them to have 1 in 9000 infections, they'd only need 4 people to be sick. Hope cottages read the news before they head up.... there is an outbreak up there... best to stay where u r.

Why do you want to keep people trapped in cities? It is easier to lock down martial law using the military that way? What tyrannical stuff do you have planned? So don’t do exactly what Trudeaus wife and kids just did? Unless you’re a Trudeau.... Except Sophie Trudeau of course. The Trudeau's are SPECIAL people. 🤮

So how come Sophie Trudeau isn't heeding this 'warning'. The govt did nothing for weeks & now their over reaching & suspendingall our civil rights. The way things are going I fully expect the military to be patrolling city streets soon. Why not? This makes zero sense. What better place to isolate. Trudeau is firmly advising everyone to STAY HOME, while he sends his wife and kids to the cottage; despite Health Officials warning Canadians not to access their cottages at this time. I guess the rest of us peasants will continue to share small spaces in our humble abodes.

Fu Warned? I'll go to the cottage whenever I want. You telling me I do not own that land? You want a civil war? trudeaumustgo getoutofthecity freshair TrudeauLiedPeopleDied WuhanCoronaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied China CTV and Trudeau can go fornicate themselves. REALLY? But trudy can go with his girlfriend PHUCK you

Why the hell not You really are fake news and a propaganda arm of the globalists Trudeau hides under his bed and his wife heads off to the cabin. Duh and hey what about Sophie Trudeau? Why is she above the law? Canadians warned except of course the Trudeau's Sophie did. JustinTrudeau wife did. Funny the timing on that

But JustinTrudeau’s family just left for their Cottage...... Stay local so you can die and they keep your savings, retirement,house, money, I reckon people can go to any property they own. If you can get out of major city centres do it. 23 in is hiding at his cottage so follow his lead folks. Always do the opposite that govt recommends.

Where's Sophie? Why can the Trudeau family go then? I’m thinking if the same people in a household go to the lake, isolate and maintain distance it’s fine. How about stopping passenger flights from China arriving daily and then start proper airport screening !! Why the f*ck not? If I were lucky (and wealthy) enough for have a cottage in the Muskokas you’d better believe I’d be making my way up there with my family and my pup. Holy total suppression of every civil liberty possible. How far reaching will these laws become?

Wouldn’t want to cramp Trudeau’s party time. In other news: Don’t go to your cottage unless you are the Prime Minister’s wife and children then you can go. Translation: 'We want you to be miserable in your self-isolation. Don't reconnect with nature. Live in fear inside populated cities. Don't stop watching our fake news. Panic. Depend on us. Obey.'

This is very bad reporting. Not a good message. Make sure you stay in cities, where you are easily controlled by a tyrannical government. Can you ask the PM Justin when his ffamily is returning from the cottage at the lake? TAKE Hydroxychloroquine Get fcked...I will head wherever I please. Except if you’re Sophie Trudeau!!! as I say not what I do...Justin Trudeau!!!

Unless you're Sophie trudeau Skippy sent her to their cottage Every “recommendation” is always WAY to long after its already happened for lots of people.. they pay taxes, they OWN the property, it’s theirs to use as they please. Mental health is huge issue right now also! Unless you're Sophie ? Tell that to the Trudeau gang

so going to my remote cottage is bad but staying in a densely populated city is safe? Ass backwards y'all are. Yes, head to the cottage . Don’t listen to idiots. Seriously, going into the woods, fresh air, no pollution, no stress, no people. I thought getting healthy and staying healthy was a good thing. Shit these leaders are idiots.

My cabininthewoods is at least a mile from the nearest human. Why on earth would I not go there. I wont infect anyone ... nor can I be infected there. Stupid. So people in Muskoka with waterfront property who pay 50 000 a year in property tax shouldn't go to their own property? Seriously. F off. to bad we have Americans heading to their cottages in Canada. We have seen several of them checking on their cottage, going to the local stores. Close the border!!!! They are told quarantine for 14 days and not allowed to stay longer then 30 days.

Isn't the Prime Minister at the cottage? Rideau Cottage. Tell me you don't know this. Isn’t that where the PM’s family went? Sorry you advised too late 😂😂 Ya!! Stay out of cottage country, and lock yourself in the house !!! Some of us have fun stuff to do up here, and I'm enjoying my full grocery store and sane neighbors.

Why would anyone hang around a major population centre and risk getting sick if they have the option to isolate in the beauty of nature ? This isn’t China you can’t fully lockdown our country. Oh,,ya don’t go to your private retreat a ride it out ,stay where you are as we fly more fucking Canadians in from Country’s that have huge infection numbers ,,so they traveled,but were not suposed to leave to our private retreats

We have been at our cottage. At the first sign of symptoms we would head back to the city. Rural health care facilities aren’t capable of handling high demand for services. Unless it’s at Harrington Lake and your name is Sophie. Then it’s perfectly fine. Why do u care where I spend my time Welcome to your 15 min free test run of Communism folks

Unless your the prime ministers wife? My cottage is at Harrington lake. Exactly what Sophie did, according to our PM. Hydroxychloroquine explorethebruce A lot of controversy owner vs renter.We are seeing loads of ppl on the Bruce Peninsula ~ this is off season,stores aren’t stocked in the same way,parks&Bruce Trail including Grotto has 4 beds.We don’t need tourists now.Cape Croker blockade

Don't head to your cottage they say... Like Sophie just did? Once again, demonstrating their 'do as I say, not as I do' motto. You seriously can't make this shit up. cdnpoli I guess with the amount of money he used in tax payers money to upgrade the Harrington Lake cottage I hope Trudeaus wife is there getting use out of it 👍

Sophie is at Harrington Lake, so let's all stay in the city, cottages are only for people escaping Trudeau 😅 stephaniepiche Sorry... the “capacity “ is not there... regardless of your geographical location! But the Prime Ministers wife can go to her other home!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The government doesn't like the idea of not knowing where you are. The government says stay home, now jump on one foot.

We don't have cottages in Newfoundland we have cabins. Trust me many represent the absolute definition of social isolation. It’s too late now! They are already here! Don't do as Trudeau does! One set of rules for Canadians, another for the Trudeaus. Lol and yet the pms family went there...funny Lol ur joking right. That's the best place to be.

Ahousehead cityidiots these days Lol again the Trudeaus show the rules are for the little people Short of putting guns to our heads and marching us into barbed-wire camps, there's nothing they can morally or ethically do to tell us where we can go. They only do because they're in a monopoly position to exploit socioeconomic and geostrategic influences to be f****** ****s.

So why is Sophie and the kids at the cottage? The cottage is exactly where you should be. Away from media mass hysteria and fear-mongering. they want your cottages to house the illegals The left is warning all to cover your asses before going out. What kind of hypocritical message doesnt out PM send ... why doesnt he get called out for his flat out lies and always behind the ball on everything

I'll go wherever I want to thanks very much. So that's exactly what you need to do You guys are part of the problem! Stop spreading bullshit and try 'factual' reporting Ummmmmm... Did you tell that to Sophie and the kids? Yah, stick around Calgary where planes land from Wuhan everyday without testing or quarantine travellers at all.🤢 (most covid19 cases in the province. Here I come cottage.🛶🏖

Unless you’re a Trudeau right JustinTrudeau Anywhere but the sprawl. Also,cottage for me but not for thee seems the message considering Trudeau retreated to his... Translation: Head to the cottage. “Canadians warned” COVID1984 So only Trudeau’s family allowed to go to the cottage, because what, he is above rules.

You can tell me or anyone where they choose to live. You’re allowed to travel to your cottage if you want. Fuk u Did anybody tell Sophie, not that it matters there is always one set of rules for the peasants and a different set for the liberal elite Come into our country from China. But don’t you dare go to a home you own, as a citizen!!!!!

It’s my cottage, so I’ll go whenever I fucking want to go. Rather see the government set up safe zones for seniors & people with underlining conditions. This killer is here for a long time, I cannot see vaccine(S) for years. So, relocate seniors away from the young (55 yrs-old), Vancouver Is, PEI, Cape Breton, Laval, etc. CDNMinHealth

Who actually believes that anyone who was going to do this hasn't already done it? Unless your last name is Trudeau and your Chauffeur is Butts - Liberal elites exempt of course. Nimby I wish we had media in this country that just asked, WHY? POURQUOI? Is someone actually putting a pistol to your heads? ASK THE QUESTION! because stores can't support is not a reason., It will never be. Stores can't support without Covid19 reeking havoc. SO WHY?

The amount of people who don't know that Rideau Cottage is the name of the Trudeau's home is astounding and disturbing. Jesus Christ, people. It's at 1 Sussex Dr in the middle of Ottawa! Yup .. unless you're escaping Justin like Sophie Too late, many people have already been up there for weeks. What if your cottage is at Herrington Lake?

Canadian Government tells you do do all the things that help people get infected while discourages people to be safe. This the Zero Carbon by 2030 plan? Lmao all JT's supporters the last two weeks now thier doing the absolutely wrong thing Canada's top doc asks canadians to do. So much for setting a example ehh JT. You putz!!

But but but but but what about Sophie Lmao Didn’t the Prime Minister’s wife just head to the cottage. And if I understand it correctly, the children could be infected right now even though the mother was just cleared; that is why the Prime Minister himself is still self isolating ..but Sophie went ......

unless your the trudeau family and his wife and children just went to their cottage.... People can afford a cottage? Lol most millennials can’t even afford their own house and can’t move out because they don’t get paid enough for their labor and housing isn’t a human right in Canada. You are in love with your own mind.

we do not have money and jobs and food you talking about cottage ? racist white The only people in Canada allowed to go to their cottage are those with the last name Trudeau. We're pretty-much surrounded by Torontonians who have escaped the city to go north to the cottage. The tactic is perhaps understandable, but our little hospitals are sized to deal with the year round population, not an influx of thousands of visitors during a pandemic.

People are scared Stupid comments Where did Sophie go Do you think any of the Trudeau’s actually see their hypocrisy? Do you think they know or do you think the actually believe their own lies? My cottage is 30 minutes from my home. My city has two good size hospitals. Whether I drive to the hospital from my home or cottage it’s the same distance either way ...maybe a 10 minute difference ..

DontBeLikeSophie Fuq off Maybe you should tell Sophie The cottagers reacting to this prove exactly what all rural residents think of the city cottagers, entitled thinking they are better than everyone. Good luck stopping anyone Oh, l see, but it's ok for Trudeau! Good old liberal logic Let’s face it people... there’s the cottage ( an isolated property with no road access ) and then there’s “the cottage” which is a home away from home in a small community like Gravenhurst or Muskoka where you can spread the virus going to the local LCBO.

Fine I won't because.................................. I don't have one 🤪 I live in Bobcaygeon, nine deaths this week. Our hospitals cannot take the extra strain. Sophie Trudeau did so why not everyone else? Hypocrites ONE OF US, ONE OF US Where did the PM's wife and kids go? Yah ok. I work my ass off to pay for a cottage and i am not going to go? I have no neighbours, speak to nobody and drive straight from my home to cottage.

WPeelsb If you get off a plane and go to the cottage that’s a problem...... but if u bring ur own food, stay on ur property that you pay for year round, and not have guests ... how is this a problem? Self isolation is what most are doing, why put others in harm heading to the cottage? just wait for the unemployment from business closures and looting in the city. you will wish you left.

And those 9 beds have to serve 33K in our area alone...not including those that are up at their cottage! They are the leaders of our country everyone!! You never want your leaders to go down! Besides we would allll do the something!! It’s not about not wanting you, it’s not about the taxes, it’s not about you self isolating here while you are well, it’s about when you get sick...because you likely will...and you need hospitalization, possibly ICU and a ventilator. We have only 9 ICU beds here in HV & BB

What about Sophie and the kids? It's okay to go. They are concerned you will not make it to a hospital in time. If you are safe then just go. martaczur Getting out of the cities is actually the smartest thing you can do because the epicenter of hysteria and fear is within the urban areas. Do as your told. Not as my family does. Straight from the clown running the country.

If you are healthy living in your primary residence and you drive in your own car, non stop to your own cottage and continue following the self isolation rules, how are you a risk? If I own it I'll go to it any phucking time I want. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 What about Princess Sophie? I better see a refund on my property taxes for my cottage area if I am being told to stay away

So stay away from people but not too far away from people. Got it Meanwhile Trump is giving Americans 100% of their wages with unemployment and Blackface is raising taxes April 1st and trying to get a useless UN seat. 🤣 HEY! I just read sophie the pms wiff is Harrington lake for krist sake … that is cottage country y'all know …. go get her fine her and lock her up and put her kids in child protection

You Soapie Trudeau? What? You can run Canada from a living room but not a lake lot. That sucks. OK, and as a follow up to that request which makes sense, WHEN will airlines completely shut down as people are still freely travelling from city to city How is that any different? Wait. Justin said Sophie and the kids just went to theirs. I’m so confused.

Unless of course you’re Sophie Trudeau. Then it’s no problem. Im a permanent resident in cottage country. We need our resources. Stay where you reside as a permenent resident. According CP Sophie and the 3 children went to the cottage in Quebec. We have been told not to go to summer cottages and not travel from Ontario to Quebec.

My wgat Can we discuss this further with Sophie at Lake Harrington? You’ve lost credibility time n time again - but the media is giving you a free pass. Ok. I’ll send you my tax bill So don’t do what the Prime Ministers wife Sophie is doing.... got it! I AM TAM!!!!! DURRRRPPPPP How bout CPHO_Canada resigns instead? Community transmission is ALL ON HER!!!

And yet, didn’t Trudeau just say that Sofie and children have gone to their summer house in Harrington..!! 🤔🤨😏RosieBarton Go to hell But Sophie and the kids are exempt- take the van and bring them back- the kids want to see Daddy anyway Doing anything might be a problem Wait didn’t Sophie and the kids just do this?

Too late, all kinds are in their campers travelling already cjuned81 Stay at home and uplift your finances such as trading with your smart phone or PC from home Earn over $5000 weekly on a reliable platform with easy trading process For more details add me on WhatsApp +18582840851 stayhomealberta hitler- don't wander away folks, we'll be rounding you all together in a while.

People still have seasonal properties in this country? Just saw a neighbor pack up is RV the other day and left. I feel like families who have been living in isolation for weeks should enjoy their cottage. Especially if they are going straight there. Safer to be on a private property than in the city where you can’t step outside without being next to others.

Too late So you don’t want us to retreat to our personal cottage dweelings (which is smart) but yet Canada keeps flying Canadians (you just flew in 400 from India )in from other country’s bullshit Didn't the Prime Minister say today (Day 18 of his 14 day isolation) that his wife and kids went to the Cottage?

wait what.... If they are not sick why not if they get sick they can return home... its not like its a rush to emergency type of virus. Im sorry Ma'am, I have to disagree with this approach. It is not logical and screams panic. Canadians What about daily travellers landing at YVR from global hotspots for cornavirus? How many people are infected and do not know it and circulating within the community? This will surely overtax health care systems in urban areas.

So...its ok for the PMs wife a known carrier of the virus to head to the lake but not cool for the general population? 🤔🤨 Too late! A cottager recognized the urgent need for funds and a group of seasonal residents quickly got together to make a $135,000 donation to the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation. According to Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith in a Facebook video

This coming from the same person that told us closing the borders and isolating ourselves from international travelers would be ineffective, now we're told to isolate neighborhoods, the liberal_party is useless incompetencekills TrudeauLiedPeopleDied Cov19 COVID19 blacksheep_inn Does this include places like Harrington Lake?

CTV_AvisFavaro Why is this non essential service still operating? Shut it down. Many Canadians returned to Canada from their second 'home'. Some of them returned infected with the virus. Always just a little bit late. This is insane!!! Tam seems like a puppet for the CCP, much like little potato is So let's answer this question. Why is the supreme leaders wife and kids at Harrington Lake cottage ? Theresa Tam not only is the scariest thing I have seen in years, the double standard is proclaimed. WTF

Isn't that the point of social distancing? Wtf you talking about those are the best places for someone nice and secluded. They just have a harder time tracking you in those remote areas I rather be in SelfIsolation at my seasonnal cottage where the risk is lower than staying around sick people. It almost sounds like they don’t know what and where we should be keeping our social distancing anymore.

Most small hospitals are lucky to have 1 ventilator. Like everything our own WHO plant says, it’s about a month too late. Not only that, it over taxes the local supply chains. Perhaps a more realistic enforceable warning: treat your cottage as if you’ve travelled, stay at it 14 days, go straight there, do not stop for any supplies, bring your own.

Tam? Bruh Perhaps suggest that to the Prime Minister...his wife and kids are heading to their cottage. In Quebec, Canada’s COVID hotspot. 🤷‍♀️ I can't believe people need to be told this. What part of stay home don't they understand? What an idiot Tam is, again this govt is a wk too late and quite a few $ short, and for the $s short for we know they borrowed it but where is it? China Africa Their foundations? Everywhere but Canadians who need it NOW!!!

To the morons who comment 'f-off:' Have you seen the tiny understaffed hospitals in cottage country? They are there for broken bones and chain saw accidents and to pronounce you dead when you drink and drive your ATV. Not for treating COVID-19. CPercySearle To late for that.. many already left Having a rural property is now racist.

This is the same bimbo that told Canadians not to worry and that the risk was minimal. If you want to go to your cottage, go to your cottage. Kinda too late to be saying that. Everyone I know who has a cottage to go to has gone there weeks ago. Fk off.

Canadians with COVID-19 symptoms to be denied boarding on domestic flights, trains: PMAs of Monday at noon, Canadians who show any symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied boarding on all domestic flights and trains. But only starting at lunch time on Monday, you guuuuise. Feel free to spread your Chinese Virus in the meantime. Dumbest man in the country holding a speech. Makes me almost puke every time! And again we ask why are people travelling

Canadians with COVID-19 symptoms banned from domestic flights, inter-city trains, Trudeau saysPrime Minister Justin Trudeau said the new measures would take effect on Monday at noon What about flights still coming from China? When does that stop? Trump stopped it two months ago. Should this federal ban also apply to intraprovincial ferry and bus travel too? I’ll take, ‘what is 2 weeks too late’, for $400 Alex

Feds working to rescue 248 Canadians from cruise ship where 4 died of COVID-19More than 200 Canadians remain stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of Panama where some passengers have tested positive for COVID-19 and four others have died. They all should stay in compounds or guarded quarantine sites until 14 plus days. People cannot be trusted to do it themselves. JustinTrudeau

Defence chief readies Canadian military for COVID-19 responseThe Canadian Armed Forces is being put on a war footing as it prepares to be thrown into the COVID-19 crisis. Basically a do nothing- why bother posting shit. Go get ‘em tiger 🤟🏽 Yes, I did actually read the total article

Bauer making visor designs public to help fight against COVID-19 - TSN.caBauer Hockey is making their designs and supplier info of their full-face visors public to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bauer received government authorization to produce full-face visors for medical staff earlier this week. Why brand it like that ? BauerHockey

Brian's Custom Sports shifts to producing medical supplies to fight COVID-19It only took a single text message for the sewing team at Brian's Custom Sports to join the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Hey CTV how about showing a goalie wearing Brian’s equipment not CCM!