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Canadians in Hong Kong at risk of arrest by ‘secret police', MPs told

Canadians in Hong Kong at risk of arrest, MPs told

2020-08-14 2:36:00 AM

Canadians in Hong Kong at risk of arrest, MPs told

The Beijing-drafted national security law makes what China broadly defines as subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces punishable by as much as life in prison

The MPs were also cautioned that any member of the committee – or any Canadian – could be charged under the new law, which is worldwide in scope. China has extradition agreements with more than 35 countries.Witnesses included Samuel Chu, a U.S. activist who was charged under the new law even though he lives in the United States. Chinese state media reported last last month that arrest warrants had been issued for him and five other overseas pro-democracy activists, including Nathan Law, who has fled Hong Kong for London.

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“Every provision of the national security law applies to everyone outside of Hong Kong,” Mr. Chu told the committee, which is holding hearings on the law.“Nobody is beyond its reach; not me, an American living on U.S. soil, and not the 300,000 Canadians living and working in Hong Kong itself.”

Mr. Chu noted that several Hong Kongers have been charged under the law in connection with posts they made on social media.He said he now must avoid countries that have extradition treaties with China or even just friendly relations. And he must prevent family members being drawn into this.

“I cannot speak to my elderly parents in Hong Kong without opening them up, or subjecting them, to investigation and invasive searches by the police,” he said.Story continues below advertisementMichael Davis, a former law professor at the University of Hong Kong, told the MPs Article 38 of the new legislation says the law applies not only in Hong Kong but to offences “committed outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ... by a person who is a not a permanent resident of the region.”

He told MPs that merely talking in hearings with a witness who calls for sanctions against Hong Kong, for instance – or, as the law says “provokes ... hatred” towards the Chinese government – is grounds for charges.“Unfortunately, this committee could also be tarred with that,” said Prof. Davis, who is a global fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington and a senior research scholar with the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University.

“If we actually advocate sanctions at this moment, we could be charged under the law regardless of the fact we are exercising our freedom of expression.”Prof. Davis said the law empowers officials from China’s state security and public security bureaus – whom he called “secret police” -- to operate in Hong Kong and seize suspects.

“Under this new law .. if these security officials from the mainland want to, they can take you, render you, to the mainland for trial. So Hong Kongers or foreigners in Hong Kong, including Canadians, if they are arrested under this law, and the mainland officials decide they want to bring you to China, they can do so.”

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Story continues below advertisementAnnie Boyajian, director of advocacy at Freedom House, a U.S.-based rights watchdog, warned MPs that the new freedom for Chinese security officials could mean that some of the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong may fall victim to politically motivated arrests more common in mainland China. While most Canadians know of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, who were incarcerated in China in apparent act of retaliation, other cases are not as high-profile.

“Perhaps less well-known is the case of Sun Qian, a Canadian citizen and businesswoman just sentenced in Beijing to eight years in prison for being a Falun Gong practitioner. It is possible these types of arrests could also occur in Hong Kong,” Ms. Boyajian said.

She and Benedict Rogers, a human rights activist who is co-founder and chair of Hong Kong Watch, told MPs that Canadians, particularly those with ties to dissidents, could be stopped from leaving Hong Kong. Authorities have already threatened not to recognize passport documents the U.K. is giving to residents.

“There is certainly a risk that China will threaten to do this, which is why Canada should move quickly to help people while they are still able to leave,” Mr. Rogers said.Asked if it’s planning to evacuate or repatriate Canadians who live in Hong Kong, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne said the government is prepared to help citizens return home.

“When it comes to the estimated 300,000 Canadians who reside in Hong Kong, the government will continue to provide consular assistance, and stands ready to help any Canadians who wish to return do so,” press secretary Syrine Khoury said in an e-mailed statement.

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globepolitics All Canadians needs to leave Hong Kong and NOW! Liberat68088432 canada canadian CA NationalSecurityLaw CCP_is_terrorist CCP the terrorist group loves to play hostage diplomacy! HKPhoenix2 Indeed, the so-called national security law target on everyone in the planet, no matter you are Hongkonger/Chinese or not

savagecookie 'Canadians.' Yes under the CCPSecurityLaw people from all the world may be arrested and even extradited to China because of what they said. CCP_is_terrorist StandWithHongKong sk76744116 China destroyed Hongkong democracy and freedom. Please stop China dictatorship CCPChina And Canadian gov't won't do a g-ddamn thing about it.

The two Michaels is the example, things can happen in China before can happen in HongKong Actually non-HK residents can be prosecuted for things did outside of HK. Samuel Chu is an example. The CCP’s hostage diplomacy has never been merciful😬 Come home The globe join together to against all totalitarian regime /govt. No one want to live under the dictator.

Please go home! Be safe! Yes, please don't presume HK is a free state 2 Canadians already arrested in China for no lawful reason. This may repeat in Hong Kong as the NationalSecurityLaw is so unpredictable. Stupid speech💩💩💩 China: Beware of what you say. We are watching you. Can you trust this country and the so-called NSL? HongKongProtests

There are an estimate of 300k of Canadian expats in Hong Kong. It will be a logistic nightmare if the Canada government does not prepare for any deterioration relationship with China. The whole free world must intervene! HongKong is totally off and become the NewWestBerlin after the NationalSecurityLaw. The CCP destroyed the SINO-BRITISH JOINT DECLARATION already. OneCountryTwoSystemIsDead. HongKongers, even non-HKer not in HK will suffer in that law. StandWithHongKong

HintMan I'm definitely worried for my Cdn fam there Canada should do more to speak for their citizens overseas. Standwithhk2022 yes, possible fktws Canadians could even be kidnapped or face political persecution just like what CCP did in China. It is correct that citizens of any nationality will also become the hostage targets of the CCP in HongKong. Hong Kong is now even more dangerous than a third country. ccp_is_evil_govrnment CCP_is_terrorist

atlashongkong1 As the hk govt has shown, even US citizens in US are at risk of arrest. National Security Law of HK applies to the whole world. All countries should protect their citizens from being held politically hostage by the CCP. GoetsuPriory 因為加拿大政府在勾兌中共的原因 Just for what you said on social media

In fact, everyone in HK is at risk, no matter where the person came from. HK is not safe for tourists to visit as HK is as autocratic as China. Not just Canadians, all the global citizens will have a chance of being arrested. As the nationalsecuritylaw applies to all nationalities. Not just canadians in HongKong, but also IN CANADA. Infiltration by ccp is much more serious than you thought. NationalSecurityLaw StandWithHongKong Freedom

Just figured this out now? 🙄 Protect Canadian. Only if we all works together, China or HK government cannot work and cooperate secretly as the world is watching them HKWORLDCITY 'Canadians' Canadian please stand strong against the evil CCPChina RobertFife And that is how you steal a whole ally country from the west.

Meanwhile MobileSyrup advertising Huawei stuff Maybe it's time for HK to gather with their bazillion Chinese brethren and end Communist rule! This is THEIR fight! Absolutely true as a citizen of the US is being wanted by Hong Kong Police Force. The extraterritorial jurisdiction is worrying and threatening freedom and human rights across the globe.

Absolutely. With China's national security system implated in Hong Kong making the city no difference to other mainland cities, the two Michaels cases can simply repeat in Hong Kong. Indeed this time they may not targeting expats but locals with Canadian citizenship. Alarming. The risk is imminent - the ‘national security’ law has hijack all the protections provided under current laws in HongKong. With China infamous hostage diplomacy, Canadians and your assets here are under imminent risk in HK.

well according to the cons/libs there's a reciprocity agreement between asian countries, what's the beef? If you broke the law overseas, you will at risk of arrest no matter where you are! Not just in China or Hong Kong! There are over 300,000 'Canadians' in HK, almost none have decided to return to Canada in recent years. This tells you how 'bad' things are in Hong Kong - not very. In fact, many will not return to Canada unless they are dragged onto a plane. Life in HK is too good for these ppl.

The claws of CCP are approaching all global citizens, not limited ppl in their terrritories indeed. How disgraceful they are. The free world shouldn’t neglect the threat of this mega bully. Corona virus event is not what we've been told it is. Watch Glenn Beck video. We've been scammed. This is about central banks and a financial reset.

didn’t it become a risk the moment it returned to the Chinese July 1, 1997...do people actually need to be told the obvious RobertFife Awesome No shit sherlock.

Calls for further action on Hong Kong spark concern over impact on detained Canadians in ChinaThe United States last week imposed sanctions on Hong Kong ’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, and 10 others Trudeau doesn't care. He's busy trying to steal from tax payers to give to all of his rich friends and family. PM will be back soon. chill Incredibly complex and bad timing. Are the Americans helping us get our Michaels back, since we had to take the hit for arresting Meng for them? What a mess. dRump has likely done more financial fraud than Meng - let THEM find another way to arrest her.

Jimmy Lai relieved he wasn’t sent to China after arrest in Hong KongJimmy Lai, 71, said he was worried he could be sent to the mainland, where the legal system has fewer protections

‘We are all choking’: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai speaks out after arrestJimmy Lai's arrest has raised concerns at Next Digital, the publishing firm founded by him, that he could be sent to mainland China for prosecution under the terms of the new national security law freeHongkong freehongkong FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong The Hong Kong protests wanted to stop the extradition treaty China wanted. They won! China had taken down the request for that treaty. But the protests continued! How much has this been an effort by the US CIA I'd like to know.

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Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai calls for ‘patient’ democracy fight after releaseLai, who was arrested Monday under China's new security law, said pro-democracy activists had to play a long game. Can we trade our communists for chinese democrats? If scum bag leaders in the western world weren’t sellouts and had balls Hong Kong would be free I feel sorry for HK, they're so screwed and I am afraid the international community will just look to the other side as they did in the past with Ukraine or today with Taiwan

As Hong Kongers seek to emigrate over new national security law, many can’t leaveMost people in most countries either cannot or would not consider moving away to escape their governments. But many living in Hong Kong chose to escape the communist mainland or are descended from people who did. Conclusion: buy a house early if you’re living in GTA or Metro Vancouver...