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Coronavirus, Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Canada to provide more COVID-19 funding for off-reserve Indigenous people

Canada to provide more COVID-19 funding for off-reserve Indigenous people

2020-05-21 2:23:00 PM

Canada to provide more COVID -19 funding for off-reserve Indigenous people

The additional funding expected today comes amid criticism that the Trudeau government has largely ignored the plight of thousands of Indigenous people who live off-reserve and in urban centres.

Coronavirus outbreak: 185 COVID-19 cases among First Nations peoples living on reserve“The amount CAP has received for our constituents across Canada is a slap in the face,” the group’s national chief, Robert Bertrand, told a Commons committee last week.

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-Black racism protest in Ottawa Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism demonstration ‘Disturbing’ police violence against Indigenous people will be investigated: Trudeau

[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]The additional funding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to announce today is expected to go to organizations that serve the off-reserve Indigenous population, such as the National Association of Friendship Centres.

The association says it has been delivering food, dealing with increased domestic violence, caring for elders and helping off-reserve Indigenous people find safe shelter and transportation and apply for emergency aid benefits, despite little financial help from Ottawa.

Association president Christopher Sheppard-Buote last week told the Commons committee that people not living on a First Nation reserve or in an Inuit or Metis community feel “unseen” by the federal government during the pandemic.0:37Trudeau brushes off calls for indigenous relations minister’s resignation

Trudeau brushes off calls for indigenous relations minister’s resignationHowever, other emergency aid programs created for the general population — including the $2,000 per month Canada Emergency Response Benefit and the 75-per-cent wage subsidy program — are available to eligible off-reserve Indigenous people.

As well, the government announced in April up to $306.8 million to help small- and medium-sized Indigenous businesses, and to support Indigenous institutions that offer financing to these businesses.Story continues below advertisement Read more: Global National »

I look forward to a leader who will say 'I will help ALL Canadians in this time of crisis' and dispense with checking off names on the ever-growing list of divisive victim boxes. Identity politics are poison to a multi-ethnic, pluralist society. Time to start identifying as FN so we can cash in on more of this free money! I will now be known as Stands with Fists!

*Racist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau* FTFY

Lowe's Canada retail network hurt by COVID-19 pandemic during first quarterChief executive Marvin Ellison told analysts Wednesday that Canadian same-store sales -- a key retail metric -- were negative during the three-month period ended May 1. The extent of the decline wasn't quantified. Take a number behind the rest of all businesses everywhere. This is not news or new. Good they chased Rona out of town.

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Canada reports 1,040 new coronavirus cases, including 70 more deaths Canada has now recorded 79,101 cases of the novel coronavirus, including 5,912 deaths.

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