Canada defying international human rights obligations by abandoning citizens in Syria, report says

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At least 47 Canadians are detained in camps, watchdog group says, but Ottawa cites security concerns for its 'extremely limited' ability to act

This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy.Canada is defying its international human rights obligations by abandoning dozens of Canadians detained in dire conditions in northeast Syria, says a new report from Human Rights Watch that urges Ottawa to repatriate its citizens.

The report says the government breached its international human rights obligations by failing to assist Canadians who are facing “risks to life, torture, and inhumane and degrading treatment” in Syria and may be “unlawfully withholding or limiting effective consular assistance” from citizens.

“Given the security situation on the ground and the current COVID-19 context, the government of Canada’s ability to provide any kind of consular assistance in Syria remains extremely limited,” said Lynn Brunette, a Global Affairs spokesperson, in an e-mail. Leah West, a lecturer at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, said Canada’s obligations under international human rights agreements are not always clear. For instance, she said that while Canada has signed onto the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, there are jurisdictional issues with its application for Canadians trapped in northeast Syria, because the Kurdish administration is not a party to the covenant.

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Don't go to Syria.

If international law is worth the paper it's printed on, the guy in the photo is British.

RobertFife Why not start by bringing the two Michaels back instead of lying to the Canadian people. The 'rule of law' is in fact 'rule of politics and law'. The Minister of Justice is the cross-over point. He can invalidate any court decision. It is the British parliamentary tradition.

The last time I looked Syria was an independent country. Yes, yes ok they do have a nasty dictator. Almost as bad as Hilter, Stalin or PolPot. So I weep and despair as I go to sleep but what do you want me to do? Become a fighter bomber pilot and kill some more people?

RobertFife 👋

Give me a break ! Canada is not open for islamization, anymore. Enough is enough !

Well if they were stupid enough to go over there guess their stupid enough to complain.

RobertFife Hey, the PM says he’s actively committing genocide against indigenous people so whatevs.

Just a question, did they not give up the rule of law which we so dearly hold on to these days to become criminal terrorists? I was told it is a privilege to live in such a great Country as Canada, not a right. So where am I confused?

RobertFife They entered a war zone that fought against Canadians and our principles. They left Canada and we should consider them immigrated.


Ya he was born and raised in Britain and they took away his citizenship... anything on that 'defiance of obligation'? cdnpoli

Canada is doing the world a favor. They get what they deserved.

Fake news

I vote for Lanquish


Leave the terrorists right we’re they belong

They gave up citizenship when they decided to join a terrorist group.


attention all Canadians our Canadian Government doesn't care about ordinary citizens ..we are over 467 victims at the Canadian human rights tribunal for laws that already exists...good luck..CORRUPTION is legal in

RobertFife Good. And I bet a lion's share of Canadians wish them good riddance.

RobertFife Leave them there. We owe them nothing.

And Trudeau will be waiting for them at the airport when they arrive, with his tax-payer funded photographers and a giant $10.5M check for each of them. $493M of our taxes to these scumbags? It'll cost less to just bomb the crap out of the ISIS camps that are holding them.

Western arrogance at its most colonial. Dumping garbage into Syria & then wailing about abandoned terrorists like the Brit white racist in the featured image.

RobertFife fine by me---

Yeah sorry were full they gotta stay there. Next!

The children of these citizens should be rescued. That is all.

He's a traitor. Let him stay there.

Rights come with responsibilities

I love it when the media gets to both suck and blow on such them quite a rush I imagine. I am sure the issue here is that Omar Khadr rage-bait is running its course.

We didn't abandon him, he is free to go to the closest Canadian Consulate out in Cyprus. Sorry it's a long walk and a swim. SorryNotSorry

Didn't Canada send Isis members to Syria lol?

What about the human rights of the people they terrorized and killed, trying to run back to Canada, to get away with murder , should of thought about the consequences first

- They knowingly joined a terrorist organization that has killed Canadian soldiers, they deserve to lose their citizenship and never call Canada home again, period. cdnpoli LiberalismDisorder

They are only not being terrorists because they got caught. Had they not been caught, they would be killing people. They deserve prison. Bring the children home, adopt them out. The others do not fall under the humanitarian umbrella. Let them pay for their choice.

When it comes to this guy he can rot over there.

'That there is now nowhere in Syria that people can go around executing Christians with impunity, and simultaneously now nowhere that the White Helmets can operate, is not the coincidence the mainstream media affect to believe.'

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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