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Icymı, Luka Magnotta

Can Luka Magnotta get out of prison because of COVID-19? Authorities say no

Looks like the killer won’t be freed, like Paul Manafort and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine

2020-05-21 6:34:00 PM

ICYMI - Mother of killer Luka Magnotta fears he will catch COVID-19 in prison, begs for his release

Looks like the killer won’t be freed, like Paul Manafort and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine

After several high-profile felons — including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine — were released from prison because of the coronavirus pandemic, reports circulated that murderer and kitten-killer Magnotta might be similarly freed.

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“Mr. Magnotta is not eligible, under law, for parole” until June 4, 2034, Correctional Services Canada said in an emailed statement..Magnotta is currently at a facility in Quebec, where 15 inmates and 15 employees have contracted the virus, TMZ reported. There were no deaths recorded and 11 of the inmates have since recovered from the virus.

Magnotta’s mother, Anna Yourkin, told TMZ she wanted to see her son released early from prison, fearing he might contract COVID-19.Ontario prisons have released more than 2,000 low-risk offenders to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in facilities, CBC reported in April.

The 37-year-old got a second chance in the spotlight after Netflix released a docuseries last December, called Don’t F–k With Cats, profiling the evolution of Magnotta’s crimes. The series shows how Magnotta started by filming himself torturing and killing kittens, then posting the videos online.

Encouraged by the online attention and notoriety, Magnotta moved on to his victim, Chinese student Jun Lin. Magnotta met Lin on Craigslist and lured the student to a Montreal apartment complex in May of 2012, where he filmed himself murdering and dismembering Lin’s body. He later posted the video online.

Magnotta then mailed parts of Lin’s body to various politicians, including to the national headquarters of the Conservative party, and to schools in British Columbia.A few days after the murder of Lin, Magnotta flew to Paris to escape police. Interpol issued a red notice for his arrest, meaning any Interpol-member country had to arrest Magnotta and extradite him back to Canada. The killer was arrested after a shop-worker at an internet cafe in Berlin recognized his face and alerted authorities.

Throughout the docuseries, Yourkin insisted her son Magnotta was innocent, claiming a man named Manny Lopez pulled all the strings behind the torture videos and orchestrated the murder of Lin. However, through investigations, no trace of a Manny Lopez was ever found.

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The docuseries set off some controversy for its graphic retelling of Magnotta’s killings, where it included clips of videos of kittens being tortured by Magnotta. Read more: National Post »

Let’s hope he does. He’s a monster. He should have thought about that before he murdered innocent people People working in the warehouse and mail depots, not to mention those in hospitals and long term care facilities run a higher risk of being infected. Doesn't she feel sorry for his son's victim and those killed by the disease? Can't imagine she could even ask that.

Stop posting this picture, please Fortunately, his victims never will. At least justice will be served then ! He should have got the death penalty So, Is this NATIONAL News? 😠 What kinda sympathies are you trying to gain here? 😠 you got nothing better to report What Who cares! Violent offenses=no release. I have no sympathy whatsoever for these narcissistic, predatory convicts. If they catch covid 19 then too bad. They shouldn't have killed, raped, assaulted, or did whatever violent crimes they did to end up there in the first place. Karma!

Unfortunately he deserves to be hanged or shot in the head Oh gosh that's terrible! I suppose his victim would have been pretty scared to have his head cut off as well... that's certainly life threatening isn't it? Absolutely not! Nope We can all hope he catches it Reminds me of Kempers mother That’s not all he’s going to catch

Again media giving a platform and support to this cause. I know this makes for good headlines that sell but there are more worthy causes and this affects your brand. Don’t let this guy out to even feel the sunshine Ummm… Nope. Never. I doubt cannibals will catch it anyway. He’s not over 65 so she can shut her pie hole.

Released? Stick him in solitary confinement and feed him under the door!!!! Why is this even news? Right so he can kill again? Many of us fear he won't! Don't worry about it; if your son catches Covid19 in prison his chances of survival are excellent. Luka is young and in generally good health. It is unlikely his symptoms will be any worse than having the flu. Nice try.

Yeah ... no. We’re not letting this homicidal maniac loose. I’m sure the mothers of his victims would have begged for their loved ones release too, lady. He is where he needs to stay. Use this demon to test the vaccines. Hope this sick f**k gets coronavirus..nevermind letting him out. What goes around comes around.

Put some cement shoes on him and toss him in the deep end of a pool. I heard covid-19 cannot be contracted under water. 😊 Yea, his mom is quite the piece of work as well. This is such a non-story. He’s where he belongs. I feel sorry for the officers having to be kept in the same building. If he dies there, will be justice made by a virus.

Umm no. Unless it's out of jail and into the execution chamber... Oh wait, we don't do that here because we're 'civilized', we waste endless millions of dollars on unrepentant murderers every year because feelsies I would inject this mofo with covid until he sufferingly dies. So he can kill again!!!! Perhaps lock her up too

Sorry mom. He a serial killing psychopath. He will stay there. If he catches it thats his karma finally catching up dont you think. Think about the pain the families are still in and you want mercy for your son who mailed body parts Perhaps you need an evaluation also Ah....NO. HIV should be a bigger worry.

Why is he still alive? What, face masks don't work in prison? 🦇 💩 Who out there hopes he catches a lead poisoning Wait... you're... reposting this non story? Watching you slowly turn into the Sun is sad. Mothers are fascinating, aren't they? No matter what their kids did/ do they always fear for their wellbeing. Luka's mother behaves the same way Ted Bundy's mother did. There is a limit to the motherly love?

The rest of us are scared he won’t! ICYMI play stupid games win stupid prizes. Hope he does. Can you catch covid by eating your cell mate ? Good... Life for a life the way it should be in my opinion Boo Hoo! Let him catch it! Price to pay for maliciously murdering someone! Funny, I fear to be killed by men like Luka. Happy to read that he will NOT be released.

🤣🤣🤣 Oh no wait, this is bizarro world, where murderers DO get released for trivial bullsh*t reasons. I mean come on, it's not like he killed anyone or anything!! Oh wait... man these are confusing times. Great time to be a criminal though. Unless you own a hair salon. It's deliberately deceptive for NP to make a big deal of this one case, as though it's representative of the issue of releasing prisoners so they don't get Covid. You don't deserve to die drowning in your own secretions for stealing a car. NP wants you not to think about that.

Unbelievable GOOD. Asshole. Mother of the guy he dismembered wants her son to be alive. Make that happen first So what, you can't kill other people, is that what you're saying? Poor mom. Still loves her kid regardless he is a monster. Wondering when objectivity takes over inner feelings. 👾 His mother can go share her concerns with Luka’s victims’ families. I’m sure they’ll agree he needs to be shown mercy. After that, get bent. Magnotta doesn’t deserve the 3 meals he gets each day.

No f*****n way!! BOO HOO! This asshole catches Covid-19 and dies is the easy way out. He’s so vile it would be an injustice to let him out even for a short time Seriously, the meme says it all. Not deserving of anything, including the 3 meals a day and climate controlled cell. As they say, do the crime, do the time!

Awwww, muffin! I hear Trudeau's cottage has 28 rooms! Unfortunate this POS didn’t meet karma. Why tweet this twice ? Didn’t get enough clicks the first time? Leave him there As if...lol. Ummmmmm- Mum-a little dose of reality needed here. 🤢🤢 If he catches it it’s the least of my worries. Humans are scared he wont.

While she fears for him I fear that he will eat someone again Nope. How is he still alive in prison Don’t fuck with cats. Seriously lady ? he CHOPPED to pieces a human BEING whose parents cannot even be afraid for him to catch a virus....seriously ? This monster had tortured and killed animals ( kittens) before CHOPPING a human being to pieces. Monsters must be locked UP forever. PERIOD.

Umm no Every mom whose son wheeled his dead victim out of the building in a trash can still loves her little boy, amirite? All together now: 'Awwww. That's nice.' NEXT! Feed him to the bats. Unfollowed National Post. Your stories have been terrible lately. This piece of garbage deserves COVID and NO ventilator.

Don’t want to be locked in jail Don’t commit crimes. That simple. End of conversation Why do we care about the worthless? This dog should’ve been put down The authorities have it right this time You can get covid from eating other people ? Hope he does get covid-19 This is dog whistle journalism at its finest.

The family of his victims wish they had their loved ones back but, that will never happen and neither should Magnottas release. If anything he should be labeled a dangerous offender and never released, ever. Too bad, so sad! He shouldn’t have fucked with cats. Here is what happens when you let prisoners out :

This got lots of clicks I assume? Scary thought A mother loves her children beyond any thought or reason. Only way I can imagine she will ask for this. Give me fucking break, Let him rot in jail with Covid, Who cares. Why? If they release all of the other prisoners Luka won't have anyone to eat? I think Covid_19 needs to fear Magnotta - he would dismember and eat the virus.

Don't post this freak's pic; that's all he ever wanted. Can’t blame the mother for trying 🤷‍♂️ motherslove mommasboy Stop giving him a platform. This isn’t interesting. 'will not be released early because of COVID-19, Correction Services Canada confirmed to the National Post Wednesday.' Holy shit, sanity prevails?

Mother of killer Luka Magnotta scared he will catch COVID-19 in prison, begs for his releaseUnlike high-profile convicts like Paul Manafort and Tekashi 6ix9ine, Magnotta must continue serving his sentence in prison Good The love of a mother never dies. But NO! Her son is a twisted murderer who cut up his victim, mailed pieces across the county, and should never see the outside of a prison. Hell no

Mother of killer Luka Magnotta scared he will catch COVID-19 in prison, begs for his releaseUnlike high-profile convicts like Paul Manafort and Tekashi 6ix9ine, Magnotta must continue serving his sentence in prison Good The love of a mother never dies. But NO! Her son is a twisted murderer who cut up his victim, mailed pieces across the county, and should never see the outside of a prison. Hell no

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