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Donald Trump, North Carolina

At rally, Trump paints bleak picture of Democratic control

At rally, Trump paints bleak picture of Democratic control


At rally, Trump paints bleak picture of Democratic control

Trying to prove his political clout by pushing a Republican to victory in a special election , U.S. President Donald Trump used a North Carolina rally Monday to paint a bleak picture of a nation he claimed would be overrun with crime, poverty and immigrants if Democrats seize power.

While the stakes for the House are high, Trump's trademark rallies inevitably become more about him than the local candidate, as he uses the stage to settle political scores, sharpen attacks and take on perceived foes. With an eye to his own reelection next fall, he touted his administration's accomplishments but also urged voters to give him more time.

The president enjoys wide popularity within his own party, but a GOP defeat in a red-leaning state could portend trouble for his reelection campaign. But before leaving Washington, Trump dismissed questions of whether a poor result for the Republican candidate would serve as a warning sign in next year's elections.

Chief among them was the White House's worries about the impact an economic downturn could have on a president who has made a strong economy his central argument for a second term. Trump advisers worry that moderate Republican and independent voters who have been willing to give him a pass on some of his incendiary policies and rhetoric would blame him -- and, in particular, his trade war with China -- for slowing down the economy.

"Your way of life is under assault by these people," he claimed.

Many of the president's comments about the storm have been defending his erroneous claim that Alabama was likely to face significant impact from it. Trump did not mention the matter at Monday's rally.

"This will tell us if Trump can carry candidates through suburban districts or not," said Sarah Chamberlain, president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, which represents moderate Republicans. If not, she said, the GOP must "work harder to address the concerns of suburban individuals, mainly women."

Cynthia Brown, of Fayetteville, 50, is also attending the rally. Brown, who is black, said supporting Trump has been "a pretty lonely experience" for her. She added: "But that's OK. I'm not a follower."

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it is an election year for him he has to get all the neo natzi groups out there to kill off the minority and the deranged gun carrying killers to go on a mass shootings in realDonaldTrump name they do it all for him NRAOwnsTrump How about Canadian news for a change? This sad Twitter account is a stain on Canadian journalism.

Well CTV news - is that all he said -- Trump said his opponents are bleak! -- is that his comedy line and then makes a joke about how honest and truthful and without corruption Trump is? Was there anyone else there besides the crowd behind?

Trump rally in North Carolina will be seen as a test for his and GOP popularityThe first reelection rally comes after a long summer of gaffes, slowing economy, and ugly nativist rhetoric Congratulations to President Trump for successful implementation of programs and wish you success in 2o20.

Former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford becomes third Republican to run against Trump‘Humbly I step forward,’ he said He'll be available for comments when he's back from the Appalachian Trail. All the the luck in the world....kick the clown Trump to the curb...

Marchers ask Trump to 'liberate' Hong Kong, as clashes eruptThousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong urged U.S. President Donald Trump to 'liberate' the semiautonomous Chinese territory during a peaceful march to the U.S. Consulate on Sunday, but violence broke out later in the business and retail district as police fired tear gas after protesters vandalized subway stations, set fires and blocked traffic. He could start by liberating the children he has in cages Goggles and a respirator on the statue of liberty... 🤣 Go home Chinese and bring your parents money to Canada like most have done

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford adds name to GOP long shots against TrumpMark Sanford, the former South Carolina governor and congressman, joined the Republican race against U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday, aiming to put his Appalachian trail travails behind him for good as he pursues an admittedly remote path to the presidency.

Chrissy Teigen fires back at Donald Trump after he says she’s ‘filthy mouthed’'Musician johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are taking now about how great it is -,' Trump tweeted about passing the Criminal Justice Reform. 770CHQR She is. Don’t care. Bravo Mr Trump! Now can we have Canadian news or is that too much to ask for? 770CHQR HEADLINE CORRECTION: President Trump fired back at filthy mouthed Hollywood virtue signaller after several unfounded unprovoked attacks on his character. You're welcome. TDS MAGA 630CHED As someone who does not support Trump in the slightest, I gotta admit that he’s right on this one. Mind you, not entirely sure why the president of the United States is getting in twitter feuds with celebrities 😂

LIVE: Trump speaks at the White HouseU.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters outside the White House. anyone covering Justin Trudeau speaking today ? Does anyone care? By the time that the door closes behind him when he goes back inside, he will have changed his 'mind'.

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