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Alberta changing school funding formula, puts hard caps on administration

Alberta changing school funding formula, puts hard caps on administration

2020-02-19 12:36:00 AM

Alberta changing school funding formula, puts hard caps on administration

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange hasn’t released specific numbers, saying those will come in the Feb. 27 budget

Story continues below advertisementShe says the funding changes will result in more money flowing directly to schools.Schools currently don’t know how much money they are getting each year until enrolments are finalized — sometime after classes have started — which can cause uncertainty and mid-year budget complications.

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The new formula is to use enrolment estimates, so schools will know each spring how much money they are getting for the school year starting that fall.Alberta is spending $8.2 billion this year on school operations.We have a weekly Western Canada newsletter written by our B.C. and Alberta bureau chiefs, providing a comprehensive package of the news you need to know about the region and its place in the issues facing Canada. Sign up today.

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In a message to children across Canada, PM Trudeau says 'we all need to do our part to keep people safe, even when it's our special day.'

too much money in school boards gets lost in administration.. let them go...and put it in the classrroms

Alberta skip Laura Walker's change of heart gets her to first HeartsIn their first season together, Laura Walker, Kate Cameron, Taylor McDonald and Nadine Scotland out of Edmonton's Saville Community Sports Centre went undefeated to win the Alberta women's championship. You should work on your headline writing. Did she compete, win, get to finals?

Alberta’s Laura Walker reaches first Hearts - thanks to a late change of heartShe was ready to dial back to mixed doubles events while she and husband Geoff Walker – Brad Gushue’s lead – contemplated starting a family Globe_Sports I don't get it and don't like it 😳

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'Nearing a crisis situation': Rail blockades creating backlogs for farmersThe organization representing Alberta wheat and barley producers says the rail blockades are impacting farmers' incomes and Canada's reputation as a supplier. This is getting absurd! Look I'm all for first nation sovereignty, and I have sympathy for everything they have had to endure. But to hold a whole country hostage is crossing a major line, time for RCMP to go in and remove them by whatever force is necessary to do so. Trudeau will solve this.... just wait. Lol Justin should recall the constitutional conference (s35 1982) where his dad failed 2 reach an agreement on the meaning of Aboriginal & Treaty Rights. Justin should gather all the historic treaty parties w the primary goal of renouncing COLONIAL UNILATERALISM once & for all!🤔

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