A California firefighter was robbed as he battled a blaze in Santa Cruz

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A California firefighter's wallet was stolen out of his work vehicle and his bank account was drained while he was battling a blaze, officials said. It was the latest robbery to occur amid fear and panic over wildfires in Santa Cruz.

"It's absolutely disgusting behavior, I can't, frankly, I can't believe that somebody would actually have the nerve to break into a firefighter's vehicle or enter their vehicle to steal something from them when they're there to protect the community. Honestly it blows me away," Chief Deputy Chris Clark with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said during a press conference on Sunday.

Five people were arrested for targeting homes of residents evacuated due to wildfires in Santa Cruz County, the sheriff's department said Friday on Facebook. Authorities arrested Jose Gandarilla, Susana Luna, Crystal Araujo, Sara Loretz and Crystle Parstch-Lucchesi on numerous charges, including looting, grand theft, conspiracy to commit a crime and burglary."It takes a special person to wake up in the morning and say 'You know what, I'm going to go victimize and traumatize people who have already been through everything that this community has been through'," Sheriff Jim Hart said during a Sunday press conference.

Police are patrolling evacuated neighborhoods in Santa Cruz County, and will stop and arrest anyone that isn't with the police or fire departments, Hart said.


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Why would you expect others to put their lives on hold just because you are going through tough times? A thief doesn't care whether the victim is dead or alive


What a shitty state

That’s really bad.

Who could have seen coming the turning of California into Mexico 🤷🏻‍♂️

What unbelievable

I believe it. Drugs and desperation with easy opportunity=scum of the earth.

Lol. The democrats actually think they will be able to control the anarchy in the states. What happends when they realize they cant make all these groups that make up their mob, happy? We need a wall.


People Suck!



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