Zuma to lay criminal charges against Billy Downer

Zuma to lay criminal charges against Billy Downer

2021-10-20 03:14:00 PM

Zuma to lay criminal charges against Billy Downer

This isn't the first time Zuma has his sights trained on Downer.

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LIVESTREAM: Police Minister testifies at SAHRC hearings

The Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest continues on Friday.

Buying time it will take another year Good Zuma is mad he tries everything to stay out of trouble.👹

POLL | Should Zuma be allowed to visit casinos and other public places while under parole?Former president Jacob Zuma being spotted at a casino has given rise to strong reactions from many online. Saze savelelwa istory esodwa akenibe active Mani namhlanje olunye usuku bakithi nabusy nasigxusha lelikhehla nkosyam He gives zero f*** Well Schabir Shaik was on the golf course within days, so .....

What you said: Paroled Zuma should stay at home or in the immediate area onlyTimesLIVE readers have shared their thoughts about Jacob Zuma’s parole after he was spotted at Sibaya Casino in Durban, saying the former president should not be out and about. Old thief maybe he was there to plot the 'kidnapping ' of those ministers.... voetsekzuma. VoetsekANC Hands off msholozi The sooner we learn tht this country is run by criminals the sooner will understand, thy pt another criminal in jail to kp hm quite lk nw he is definitely quite

Jacob Zuma, RET networks mobilise to 'correct' Nasrec outcomeOPINION: While Jacob Zuma is at its centre, the RET faction does have in its ranks leaders with their own capacity to influence decisively outcomes of any ANC conference, writes Cyril Madlala. RET is not a network nor factional but it is the ANC policy. There's no greater joy than having financial freedom and a life free debts 😊, that's why I keep posting a comment about Mr Dereck0111 They will never succeed bcoz they are stupid they suppose to have a long term plan not this quick fix they suppose to use weak Sasco to advance RET, Zuma killed ANCYL with Ramaphosa

It's 'common' to find officers facing criminal charges - IpidThe police watchdog said three of 11 Tshwane metro police officers charged with assault had pending cases, raising questions why they remain employed.

The City of Cape Town pushes back against claims that engineering jobs are lying vacantThe City of Cape Town has defended itself against accusations by developers that 18.1% of its posts in water and sanitation services, along with 12% of posts in its transport division, are currently vacant. There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about JULIE_FX_TRADER it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done

1,200 people arrested in Gauteng during weekend police operationsThe suspects are facing a wide range of criminal charges and are expected to appear in various courts this week. I want this operation to take place a weekend before Monday 01 November.