Zuma support cost Sitole | Citypress

Police commissioner faces claims that close aides channelled police funds into Zuma’s re-election campaign.

2021-10-17 07:30:00 AM

LEAD | General Khehla Sitole’s alignment with former president Jacob Zuma’s faction and his lack of planning in dealing with the unrest and riots in KZN and Gauteng are among the reasons he is on the brink of losing his job, according to sources

Police commissioner faces claims that close aides channelled police funds into Zuma’s re-election campaign.

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LIVESTREAM: Police Minister testifies at SAHRC hearings

The Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest continues on Friday.

ANY person supported by Jacob the thief, rapist, liar Zuma is per implication corrupt. Voetsek Tsek!!! Rubbish statement no such thing Sitole he is targeted by Bheki Cele only Rubbish statement Because of an ugly corrupt minister i know Flopo? he is pro-Zuma and he has shown it by not acting on time during the KZN and Gauteng unrests

I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent Williamchurch0 guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my coinbase app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work He should have lost his job long ago,Such poor performance from SAPS for years.

At risk!! he should never have been appointed the commissioner from the start.

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Whites and media posion want him to loose his job because he didn’t act how they wanted. Europeans should go back to Europe. 🚮 What did Sitole think would happen when he sided with the devil? He was told to stand down by the Zuma cronies, he is compromised and he should have been fired already. KevinkhoZA_ What are you saying...? His transgressions would not have surfaced?

😂😂😂 Dumb excuse. The thing about these guys is their thinking that they are here to serve individuals. These guys must start to understand their role is to uphold the law and serve ultimatwly for the good of the country. You do that you should always end up on the right side. Good riddance in advance. He is joining a long list of other professionals who've been swallowed by the mermaid yes'boshwa. They are willing to sacrifice their careers for a selfserving crook. Is'boshwa in the mean time he doesn't give a toss about any of them. They must go..

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wearesapu SAFTU_media South Africans need to start opening their eyes, once people are found to be doing wrong things with public funds, its because of this and that . When there is proof of wrong doing. Come on man. We need to focus on rebuilding our country asap and build businesses But Sthole must fight this Thumamina faction who are using state organs to fight ANC politics

Khehla Sithole has been such a huge let down! Under his watch every violent crime has gone up. Worse part crime intelligence has gone back to the paralysis of Mdluli era. Morale in the police is at an all time low. The career policeman has failed. How many must loose their jobs because of politicians .

Cyril,we shall get you That one must just go🤞 useless😧aag Should not be on the brink. It is nearly November and heads should have been rolling long ago. The ANC knows. This is pure garbage People are arrested, suspended and fired for supporting PresJGZuma in a so called constitutional democracy. What exactly was Khehla Sithole suppose to do with Bheki Cele meddling in everything?

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At least he dont blame crimes and hi jacks on potholes Why are law enforcement people aligned with politicians What about Cele's alignment with the RET faction. What was he doing while the RET terrorists were destroying KZN Chooma_ What about Bheki Cele, is he completely absolved? He is useless whenever way

Your alignment with lies and imaginary fairytales The minister of police needs to go as well. SAPS really is broken and no one is looking at fixing it. Pity opposition parties haven't moved the failed insurrection with all their campaigns Khehla, like his comrade Zuma, is a failure. He should have been fired ages ago.

I thought as much.

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💔Iyoo batla go thiba pelo le moya 💔🙏🏾❤SA🙏🏾 Well he shouldn’t be on the brink. He should have lost his job long ago Thinkbhes the most useless & clueless police commissioner..if he cannot be fired for failure to deal with July madness I don't know what else he should fail to do Y’all summed it up great. It’s his alignment with PresJGZuma that got him in this mess. Nothing else 😒

Zuma ungenaphy? LOL thats Anc games they pick one guy to take the blame to their collective fails The police was no where to be found in july during the riots,,🚩🚩🚩I don't trust this man fire him already Adding a line that will seem as if he is underperforming. His minister didn't take the riots seriously before they occured in fact the whole JCS cluster now he is just made an scapegoat but the real reason is his alleged political affiliation.

If that’s the case - plus the other publicised issues surrounding him - why isn’t he immediately replaced? Why is there this ludicrous process of asking him why he shouldn’t be suspended? This is a very key position as regards the nation’s security.

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It was bound to happen cos of the useless minister Cele That's because of his nose that he can't manage the unrest

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