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Former president Jacob Zuma fails to meet requirements in his application to set aside his contempt order and prison sentence

2021-09-17 05:38:00 PM

Former president Jacob Zuma fails to meet requirements in his application to set aside his contempt order and prison sentence

Former president Jacob Zuma fails to meet requirements in his application to set aside his contempt order and prison sentence

Zuma hadasked the court to set asideboth the contempt order and his 15-month prison sentence, meted out after he failed to respect a directive to appear at the Zondo commission probing state capture.The former president pleaded with the court to “relook its decision and to merely reassess whether it has acted within the constitution or, erroneously, beyond the powers vested in the court by the constitution”.

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Handing down judgment, Khampepe said: “The conclusion of the majority of the constitutional court reaches that this application falls to be dismissed with costs.”Zuma’s appeal to broaden the apex court’s ground of rescission — should his not reach the requirements — had the opposite outcome. 

The former president submitted that if he failed to establish the requirements for rescission the constitutional court should expand the meaning of a rescindable order.Khampepe said the court must “do the opposite” because “the very notion rescinding a court order is an affront to the rule that orders, especially those of the apex court that are final”. headtopics.com

She added that “the interest of justice requires the constitutional court to protect the principle of finality in litigation” otherwise the administration of justice would be “compromised by chaos”. Zuma is out of jail on medical parole for an undisclosed condition after serving just under two months of his 15 month sentence.

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Looking 'through' Masholozi's runaround with the judiciary,he is more pleading with his former comrades in the inner circle for political intervention on his mounting 'run-ins' with the law/s he so arrogantly trampled not realising the consequences - pieces on his chessboard Now the legal team must apply for medical parole

I want to use this medium to thank Mr tyron_robert7 for making me benefit from his platform in just after 7days I got my profits in full payment without no extra fee. All thanks to you tyron_robert7 We know you are all captured, media, Courts, judges. You don't represent the majority, you only pushing the interests of the minority who funds you to write kak articles. You lost yourselves. I feel sorry for you. Zuma is the president of the people, and that hurts you deep.

this could have been the poster-child that you don't need a degree to know that there are hungry, homeless, desperate citizens that need you to look after them if you are a president of a country... dololo... and of course he is a good person. just made a wrong turn or two here. Constitutional court judges protected themselves. That's how your headline should be. Zuma was sentenced without trail that's known fact nothing more or less.

Zuma is suffering from Corrupt -a- Litus. A common ANC disease caused by corruption and theft. This disease can be easily cured by spending 15 years in jail in an orange overall. This disease is easily preventable by not being allowed in a position in government.

Jacob Zuma to know rescission application fate today“Judgment on Friday, 17 September at 10h00: Is the judgment and order of the Constitutional Court, sentencing former President Zuma to imprisonment for contempt of court, rescindable?” jacobzuma court rescission We are patiently waiting for the judgement

WATCH LIVE | Constitutional Court makes ruling on Jacob Zuma rescission applicationThe Constitutional Court is on Friday giving its verdict on former president Jacob Zuma's rescission application. We know the outcome

Former Zuma financial backer launches his new party manifesto, proposes a raft of changesAbantu Batho Congress (ABC) founder, Philani ’PG’ Mavundla, has launched his new party’s election manifesto, making a raft of promises to voters which includes banning the hiring of bodyguards for councillors and municipal bosses. Is this like a dance party? it's all they ever seem to do. Dance. and drink the expensive booze that the peasants can't afford. When the millions slowly dry up and there is no possibility of ever tapping in illicitly anymore. Mxm😂

Foundation hopes ConCourt will set aside Jacob Zuma's sentenceThe long-awaited judgment on Jacob Zuma’s rescission application, which was filed in July as a last-minute bid to avert the jailing of the former president, will be handed down on Friday morning.

WATCH LIVE: ConCourt rules on Jacob Zuma's rescission applicationThe court will either set aside Zuma's contempt of court conviction or uphold it. Sort of the choices, isn't it..?

Jacob Zuma’s family and supporters left fuming after ConCourt dismisses his rescission applicationThe decision by the ConCourt to dismiss the rescission bid by the former president, and uphold the ruling that handed him a 15-month jail sentence, has left his supporters fuming. 😏 Threatning again.. I hope this time all the instigators will be arrested VoetsekANC