Zulu defends ANC trip to Zimbabwe

Zulu defends ANC trip to Zimbabwe

2020-09-26 12:50:00 PM

Zulu defends ANC trip to Zimbabwe

Lindiwe Zulu insists critics of the now infamous junket to Harare are wrong, both about how the trip was undertaken, and what it achieved.

The ANC is defending the party’s recent Zimbabwe visit. The party's international relations head says the trip by party officials on a SANDF aircraft achieved a lot. Lindiwe Zulu was participating in an online seminar on lessons the ANC can learn from post-colonial Zimbabwe. eNCA's Vuyo Mvoko was listening in. Courtesy

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#DStv403JOHANNESBURG - ANC international relations head Lindiwe Zulu has defended the party’s recent Zimbabwe junket.She says the trip by party officials on a South African National Defence Force aircraft achieved a lot of what was intended.Zulu was participating in an online seminar on lessons the ANC can learn from post-colonial Zimbabwe.

READ:There is a political crisis in Zimbabwe - Lindiwe ZuluZulu insists critics of the now infamous junket to Harare are wrong, both about how the trip was undertaken, and what it achieved.The seminar’s leading participant, Ibbo Mandaza who is one of Zimbabwe’s foremost intellectuals was having none of it.

“Lindiwe exaggerates the role of former liberation movements, unnecessarily so," Mandaza said."Whether it’s a public relations stance, I don’t know. She must know, as we all know, that Zanu-PF is a heavily dented party. It is completely naïve and self-indulgent on the part of anybody, including herself, to think that Zanu-PF can turn around Zimbabwe’s fortunes.”

READ:The ANC is yet to pay back the money for using the defence force aircraft as its private jet, as it has promised to do.It has also still not arranged to meet any Zimbabwean political players other than Zanu-PF. Read more: eNCA »

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Its not surprising 😮 ANC is a mediocre party, it’s been on a downward spiral since Zuma’s error. The Ministers we get are useless and incompetent. What are you defending...the normal levels of dishonesty you put forward as an excuse How much longer do you honestly think u can fool the S.African S.African population? On what grounds were u appointed to your position..or is it based on your normal elevated self opinion!!

Don’t use taxpayer’s money to pursue your narrow political agenda!!! A trip to zwimbabwe was a mission for a secret meeting. As they are complaining to remove Mr President. How can she not? She falls under the same team that sees nathing wrong in bending the rules. When ignorant speaks out must the listener be more ignorant . Stop wasting Tax payer money.

May I suggest Tresomme? Tresomme Why did the plane come back All bulshit While there politicians loot, the blacks blame apartheid and foreigners. If white people looted, will there be anything on ground in this country? Black politicians are the same all over Africa, they are all thieves who quickly taught the black people how to shift blame.

'Plane to Zimbabwe for who? ANC fly where?' We need to direct elect through constituencies..80% of the MP's while parties can choose their 20% based on their party lists..we must also vote on separate ballots for President &Premiers..WITH RECALL MECHANISM..51% CONSTITUENCY POLL TO FIRE THESE..THEN HAVE A BY-ELECTION THERE

Shit defend shit She should concentrate on recovering R282 mil and do something about her Supporting a despot regime can never be justified or defended. Jump in the sea madam. You clueless in any event and R300m get stolen by your own dept staff under your nose and you have not been fired yet. Literally NOBODY cares.

What's new Know the difference between ANC and Government Mxm tell this girl we want our R350 she must stop talking nonsense here your headline should have been at least :Minister Zulu defends ANC trip to Zimbabwe. I thought Zulu people(amaZulu) were in trouble . Actually ANC still think we are still stupid. We know that it stands for the foreigners and went there to seek advice because people are not trusting them anymore

Your department is a mess, corruption left right and centre. People didnt recieve their sassa 350s and here you are defending your party. Use that energy in fixing your corrupt department magogo Zulu ROUND FAT FACE. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Are you trying to protect ACE go on he will make you a president we know the story.

Lo.mama comrade needs to shut up She undermines South Africans intelligence, she's so fulish VoetsekANC Another useless cadre Ginger can deny anything comes in front of her. Another Msebenzi Zwane. This one is dom Loyo must just stick to sassa..we still waiting for explaination what really happened to the funds

Dear do you agree with the racial based BEE policies of the ANC & EFF government in south africa? Or will you support the Our_DA & helenzille with their non-racial policies? And will you support liberty, equality & fraternity? This lady is the personifaction of the words CADRE DEPLOYMENT. She and incompetent likes of hers within goverment is the ONLY THING that is WRONG WITH SA TODAY. CyrilRamaphosa replace them wth competent experts and SA WILL CHANGE OVER-NIGHT. NO FCKEN ROCKET SCIENCE NEEDED.

This one is very entitled. The CORRUPT MYANC lindiwe zulu is to stupid to tie her own shoes!!! VoetsekANC !!! Delegation led by who? I wonder wot this tart would do if i 'borrowed a detectives or SANDF car' to go do errands for a community function out of town... Despite Ramaphosa's action, THIS is the real ANC speaking, which sees NOTHING wrong with its use of state resources in pursuit of party-political ends! Speaking of which, the donation of medical supplies to Cuba & handed over by AceMagashule, has STILL not been cleared up!

It would be instructive to know exactly what the ANC's trip to Zimbabwe achieved for ordinary Zimbaweans (NOT ZanuPF) & for the interests of SouthAfrica (NOT the ANC), since LindiweZulu continues to insist that there was nothing wrong with the ANC's use of state resources! And did they serve a 14 day quarantine period on return to SA 🤬...f...ing hypocrites !!! 🤬

Let her roll 😡😡😡😡😡 This one is nonsense ANC pensioners bloody fools. Their time is up and we will definitely recover the countries monies No morals It's like these idiots can't even share scripts before unleashing more nonsense on citizens. Ag die goed in die MYANC is n lot ashoop drol brommers. SA will never flourish again with these incompetent, lying, corrupted, racists leading us.

Ningamakhwenkwe maan, you guys do things the 🦧way, no order, no discipline no dignity..... Not so easy, Daisy So what are they apologizing for if she justifies the Zim trip? Of course she is 🌚 Because you are an ANC card member does not put you above the law. International travel restrictions were and still are not allowed. They broke the law or is this law only for other people not the ANC😡😡😡

It was to be expected Eat the country's money is all you do correctly Thing always defends corruption The ANC for you 🤷🏻‍♂️ Are we ever going to hear what was discussed when they visited Zimbabwe . This is the second visit and no report back to the ppl of Zimbabwe. How long does it take to complete a report. Waste of resources . Ppl of Zimbabwe are dying while ANC is busy drinking coffee with ZanuPf

A bunch of id10t's thats is why parlement is calld the circus bunch of 🤡 's Sassa money Everyone got Declined This week Useless minister. She Must Explain What Happened To SASSA Covid Relief Funds

WEBINAR: ANC trip to Zimbabwe was not a joyride, says Lindiwe ZuluMinister Lindiwe Zulu has defended the ANC’s use of a military plane to fly to Zimbabwe, and the relevance of the former liberation movements came under question during a webinar on neighbourly relations. Ok all well and good, we hear you, trouble is you keep mentioning “what wasn’t”,How about the actual real reasons whywhat was the real purpose of that visitor is it a state secret Well if you say so LindiweZulu6 . Is it protocol to use a mil jet for party MYANC interest, why are you magashule_ace willing to payback money, why did CyrilRamaphosa request 48hrs explanation from Minister of Defense, why did they break DlaminiZuma lockdown regulations? How many politicians does it take to attend an unwanted meeting in Zimbabwe? What was the meeting for? Why did more than 2 people have to attend? Why did they snatch a plane during COVID-19 lockdown2? Too many unanswered secrets...

Zulu king warns politicians to unite against Covid-19 or face punishment by ancestorsKing Goodwill Zwelithini has urged politicians to unite in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and gender-based violence, or face the wrath of their ancestors. Says someone busy making deals with Afriforum. Mxm Too late King you could have told them from the word go...even you know they dont listen i guess its another speech for heritage day...😒 Done ✅

Here’s what King Shaka Zulu might look like if he was alive todayGraphic designer Becca Saladin breathes new life into historical figures by giving them modern makeovers. Ebukhosini! He would probably slaughter everyone ..this murderer and land thief's statue must fall!

KZN 'shutdown' gets under way as ANC is presented with list of demandsA group that has branded itself as forces for progressive change and positive development has embarked on protest action in the hopes of shutting down Durban I question these anc cadres suddenly proposing ' progressive change and positive development' ... it is nothing more than an anc factional matter ... not in the interest of SA ...

'MK veterans' in KZN demand answers from ANCThe group wants government and the ANC to respond to demands from members of former liberation armies. Should people keep quiet and watch the ruling party continuously destroy S A year in and year out Noooo that's never going to happen, South Africans will make those changes ANC will be removed ? Is waar How come an 30yr old becomes an mkv badlala ngathi labafana mabayeke lento abayenzayo bayolusa izimbunzi

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