Zondo may miss chief justice cut - The Mail & Guardian

The deputy chief justice is said to top Ramaphosa’s list but his position as head of the state capture commission is seen as too politically fraught

2021-09-17 08:39:00 AM

Less than a month before Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s term ends, President Cyril Ramaphosa was said to be leaning towards naming Mogoeng’s deputy, as the next head of the judiciary — before two twists changed the script.

The deputy chief justice is said to top Ramaphosa’s list but his position as head of the state capture commission is seen as too politically fraught

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So He will make recommendations to the President. He gets appointed and then becomes judge over the cases he recommended? Serious potential conflict He is captured and biased we all saw how he raped the law If Zondo doesn't make it to CJ and Ramaphosa don't get a second term I can be the happiest man on earth

He doesn't deserve it She will be controlled by Zondo as Capitalists are doing with Silili shadow rulers have more power than the so called public figures she will be working under instruction No, that wiil only give him 7 political points. The president must appoint a transvestite with a clubfoot and a hunchback. That's 15 points.

How degrading to be selected by your gender and/or skin colour. Surely one would hopefully want to be selected because you are on the top of your game ? Not a token. When such important appointments start being based on anything other than meritocratic considerations then the state will never progress and realise it’s true potential.

Until they unseal the CR17 Bank statements so that we can see who are the judges that got monies, I will remain silent in choosing I pray that zondo doesn't get the job .I prefer a lady for this post Mandisa is even more qualified than zondo

Nominations open for new Chief JusticeThe public has been invited to submit their nominations for the country's next Chief Justice. All my achievements started with a determination to try, I took a bold decision with Lisakendriick which impact so much on my financial status. I nominate the same Chief Justice ☝ ThuliMadonsela3 left big shoes 👞 to be filled as a Public_Protector Now CJ_Mogoeng is also leaving behind very big shoes 👞 to be filled BigShoes👞

I agree, why appoint Zondo when he has few years left on the bench. Judge Theron will make good Chief Justice. After all the work Zondo has done😂😂😂😂 Who are the sources It’s all about political points for Cyril. Not too much about competency or efficiency. To him it’s a game. Goes without saying...!!!

Political points? The judge suggests by media we must all know it’s not the right one.. AdvDali_Mpofu is the right one No matter what ANC does, they are going down....just like the apartheid government. These last minute stunts won't work. Our parents put so much hope to this organization, which in return they spat on poor black poelpes faces.

I vote for Thuli Madonsela ThuliMadonsela3

Zondo asks court for state capture commission report deadline to be extended to December - The Mail & GuardianThe state capture commission report will not be ready by the end of September, and Zondo says he believes it will be in the public interest to grant an extension He will forever extend cause he concluded before he got the evidence. He is so desperate to find Zuma guilty yet the evidence is not there Now zondo will discover his woolly evidence leaders should have been more robust with their cross examination to elicit the truth Are you retired now no much income to live on, are you still working but living in so much debt due to low income, are you a student who needs to be financially independent, then this golden offer is up for you. You could make $1000 daily and $$6000 weekly. Very easy and simple.

This is dejevu on Pias Lange who didn’t get the ChiefJustice position after being the deputy. I feel for Zondo JusticeZondo - he took on the most difficult job at the ZondoCommission and still remains the bridesmaid. Never about what's good for S.A. UniqueSAProblem FMFSouthAfrica OUTASA FriendsOfZuma 🤔

I knew it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who are these advisers? Appoint her because it will score him political points not because she is the best candidate. What's the difference between that & cadre deployment? And the media is supporting this by mentioning 'highly competent president of the supreme court of appeal'. Its a circus... 🤡🤹‍♂️🎪

He is contaminated The DCJ is already available and has proven to be a man of integrity and honesty,but anyway we all know that people of calibre are a no-no for the cadres because most of them heavily involved in corruption, Justice Moseneke was overlooked because of his integrity as well 😡😭 I wish I contacted earlier Linda__Stouffe this year I'm sharing this to encourage every beginner and Bitcoin lover to get in touch with her she is very legit and God fearing person Linda__Stouffe

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Call for chief justice nominations unprecedented but welcomed - group

'Busi for chief justice' ... what Cyril gets for asking the public to help outAnd according to the Economic Freedom Fighters, Ramaphosa's process is flawed because of his choice of members of the panel. Juju for Chief Justice

South Africans in Afrobarometer survey think corruption is ‘worsening’ - The Mail & GuardianTo the question “how many of the following people do you think are involved in corruption?”, 56% said most or all were in the police force. MPs (50%) and local government councillors (51%) likewise do not enjoy the trust of those they serve. Tragic. So tragic. It’s been there before. It was not so publicized and people didn’t realise the extent All my achievements started with a determination to try, I took a bold decision with Lisakendriick which impact so much on my financial status.