Zionist Church wants COVID-19 compensation

Zionist Church wants COVID-19 compensation #eNCA

2020-05-28 10:15:00 AM

Zionist Church wants COVID-19 compensation eNCA

The SA Zionist Church wants to be compensated for revenue lost due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ngcobo has also asked thatwhile social distancing be allowed to do so.- Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.Help protect your loved ones by sharing this officialwith your family, friends and community.Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.

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The NICD has another Clinician Hotline to improve #COVID19 communication and support for healthcare providers. The Clinician Hotline is 0800 11 1131, operating 24 hrs. The Public Hotline is 0800 029 999 also operating 24hrs. Read more: eNCA »

From whom? For what? What about all the companies that had to close for good. All the ppl that lost their jobs. TKMafatshe Do churches pay tax?. I'm a tax payer after all. Hallelujah clearly they running a bizniz here Did God ask you to request this? AskingForAFriend Do they pay tax first,if not ,they must forget about compensation

Badakiwe Imi nikelo iphi? I also want compensation if they going to get it Now we know why Gov folded and opened churches. They must pay tax,like we all do! Nxa! Church don’t pay tax In that case all South Africans should compensated. It’s greedy religious leaders living the life in the name of God should be punished. The Zionist church collect a furtive every Easter. Start giving and not receiving

NGO's doing good work got nothing. They can shut the church if they want what do they need compensation for? Ya neh, when the lords name is used to cash in, God, pls intervene They must get it first in Israel. Hahahaha pay TAX first!!!!! Better yet, like any business, if you are going under, close! They must pay, pay as you earn

They can register and start paying Tax so when the next pandemic comes, we will consider them🤣🤣🤣 How is that possible It is always about money... As far back as history goes, ppl calling themselves 'Christians' (and other religions too) have killed, and looted, and conned poor people, all for the sake of money... How much wealth is vested in various churches and pastors?

I also want compensation and I pay tax, so tax payers first please 😂🤣😂 There’s a difference between Zionist Church and ZCC (Zion Christian Church). They don't pay tax so nothing for them. They pocket all the income so they must pocket the loss. Amen. If we argue that churches should pay tax, then tax laws should change. It is through the same laws wherein churches are exempted. Also, churches are organizations, running as NPO's thereby receiving variable 'donor funds' and surviving from such. Just saying nje

Total madness..... these uneducated and crook pastors are talking our government for granted From God or from China? That is such an embarrassing request 😳 Oh wow 🤦‍♀️ its time we dont give the 'offerlings' 🤣🤣🤣 You are there to spread the Word of God, not to make money! Does this guy even know what Zionism mean? Abu Ammar(nom de guerre) must chuckling in his grave. This is just plain stupid and really funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

They only want money 😭 Proverbs 20:13 Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread. Given that all government Intel has gone awol and insanity is now the new norm, I can expect that anyone from anywhere can make outrageous requests or demands! No need to be registered with uif to claim? Lol it just gets better(worse)😂😲 I demand a flying pig NOW!!!!

People won’t lose their lives from not going to church. ChurchIsNotEssential endthelockdownSA You see these people taking miles when you give them an inch. Compensation is for people who pay tax. If they want compensation then surely they shld also want to be taxed since they are a profit making entity........

Ag shame 😂 You left out the word ‘cult’ These ppl have balls!😡🤬 Go pray for money. Or did that not work out as expected? FUTSEKKKKKK.......!!! Don't worry, God will provide. Is that ZCC (Pty) Ltd? Or PBO? Compensation for? Are they running a business and paying taxes 😂😂😂 This is telling! It has a revenue generating purpose after all!!

People think that churches are the kingdom of God. God has abandoned so many churches because they do not represent Him anymore. Seriously No really... Seriously? How much they pay for tax, konje? Wow, so on entitled. Who is Bheki Ngcobo? VAT number please. Hahaha... I love churches. One pandemic and it exposes what they are really after

😂 😂 😂 😂 If they paid tax. Starting a church is starting a business mos. Sadly you wont get a thing, church leaders are revealing who are they really are. The nerve 🤨 Reading helps sometimes, next thing you'll be spreading fake news about ZCC because you are lazy to read. That's why makgowa a le tseetse lefatshe!!!!

They are crazy. Religious interests of the people is bullshit it’s about money Oh really...how stupid Y’all know they ain’t talking about the ZCC right? If they can provide their tax certificate government can compensate them. Ask god to provide Fuck this, they jumping into demands now This is fake news! You guys must report on matters that’s real! Not fake.

THEY SELL ALL THAT COFFEE AND STILL WANT MONEY Churches must be taxed, just like any other form of business. Typical - ''We Want - We Demand Brigade'! Waow what a big waow,covid19 is here to expose many things in this earth,we hv been living in the darkness so long,mxm scam churches You are SO captured!! Imagine your lead story being that the DA is retrenching!!! And what has happened to your weather team

This church leaders they must go to find work not to depend on people saries please They can submit their tax returns at I hope they get their compensation in these tough times Sicela account number Appalling - it's always about money, not souls... Aybo 😂😂 aybo I can't believe this Ok no problem. Please send Tax returns.

False churches are always greedy for money Hahaha no Compensation, from whom? It won't be possible, for we prioritize the needy. 😳😳🤐🤐🤔🤔🤔kanjani Wow, who never believed it business, wow this days no more hiding the feelings😎😎😎😎, prostitute also need compensation tion Abayoyifuna ebhayibhelini They must pay tax first.

I drama engaka 😂😂 I found this interesting What's their VAT number? OK so it's not about their god or the needs of their flock at all. Typical religious shysters. Compensation

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Level 3 briefing postponed due to Ramaphosa's church announcement: MthembuPresident Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that religious gatherings were allowed under level 3 of the lockdown was one of the reasons why a briefing by the national coronavirus command council scheduled for Wednesday was postponed. Rules will comeback difficult Another about turn comeing . Same with alchol I smell...I smell 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

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