Zambia mourns the passing of founding president

Kaunda or popularly known by his initials KK, led his country for 27 years, from 1964 to 1991

2021-06-19 09:08:00 AM

Kaunda or popularly known by his initials KK, led his country for 27 years, from 1964 to 1991

Kaunda or popularly known by his initials KK, led his country for 27 years, from 1964 to 1991

After retiring from politics in 1991, he was involved in various charities with much of his energy going into the fight against the spread of HIV/Aids.Kaunda lost his son Masuzyo, to the disease in 1986.A great friend of the South African liberation struggle, he was close to veterans of the liberation movement such as Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani and others.

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In 2007, he was awarded the Ubuntu Award by the National Heritage Council for his role in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Read more: IOL News »

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A great African leader. What he achieve in that 27 years for his people? The answer is far too common.

Kaunda can teach the ANC a thing or two about losing power | CitypressIn Mondli Makhanya's analysis, he drew on the late Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda’s stance when his party lost power after 27 years at the helm. Kaunda passed away on Thursday. He was 97. How isn't he dead cANCer movement can't be taught any thing, they re beyond repair, kept by the governed on incubator Reasons Why Not To Invest&Visit in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Land Expropriation without compensation 6. Failing infrastructure 7. No electricity 8 Illegal foreigners 9 City Name Changes(Port Elizabeth)

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OBITUARY: Kenneth Kaunda: The flawed giant who squared up to colonialism and AidsKenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding president and anti-colonial hero, who governed one of the world’s biggest copper producers between 1964 and 1991, has died of pneumonia at a military hospital in the capital Lusaka. He was 97. Kaunda was the last survivor of his peers in the group of 20th-century African anti-colonial figures such as Nelson Mandela.

OBITUARY: Kenneth Kaunda, a great African icon and patriotOBITUARY: Kenneth Kaunda played the piano, sang and danced all the way into his nineties, from liberation fighter, to prisoner, to president, to being stateless. RIPKK RIPKennethKaunda everyone keeps on talking about your diligence and honesty I must say that you are the best, thank you for transforming my life for the better financially JAmSRcharD

Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda was the last of Africa’s ‘philosopher kings’ - The Mail & GuardianThe liberation legend died on Thursday at a military hospital in Lusaka, aged 97

Late Kenneth Kaunda praised for role in SA's StruggleZambia’s first democratically elected president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has been widely hailed for the central role he played in SA’s fight against the apartheid regime. SiviweFeketha SiviweFeketha but this history is not in the carriculum around the continent ,hence we still identify ourselves not as africans but according the colonial demarcations imposed but the looters from the west .an african kid knows so much history about Hitler that queen modjadji i mean batho