Young people bearing brunt of Covid-19 resurgence, ICU doctor warns

The speed at which the new Covid-19 variant Omicron is infecting young people has alarmed SA health professionals.

2021-11-27 10:42:00 PM

The speed at which the new Covid-19 variant Omicron is infecting young people has alarmed SA health professionals.

The speed at which the new Covid-19 variant Omicron is infecting young people has alarmed SA health professionals.

“Young people, in their 20s to just over their late 30s, are coming in with moderate to severe disease, some needing intensive care. About 65% are not vaccinated and most of the rest are only half-vaccinated.IN NUMBERS21.32%: 18 to 34-year-olds fully vaccinated

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35.5%: Adults fully vaccinated57%: Over-60s fully vaccinated“I’m worried that as the numbers go up, the public healthcare facilities will become overwhelmed.”Only 27% of 18 to 34-year-olds have had a vaccination dose, meaning 13-million have yet to have a jab. By contrast, 64% of over-60s have been vaccinated.

Epidemiologist and former ministerial advisory committee chair Prof Salim Abdool Karim said it is too early to make definitive statements about young people being more susceptible to Omicron. “What we can expect is that we are likely to see more cases in those who are not vaccinated,” he said.

“Younger people are less vaccinated than older people. If there are more younger people who present with the new variant, it may be a function of vaccination. But we don’t know yet whether the younger people at Baragwanath hospital actually have this variant.”

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Despite scores of Ballito matric ragers testing positive for Covid-19 after last year's event, organisers said this year's event would go ahead from Tuesday to December 6 and be limited to youngsters with vaccination certificates.Spokesperson Darren Sandras said the festival had “all available Covid-19 safety precautions in place, well beyond those mandated by government”. Rapid antigen tests would be conducted on guests and staff on the first and third days.

Plett Rage director Ronen Klugman, whose event will run from December 3 to 7, said matrics would have to arrive with a vaccination certificate and proof of a negative PCR test. Guests and staff will be subjected to rapid testing between two or three times during the festival.

Klugman urged youngsters attending the festival to be cautious about gatherings they attend before the festival.Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele said in a post-cabinet briefing on Thursday that “events such as the matric rage and matric farewell after-parties are superspreaders”.

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“Large gatherings, especially those which involve the consumption of alcohol, are a major risk and undermine our efforts to contain the spread of the virus.”

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Which speed when the experts have indicated that more info is needed on the new variant🙄🙄🙄 Question, who give names to these strains? Fuck...not again🤔🖕 Omicron VoetsekOmicron On Pandemics, porn & politics.. 1 & the same fuckers ..💩🖕 Credits due Tsek. Stop with the lies young people don't have time to test they're busy with grooves and mapiono, stop feeding the public lies.

Eusebius That's right .... keep on adding fuel to the fire.... This could be a step to this country re-colonisation , we definitely can't trust this current leadership.we really can't detect what is a plan here. Half of black South Africans live on ARV'S but we as a country do not manufacture this drugs if USA can say no to ARV'S colony land

Which young people are you on about? Young people ba busy, they drinking beer day and night and Covid hates alcohol, which is why Ramaphosa always ban alcohol coz he wants us dead. Name one alcoholic who died of Covid? This covid19 thing is proving to be too good to be true. The youth were hesitant to be vaxxed and now the new strain is infecting them at a rate too alarming. Just an observation!

Lies Young people do not test, where are you getting this news? Cooked obviously.

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The stats and the actual number of the tested? 🤷🏾‍♀️ When did these young people get tested Amanga enu... Another excuse to impose vaccine on young people. Kak! Evidence? fusegan ..hamban niyofa Why was this virus quiet during looting and elections? WAKE UP SA ANC SOLD US OUT Hahahaha my with the lies...wanting the vaccination of youth to be mandatory

Whoever is tired of this shit count me in phela sesiya nyelwa serious I'm tired of this whole thing whatever the plan is count me in huuuuuu this people and their lies iyooooo I'm gatvol now heses Ok so because the young people were the ones mostly hesitant to get a vaccine a new 'ominous' strain now exists to scare the young and get vaccine numbers up? Nonsense.

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Lamaxhego anomona SizoGroova ngenkani. Whatever Stop it I'm very curious that there seems to be a way to easily test and identify the new variant when it has only just been discovered So there no infection during election 🗳 campaign 🤣🤣🤣🤣 😅 Nna re sharp, pashasha.magooda It didn't infect them during rallies though

WHO names new COVID-19 variant OmicronThe classification puts Omicron into the most-troubling category of COVID-19 variants, along with the globally-dominant Delta, plus its weaker rivals Alpha, Beta and Gamma. What does it all mean? igama lengane ye covid Why always this covid 19 variant become worse when it's December time. Nowadays families don't see each other and we used to gather together as families and celebrate together but with this virus we should be 3 or 4

Very funny 😂😂😂😂 Nonsense nonsense and absolutely nonsense Vaccinated or not Vaccinated young people I don't think there's a vaccine for this omicron Mxm... We know this trick and unfortunately its not gonna work Y'all tryna scare the youth and force us to vaccinate

COVID-19 in SA | No Omicron cases yet in Western CapeWestern Cape health authorities believe the new variant could be responsible for the slight rise in cases witnessed over the past week. Joburg people will change that.

SA 'punished' for detecting Omicron COVID variant: DircoThe decision by a number of countries to ban flights from southern Africa following the discovery of the variant 'is akin to punishing South Africa,' the foreign affairs ministry said in a statement. You think you are special that's the problem, what great science that SA has are they talking about, because SA is in the bottom half Worldwide I'm sure in Scientific studies, Western and even most Eastern countries have far better scientists than us. Serves them right This going to get ugly. Unemployment is already sky-high in this country, now the hospitality industry is going to lose another high season. It is one of the biggest employers in SA. We could be looking at civil unrest. Hopefully, they target Luthuli House This is BS!! China must start paying for the damage they caused to our economy!! COVID19 SouthAfrica

Close to 2,000 new Covid-19 cases recorded in Gauteng in 24 hoursMore than 2,400 new Covid-19 cases have been identified in SA, the NICD reported on Thursday evening. They must stop reporting and act as it's pleases them. We are tired of all this nonsense... What Wil happens to vaccinated Ppl? How will u encourage unvaccinated ppl? If all this media are all about covid LockDown etc.. These cases must come with names now, I don’t trust these numbers.