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2022/09/22 19:10:00

Yet another political party will be added to the ballot

Yet another political party will be added to the ballot

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane is set to launch a political party this weekend.

POLITICS Another party will be added to the September 2022 - 18:25 By Mfundo Mkhize A case of fraud, corruption and money laundering was opened against acting KwaZulu-Natal high court judge Sthembiso Mdladla and Siphiwe Mkhize, former head of the agriculture and rural development department.The lawyer for Sekola Matlaletsa says he took time to work on the summons to ensure a strong case.

The 2024 national and provincial elections are a year and a couple of months away.And the ruling ANC is still sorting itself out ahead of its elective congress in December.READ: Mkhize kick-starts epic battle against Ramaphosa With the results of the 2021 local government elections, parties are starting to smell blood.Mkhize, 63, and Mdladla, 62, were arrested when the Hawks swooped on them in a sting operation in connection with alleged fraud, corruption and money laundering regarding a 2016 tender.Getting below the 50% mark is looking increasingly possible for the ANC, that is, if other parties get their act together.A recent study by the Social Research Foundation suggests that the current opposition is not giving what it is supposed to give..

The study found that “while the ANC continues to make grave mistakes that might cost it votes, the DA is poorly positioned to exploit the governing party’s failures, while the EFF is seen to be too radical, violent, anarchic and disrespectful”.The acting judge allegedly paid a further R300k for the residual on the vehicle.READ: Polls: ANC may well get 50% in election win Perhaps that leaves space for new players to come into the fold.Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane certainly thinks so.Maimane will launch a new political party this weekend in Naledi, Soweto.Mdladla, in an affidavit submitted to court on Tuesday, said he was admitted as an advocate to the Durban bar in 1991.After leaving the DA, Maimane launched One Movement SA (OSA).You can cancel anytime.

The organisation played some role in the local government elections – helping independent candidates with their electioneering, even though it was not a political party.When you visit OSA’s website, you read the following: The political system in South Africa is broken! “For too long, South Africans have been forced to vote for political parties that select compromised, corrupt, and self-serving individuals, and force them upon the people of South Africa."As a result, corruption is rampant, our economy is failing, South Africa’s children are receiving substandard education, joblessness has hit an all-time high, public healthcare is non-existent, and South Africans are being left behind.” Further confusion..

.So, why is a man who started a ‘movement’ that says the current system is broken joining in on the chaos? Speaking to eNCA on Thursday, ntate moruti, as he is known on the Twitter streets, emulated the what kids do on Twitter and explained using a sports analogy.He said: When people decide they are going to play, typically going to play 15-men rugby, you can’t say you want to play sevens-men rugby.Maimane said the country was in crisis.“You have got to be able to put a political party that will continue to fight the electoral reform.

..but, we cannot, in any way, while Parliament blocks efforts for reform, sit back.I am standing up and saying to South Africans, yes, let us empower communities.Yes, let us invite people to fall under one body but I have a commitment to say let us bring about change in South Africa and that is what I am working on,” he said.

Political analyst Levy Ndou says that this move is not surprising.“Maimane rose within the ranks of politics in South Africa through the DA.His understanding is based on inclusivity, on giving all South Africans equal chances to participate in political activity.” Ndou adds there’s nothing wrong with Maimane forming a party after advocating for electoral reform and championing independent candidates.He is aware that to get access to a political position, the better route is through a political party.

The vision Maimane said details of the change he envisioned for the country would be revealed at the launch.“I think South Africa looks at its economy only from one lens.We have got to look at it broadly and ask ourselves some questions: Where are the economic activities? How do we support them? How do we put venture capital in communities to make sure more people can participate in the business community and up the employment levels? How do we ensure that police have better leadership so that people are much safer and, furthermore, how do we ensure that political leadership is accountable to the communities it comes from?" Ndou says it’s now a matter of waiting and seeing what ntate moruti’s political party has to offer.A record number of 48 political parties contested the 2019 elections.The more the merrier, they say.

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Is hunger I'm ready to follow you Maimane. It will die the same death as Cope I give up. Weak I’m gradually making more earnings now in my trades but with the aid of a trader that was recommended and now I'm recommending her to y'all EliDonovan01 His BOSA is not gonna get a seat in Parly. Tired of these mushroom parties.

why, waste time and energy with this failed experiment MmusiMaimane let his foreigners vote for him. What happened to his onesa We've had enough really.

Back on the ballot: Maimane to launch new political partyBack on the ballot: Maimane to launch new political party Mmusi Maimane will contest the 2024 General Elections as a candidate for a new political umbrella body that will be launched this weekend. MmusiMaimane as much as I like you all you guys are doing is splitting votes and keeping ANC in power... Why didn't you join a political party or endorse a political party? This is so unnecessary

Fake news, it's not a political party but a platform 42566657PL Didn’t he fight and won to change the electoral policy to allow independent candidates. So why can’t he be an independent candidate therefore 😀 Oh spare us all His on crack this one….. It's like Political IdolsSA with a panel of 2nd rate judges & only family members voting 4 their peeps with zero talent. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😂 Everyone wants 2 be TheIdolsWinner Meanwhile, Our_DA has built such a strong foundation, they are building walls one brick at a time. VoteDA2024

Blacks launch parties like foreign nationals do with the prosperity churches, I think the objective is not to be involved in politics for the betterment of the nation but is business opportunity, self-enrichment scheme! If not why don't they join existing parties? ThapeloBoyza 🚮 I'm happy to join those who are sharing the good news about Brandonkaren11 I'm not persuading anyone to trade with her but i advise every investor to make the right choice when it comes to Bitcoin mining i got my withdrawal safely without any interruption

Welele Marconificent A man staying in cape Town launches a party in soweto 🤔

Acting KZN judge and former head of agriculture granted bail in corruption caseActing KwaZulu-Natal high court judge Sthembiso Mdladla and his co-accused Siphiwe Mkhize, former head of the agriculture and rural development department, were granted bail in the Pietermaritzburg magistrate’s court after their arrest on Tuesday.

Delighted to see Mmusi Maimane back 🔥 ReadyToBuild Anc will vote for him. You are indeed a great woman to be called, I assure you that I will bring friends to come invest with you because of the excellent work you did for me, I will keep sharing the good news about you karendeidreq This one is in it for a seat in the national assembly and parliamentary perks that comes with it. He shouldve just joined Hairman and report to that white bass called Beaumont.

A great news indeed. Mmusi is the leader of Young People. I am confident that here we are led✊🏾✊🏾 I'm extremely glad to see Mr Maimane back ReadyToBuild we trust him more than we trust other politicians ReadyToBuild He is power obsessed nd hungry.. he did not learn from his so called OneSa.. he must be ready to be led himself

Maimane finally decided to launch his own political party, this is great new. I trust him. 🙌🏽 ReadyToBuild He's not staying in Naledi but because now he wants the votes of the vulnerable people in the location why don't he launch where he stays in the suburbs

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I am glad to see my guy Mmusi back in politics ✊🏼 readytobuild Oh really? I'm glad he's back in Politics! ReadytoBuild We gonna run out of paper and ink at this rate. I don't think we need any more political parties here is SA. We really need a well working country with clean corruption They pop up like fucking spaza shops

I'm glad MmusiMaimane is back in Politics.🙏🏿 Let's build SA together. ReadyToBuild Change is what we need and I believe in Maimane readytobuild I am excited to see what Mmusi brings to the table readytobuild ReadyToBuild 🇿🇦. The ballot will be more than a bible now

Former Pirates Coach In Running For KZN Hot Seat | SoccerladumaThe Siya crew has gathered that a former Orlando Pirates coach has been strongly linked with a move to KwaZulu-Natal. SLSiya Read more:

Maimane must go and launch his political party at the borders of Zimbabwe, Mocambique and Lesotho, or simply join EFF Wonderful news 👏 This is one party that will never go anywhere.. I place it is the same group with ATM, Hlaudi's party & Themba Godi's party. Not sure what Mmusi thinks he can do better than existing parties..

Split the vote👌✊🇿🇦 Because only the Sowetans are susceptible to politics nonsense right? Everyone who wants to launch nonsense come to Soweto. It's a shame really. Cry My Beloved Township! Useless... started on the wrong foot. He alienated himself to ordinary people and now he wants them to support him. Receipe for failure

Welele Not gona work Waste of time

Acting KZN judge and former head of agriculture granted bail in corruption caseActing KwaZulu-Natal high court judge Sthembiso Mdladla and his co-accused Siphiwe Mkhize, former head of the agriculture and rural development department, were granted bail in the Pietermaritzburg magistrate’s court after their arrest on Tuesday.

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Therein lies our problem. Politics is not about serving the people but access to opportunities. Everyone wants their own political party 🙄🙄🙄 The goal being to win at least one seat in parliament. For Mmusi.

Political parties in South Africa are as many as shopping malls OJay92122825 This picture does not talk to the headline. I can tell his political party will be a target of media assailments. Too little too late Oh wow! Does he really have such an opinion of himself that he believes everybody will rush put to follow him?

Sowetans must blue tick him! He must go launch at those leafy areas he lives in. Who's gonna vote for him this mampara 🤔 Still riding on the coattails of the DA his over stated his popularity If he receives 10k votes in 2024 I'll eat my oldest hat 🧢 He is obsessed with positions this one. 😂🤣😂

What happened to independent candidates ORG contesting national elections in 2024 Welele 😃😂😄 He doesn't have followers this one Politics will kill you Go for it, Mmusi. Shame Mmusi you lost in the forrest, no sober patriotic South African will vote for you MmusiMaimane He want the parliament money or salary too

Good luck pastor Every election year yena is launching a political party I know we all probably might have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to Derrick_wright3 on Twitter he guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with him

Instead of cape Town where he is staying. All politicians grappling for the poor uneducated masses as they are easy to lie to Our people are so greedy to a point they all of them want to lead, they just fail to just compromise n form one strong party instead of this madness. That's why most of a people loose interest to vote

🤡🤡Clown Yasho ingane yathi 'some things deserve a full stop' I’m gradually making more earnings now in my trades but with the aid of a trader that was recommended and now I'm recommending her to y'all EliDonovan01 More political parties👀 A new United democratic front is needed against this new regime....

sooner mfudisi realizes his political career is gone the better. that’s what happens when you voluntarily been used to sell black votes in return to elevate your political career. sellout Aowa no50 🥴 He said political parties were a thing of the past. It can only be poverty that is making him change his mind. Stomach Politics 101.

You are wasting your time Hahaha they all so desperate to be in power ,so they can Fck us over. Rob Hersov already told us a long time ago that his boy Mmusi Maimane will launch a new political party! New Meme Alert !!! As if we need more political parties hai man it’s like religion with 1 million churches

Tsek! Loyo!! I saw this coming he's doesn't like to share, now the ballot paper will be like a encyclopedia 😂

My first experience happened to be a total failure but i never gave up cause i knew it was going to work out for me by trying continuously, fortunately I’m smiling today by getting involved with you Austin_Netzley1 We had more than 52 political parties and non of them are changing our lives .In general we must make the law .

I’m gradually making more earnings now in my trades but with the aid of a trader that was recommended and now I'm recommending her to y'all EliDonovan01