Women taxi drivers a hit on the road

Ndlela said being a taxi driver was one of the most undermined jobs in SA but it supported a lot of families.

2020-02-18 09:45:00 AM

Ndlela said being a taxi driver was one of the most undermined jobs in SA but it supported a lot of families.

When Lorraine Makhanya could not find a job as a public relations officer, she swallowed her pride and approached a taxi owner who gave her the job.

Makhanya drives commuters between Johannesburg MTN taxi rank and Kyalami Taxi Rank, near Midrand.She said her day starts at 4am every day because she has to get to the taxi rank early to hold a spot in the queue. She leaves the baby with a nanny."I sometimes wake up at 3am and have no time for make-up, especially in the first week of the month because it's the busiest. I make sure I give my male colleagues a run for their money and my day ends at 7.30pm and I rest," she said.

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Makhanya said she puts on make-up while waiting in the queue at the rank."There are days when I just get out of bed and jump in and out of the shower and just slip into my tracksuit. Heels and a dress don't always do the trick for the early mornings," she said.

Another female taxi driver, Jabu Ndlela, 36, said driving a taxi was a perfect job for her after she failed to find a job that paid her enough."I'm a single mother of four children. My eldest is in university this year and I'm able to pay for her fees and schooling needs without assistance," said Ndlela.

She said there was a growing number of female taxi drivers in the industry and women should stop thinking that it's a man's job to be a taxi driver.Ndlela said being a taxi driver was one of the most undermined jobs in SA but it supported a lot of families.

"We get called mageza, uneducated and unskilled, but the truth is we are educated. We did go to school but we just couldn't sit at home feeling pity for ourselves because there are no jobs," she said.Ndlela said she got paid weekly and got to work fewer hours if she wants.

"If I push in the early mornings, I don't have to push till the evening, I can go and park my taxi because I have reached my daily target and can go home and prepare for the next day," Ndlela said.Taxi marshal Khaya Ngobese said working with the duo has been a great experience.

"Lorraine has just been with us for two years but she has been giving her male colleagues a run for their money."She is an early bird and always makes her check-in early," he said.Their male colleagues said it's an overwhelming feeling to work with the women, adding that they were"peacemakers and like mothers in our team but most of all they are hard workers".

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Botha Molobedu said:"Women must stop thinking that the taxi business is a man's world. It's a job like any other, as long as you can drive and you have your [professional driving permit] PDP, you can work for your children."Don't go to bed hungry because you belittle the job we do," said Molobedu.

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Hope u behave better than the other taxi drivers Wonderful sstr keep up

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