Woman spends R14K to save pet chicken

Natacha Jacobs has forked out R14 000 to keep her pet chicken Tjortsie alive over the past week, but she still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.


Natacha Jacobs has forked out R14 000 to keep her pet chicken Tjortsie alive over the past week, but she still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

Natacha Jacobs has forked out R14 000 to keep her pet chicken Tjortsie alive over the past week, but she still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

Tjortsie joined Natacha’s family as a chick eight months ago and the two have been inseparable since then.

“I used the money meant for water and lights to pay the last vet bill. What else could I do? He was in our house from his birth eight months ago.”

Her voice grows soft. “Me and him have been together every day for the past eight months. I get up at night to make sure he is covered up and warm.”

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The bigger question is, 'what's wrong with white people?'😂😂 Lapho my Grandmother needs a rooster to slaughter when my younger brother comes home with his Grade 3 handwritten report card nesbert_kamo Tjortsie can die! 14 thawsend? Istibhili 🤮 Ngeloxesha ndibawela umleqwa nojeqe .let me send Tod to hunt the rooster for me

Zammy_Mkhize leadership, manje lana?😒😒 nesbert_kamo When we tell you about Generational Wealth......we mean exactly this, people who have enough to play around but don't want Equality! LEN4Masilela I can sell her another one she must just kill that one and eat it She must send it to MapI’m pi’s grandma, she will sort it out real quick.😑🙃

Just eat that thing 😂😂😂

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I wonder how much she is paying her black domestic worker? Aromat and some salt that's all Maybe usedinga ukuphekwa mnj😂 White people thou 14k for a chicken😕 Ekhaya sabona ngathi iyaqhunga njee , ingena ebhodweni . Umaka Mis priority!! When you have the whole land ...and couldn't offer the nanny pay rise!🤗

😥 hope Tjortsie pulls through... a love for a pet can never be understood by others... The owner just need to see a psychiatrist maybe she will be fine..

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Hi i know someone who might be able to help. Lol give it iodine trust me its will be just fine....but at the same white bayadina they pay their domestic workers peanuts yet chickens get 14k Hey kill that thing and eat it. Finish and klaar. I can offer a permament solution to her problem This owner is like some other dudes who keep a female as a friend one day they will eat them 🏃🏃🏃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

NandosSA see how a chicken can truly cost ? 🤔🤔😩😩 He has NandosSA calling. She is being trolled by the cork because it realised she is an idiot.

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Mina bengicela angiphi leyo mali Girl it’s time to cook Percy the service chicken with some rice in a nice curry. She has 14k to waste on fucking food 🤣🤣🤣 C for cook that thing!!! Hao 🤔😂😂😂 Tjortsie turned 11 a few days ago....go figure. It's needed to grace a champion's table. YoBoi_Krush 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mental disorder

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This lady is ridiculous. Pay your bills first. Your chicken is ill because you're treating it as a 'baby' and not a chicken. she benefited more than others! Besha ntwewe The problm is with Natacha and nothing rong with Tjortsie. Hehake! Hayi sana andinabhongo👏 This is how resources are wasted- sending Oscar Pistorius for psychological evaluation instead

Obvious she won't find anything wrong with it, it has a calling, probably someone out there is sent to find it and make a sacrifice for abaphantsi Benji_Seitlhamo Cuckooooooos! This is witchcraft

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She could still spend more 🙄 😂😂😂 what Ae belungu, letha la silambile How is this newsworthy ? See why we don't buy your shit paper anymore? Die mense het geld Phonsa lento estofini idliwe So inyama iyanyangwa The chicken just wants to be eaten like all other chickens. 😂 😂

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Hheee? This is nonsense. Awulethe lana imali leyo maseyikuluma The problem is her nothing else Tsek alife le qhude. Rich people problems 🤦🏾‍♀️ YT folks are all about animal rights 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a blessed rooster may it live long She doesnt have a problem,she just wants to be eaten....... NandosSA looking at this like 😂

Kganthe hana electricity le pot mosadi onaa? She can pass it my way A hare pops up. A mlungu sees pet. A muntu sees food. A lion pops up. A mlungu lures it back to the zoo/wild, a muntu kills it. A snake pops up, a mlungu takes it back to the wild, a muntu either calls it ancestors or kills it. A willow tree dream bad for mlungu, good for muntu.

That chicken is so fat it would make a great Sunday roast Just eat the damn chicken for Sunday.....she probably pays insurance for it✋😂😂.... She sure loves cock Uthwele ngayo? Penxenxe Ifuna isiko le tyip man. Ixelelewe abaphansi qha... Izoba right At Pick n Pay they are looking for chickens like these and they call them Nkukhu 😂 😂 😂

NandosSA please come rescue

My pot would be a very safe haven for that rooster PercyMuthabi 😂would rather make chicken stew Hannibal ate those he loved 😋 I think in this scenario his lessons could save her thousands😁 Makgowa a nale tshelete ya go bapala stru 🤞 What a waste 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only in SA will you find such making news

Ingase uvele ife😂 Rooster so over her. Wants to be on lunch table. That chicken must die. Someone needs a Streetwise 2. People want to get married.

It's time is due: Take it to Nandos’s. They will sort it out immediately! Libukeka selikulungele lona ukuya ebhodweni. Anopenga She should have given that money to me stru. I’d have put the rooster out of his misery and we’d all have had full tummies This so sad you decide which one She is lying. 😳 On cock?

I hope it's not contagious

Example of bad investment spending r14000 to save r70😂😭🤒🚮🤷 This is so f**** funny I cant stop laughing AdvBarryRoux Wait, mokokolope? I was thinking some exotic pet, kante lera Neil Tovey This looks like a cork Bulala lamasimba The vet is laughing all the way to the bank! 💀💀💀 this side CoolKEGS101

Forget the chicken, what's wrong with the owner🤔 Uthakatha ngayo sozuve Lol he lives in my hood He would have stolen/kidnapped to be Sunday lunch

Thyini bawo, ngekudaaala yavuthwayo apha kum! Ngeyisemathunjwini! Inoba ngesendiyinyile! NandosSA might help🤗 I think we all know which has a problem. Don't mind me though, I'm tryina roast this chicken for Sunday lunch. Le tagwa ke mokhoro sesi Ai these people are weird kodwa maan 😂😂😂😂, you name your chicken Tsotsi then expect to know everything about it?

R60 worth chicken Batho ba bogwa 😂😂😂 Like seriously!! Penxenxe She still doesn't know what's wrong with her. Nothing wrong with that rooster Sybwl lo 14 thau! 😰

14k On the 🐦 tjoo Nkabe e le kgale ke tlhabile sheshebo He needs to be Sunday Lunch. There problem solved. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀for inkunzi yenkukhu😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow some folks are money crazy🐓 What the hell? R14k for a goddamn rooster. I think we need to find out what's wrong with Natcha and not the rooster.

But she wouldn't take out a cent to save a native. Jasis, 14 steena

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