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Analysis | Coalition governments held together with sticky tape won't last

2021-11-26 12:01:00 PM

Analysis | Coalition governments held together with sticky tape won't last

While the decline of the ANC is inevitable, what will replace it is still in question. This was the takeaway from Thusday’s City Press Twitter Space, which discussed what the results of the 2021 local government mean for the country going forward.

Ngoasheng pointed out that although the ANC is losing power, it remains the biggest united block in most municipalities. She added that there is no united political party that can challenge the ANC, rather a cluster of parties with different ideologies.

“What concerns me with coalitions is that there are no agreements that hold the coalition in place; they are essentially held together by sticky tape and they can fall apart at any time,” Ngoasheng said.Speaking about coalition governments, Ngoasheng said:"You need a stronger glue than not wanting the ANC in power."

She said the country has not figured out how to manage coalition governments. “We are coming from five years that has seen instability in Nelson Mandela Bay and Johannesburg. I had hoped that our politicians would come back with a little more maturity and, to me, that is worrisome.” headtopics.com

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READ: Setumo Stone | The EFF masterstrokeNgoasheng said we should be asking why South Africans are choosing to stay away from the polls than vote for the opposition.“While I am happy that opposition parties were able to form a voting block, it is not sustainable if we can’t get to 2024 where the ANC will be removed from power by a clear leader or emergent political party that is ready to take up the leadership in the country,” she said.

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In 2024, we destroy this party... We end em and vote for change... Sekhatele w/ criminal parties. The youth will make dat happen, we were born watching the ANC laugh our parents & grandparents, things hv changed now they're messing w/ de wrong generation. Below 50% is a defeat, but opposition 'party' to cANCer is too fragmented, in words & in deeds. Their misleaders don't want to be led.

Malema's last speech on 31 October on the eve of elections said remember Cril the devil. So Ramaphosa can keep us on any level of lockdown and state of disaster for as he please with his masters, we will never forget come 2024. Mondli is 100 percent right, 2024 ANC must expect the political setup of Lesotho political parties were the ANC might get less than fifty percent and opposition parties government by fifty plus percent.

Once the kleptocratic and kakistocratic MYANC ANCParliament regime has been removed from GovernmentZA ParliamentofRSA, then only can we beat fraud and corruption & start to fix this disaster they've created, for which they have NO solutions. DrainTheSwamp ANCmustFall You do know that MYANC bends over both ways🤷🏽‍♂️

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Day of high drama as ANC retains eThekwini metro | CitypressIn a surprise move, smaller political parties in Durban backed the ANC, which ensured that Mxolisi Kaunda was re-elected as mayor of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality on Wednesday. The looting continues VIVA brown envelopes VIVA!!!! A Looter Continua! ✊✊✊ There was not drama in Jozi Ekurhuleni Tshwane and Mogale City only in eThekwini. 21st century journalism.

Malema’s plan to remove the ANC from power | CitypressEFF leader Julius Malema revealed that the EFF will do anything to get rid of the ANC – even if it means voting for the DA Honestly i never thought to earn as much as have earn now Though i didn't know the trading process at first Arnoldnike93 thought me steps to earn from Bitcoin trading have been earning massively trading with Mr Arnold Get your BTC and DM the account manager Arnoldnike93 Since you're sponsoring the Our_DA I no longer take you serious. You're not a media house but a mouthpiece of a right wing party meaning you want to bring back apartheid in a new form We will do anything to support you Juju, ANC is epidemic itself 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Malema says EFF lawyers will investigate how the ANC retained power in eThekwiniJulius Malema accused the ANC of giving itself power it doesn't have, saying all will be revealed during a legal investigation. Ego stroked 😂BIG TIME, mara bare 'mahlale a ngwana'...? ALL GOOD TIME!👀🧐 Malema is the Biggest cry baby!

‘Power nightmare’ awaits ‘lost’ ANC – expertsThe series of defeats at the polls and this week’s council leadership elections was an indication the ruling party was no longer unassailable, said political analyst Dr Ralph Mathekga.

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SABC rejects Mbalula's claims of 'ruthless' reporting on ANCThe SABC has rejected attempts by Fikile Mbalula to blame the public broadcaster for the ANC's poor election performance. Wonder who he will blame in 2024 if he loses his position as cabinet minister VoetsekANC We are all to blame This one is only barking he is not relevant anymore...from number 1 to him must just vacate he thinks he is almighty