What’s in City Press: We are battered; Mpumalanga premier fights poison; ‘Lockdown on its own does not kill the virus’

What you can expect in your City Press newspaper today.

2020-03-29 08:05:00 AM

In City_Press today: While the country has been grappling with the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane has been fighting for her life in hospital after allegedly being poisoned

What you can expect in your City Press newspaper today.

City Press front page: March 29 2020What you can expect in your City Press newspaper today:Lockdown, ratings downgrade; we are batteredThe ailing South African economy, which is already in recession, has taken a double hit with the lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak and Friday night’s downgrading to “junk” status by Moody’s Investor Service ratings agency.

Reopening of schools: Angie Motshekga’s vinegar approach grates WC premier says parts of province should be Level 1 Mystery after NDZ cancels two national addresses this week

Economists are predicting that the economy could shrink significantly.Lessons to learn from the lockdownMinistries own up to glitches and put correctional measures in place, ranging from early social grant payments to a 60% passenger quota in taxis.A lockdown on its own does not kill the virus

Experts say SA is in eye of the storm and should intensify efforts to flatten the curve.Mpumalanga premier fights poisonWhile the country has been grappling with the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane has been fighting for her life in hospital after allegedly being poisoned.

‘No one should suffer like I did’To some extent now, when I have to go out, I look at myself and ask: Am I decent? Am I right?”A South African woman alleges suffering a double blow after being sexually assaulted at an airport in Egypt.No sex, no paySex workers call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently make provision for them to benefit from government’s Temporary Employee Relief Scheme.

Tshwane administrators clean upDespite a baptism of fire for the newly appointed City of Tshwane administrators, who were assigned amid the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, the 10-member team has hit the ground running, identifying and setting in place measures to address challenges facing South Africa’s capital city.

Townships lag behind call to lock downKwaZulu-Natal’s townships are not adhering to national lockdown rules and, while the Durban city centre is perhaps the least littered it has been in decades, the homeless and beggars still pepper street corners, hustling to make a buck.

Reconnect with your partner in lockdownTwenty-one days in the same place can be daunting, and people are already jokingly predicting a spike in the country’s divorce rate as a result.Spending time with your partner is great when you have a choice in the matter, but this lockdown is going to force us into each other’s space for at least 21 days.

The inevitable rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths: What the numbers mean - The Mail & Guardian Two dead in new ANC KwaZulu-Natal killings - The Mail & Guardian What to do when she’s always comparing you with her exes’

Limpopo battles corona mad rushLimpopo was chaotic this week as travellers tried to cross the border in a desperate bid to beat the deadline signalling the start of the national lockdown, which came into effect at midnight on Thursday.Eastern Cape health MEC worried about influx of people

Eastern Cape health MEC Sindiswa Gomba has bemoaned the return of an influx of people from provinces where the highest numbers of Covid-19 coronavirus infections have been recorded.Workers were left out of Covid-19 planningPolice and correctional services unions have slammed the state for not consulting them before the lockdown, resulting in confusion and lack of proper protective gear

‘Cameras to see if wife was bulimic’A businessperson from Pretoria East said he installed web cameras in his bathroom because he suspected that his wife suffered from the eating disorder bulimia.Schools must make new exam plansGrade 12 pupils should be allowed to use the results of the September trial exams to apply for admission to universities next year.

Now keep on leadingThe president can no longer please and appease. Going forth, SA requires firm leadership in the front, writes Mondli Makhanya.Lockdown shopping redolent of Black FridayThe day before the nationwide lockdown set in, South Africans went on a spending spree to rival Black Friday.

Mohlala uses ‘lawyer’s tactics’ at agency boardMamodupi Mohlala, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Estate Agency Affairs Board, has been accused of acting with impunity, taking no accountability for her actions and personally attacking those who question her – “made in the style of a criminal lawyer who must cast doubt on the opposition to win a case”.

Global reaction to Covid-19As the global Covid-19 coronavirus infections surpassed 620 000, several African countries have followed other countries around the world and introduced strict measures to combat the spread of the deadly virus. Read more: City Press »

Leratosexy1 is this true ? Somebody was fatally assaulted in a party meeting for supporting her name. May his soul rest in peace. The NPA must end this thuggery. Im not able to read my and SundayIndy to go with my SundayTimesZA . It’s my tripartite alliance Thank you for bring out this edition, and ensuring delivery as an essential service in this extraordinary time. We appreciate it MondliMakhanya DumisaneLubisi RapuleT COVID19SouthAfrica

Comrade premier, get well Conferences coming. The battle for Public office intensifies. Remember their only source of income is public money. The entire 1 million membership of state capture organisation crave to be millionaires premiers MECs MPs. Remember in each province there are two ANCs.They fight for power and each faction wants to be in power.

By whom?

City PressDon't forget: City Press will be available in stores this Sunday. We also encourage you to visit our website - Really really really, Please advice how is this going to assist with the lockdown and cutting transmissions. You put you paper in public space to bought and send to a private space, haai ke angazi Mzansi siyenze njani Will my paper be delivered tomorrow? Are you encouraging. people to go out.

Hot tips: Zimbabwe Rapids, Viva Papaya and Bujumbura CityPunters finding themselves with time on their hands needn’t fret, there’s plenty to occupy themselves with: studying racing and soccer form in far-flung places.

City residents helped to grow their own foodThe City of Johannesburg’s Food Resilience Programme seeks to address urban poverty and food insecurity among residents.

We don’t know where she got it, says husband of Covid-19 victimThe country has started a 21-day lockdown to try to limit the spread of the virus, which is thought to kill between 1% and 4% of those it infects. If it is meant for you to have the virus, it will come to you 🙏 Ask her she will tell uber waite till she's in ......... then ask her. Klk ebetakile xa kunjalo

Court dismisses application to relax lockdown rules for man who wanted to travel to father's funeralAn Mpumalanga man who brought an urgent court application to relax coronavirus lockdown legislation so he could attend his grandfather’s funeral has been dismissed. According to your article the deceased is the GRANDFATHER How is it that everyone is getting it so wrong? Either the headline is incorrect or the article Which is which? My daughter in law didn't go to bury her grandmother either rules are rules.I also couldn't bury my cousin This is a catch 22 situation.

Court dismisses application to relax lockdown rules for man who wanted to travel to father's funeralKarel van Heerden had brought the challenge on Friday, the first day of the national lockdown which saw police and SA National Defence Force (SANDF) personnel descend on cities and towns across the country. Covid19SA 21daylockdownSA