What’s in City Press: Outrage over R30m express tender; People think I am God, says communications minister

Some of the headlines in your City Press newspaper today.

2020-04-05 08:24:00 AM

In City_Press today: The Gauteng government has been accused of using the cover of the coronavirus to rush through a R30m contract without proper tender processes; Police Minister Bheki Cele says he wishes alcohol ban could be extended beyond lockdown

Some of the headlines in your City Press newspaper today.

City Press front page: April 5 2020Some of the headlines in your City Press newspaper today:Stay home, avoid troublePolice Minister Bheki Cele has given the clearest indication yet that regulations prohibiting the sale and drinking of alcohol during the lockdown will not be relaxed, even remarking that he wished they were extended beyond this period.

Lockdown level 3: Methodist Church to remain closed Cele: Proof of cigarette purchases required Nxesi: UIF has paid over R15bn to more than 3 million people

Will Tito revise the budget?As speculation mounts in political and business circles about whether Finance Minister Tito Mboweni will revise the 2020/21 budget in light of South Africa’s dramatically altered economic conditions, it has emerged that government has initiated talks to launch a massive infrastructure project to kick-start and boost the economy once the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has run its course.

Outrage over 24-hour, R30m express tenderThe Gauteng government has been accused of using the cover of the Covid-19 coronavirus to rush through a big information technology (IT) contract without proper tender processes.People think I’m God StellaCommunications and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has taken a swipe at critics who disapprove of how she runs her department, saying: “There is the Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But others think there is also God Stella.”

South Africans shine during lockdownFor most people, the national lockdown has been a time of anxiety. But amid the chaos, South Africans have proven to be remarkably compassionate and united. Grethe Kemp rounds up a few of the good news stories that have come out of the crisis

Covid-19 heightens queer strugglesThe global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has heightened the socioeconomic vulnerabilities of the most marginalised people in our societies, among them members of the LGBTIQ+ community.Fear grips vulnerable KZN health workers

Nurses in KZN have expressed fear and trepidation over “what is coming” as South Africa battles to contain the Covid-19 coronavirus, with the constant increase in the number of infections.Khoisan group defies lockdownA group of seven Khoisan activists from the Eastern Cape say no hunger or coronavirus will deter them from camping on the Union Buildings lawns to supports their bid to have government recognise Khoisan people as the “first nation”, not classify them as “coloureds” and include their language as one of the official languages of South Africa.

Will it be ‘normal’ again?‘The first week was almost exciting but the second week has hit us hard – it feels as if we’re in prison’Mkhize ignored our calls for protective gear – unionAt least 25 public healthcare facilities across the country are without basic protective equipment such as gloves, masks and gowns for healthcare workers. And this is what prompted one of South Africa’s largest public-sector trade unions to haul Health Minister Zweli Mkhize to court this week.

Schools not ready for reopening on Monday Midvaal leads with new approach to municipalities’ electricity challenges Level 3: Restaurant takeaways, drive-thrus open

What about our muthi?Alternative health practitioners - traditional healers and herbalists - say they have an important role to play in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.Virtual run to get you through quarantineAs we begin the second week of the lockdown, people have become ever more creative in putting useful and entertaining things online for us to join in. #Trending rounds up online activities – for you and the kids – that will help with the constraints of confinement

Cabinet forced to go high-techFor all the talk about planning for the fourth industrial revolution, the Covid-19 coronavirus has done more to spur government to implement new-age technologies than anything preceding it.I’m in quarantine, you can’t arrest me

When police officers arrived this week at a Boksburg, Gauteng, man’s home to arrest him on a charge of assault, they were forced to leave empty-handed – and with red faces.Soldiers and police face heat over brutalityThe enforcement of lockdown regulations has resulted in 38 reported incidents against the police, ranging from murder, assault and rape to discharging of a firearm.

The allegations, lodged with the police watchdog, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), include eight deaths and one rape.Ravaged: WHO urges lockdowns stay The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned against relaxing lockdown regulations by countries, saying that such a move could have devastating outcomes in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Blessed with Covid-19 allowanceSlay queen ‘Lolo’ says she is grateful to have boyfriends who have been financially supportive in these trying timesPrepare yourself Madam and MercyTears, emotions and vulnerability. This is what viewers are going to witness as they get a deeper insight into Evodia “Madam” Mogase and her daughter Mercy on their new 13-part reality show Madam and Mercy.

Mzansi’s enemy number one presenter speaks“My lows included witnessing the level of disrespect shown by the side chicks to the wives. My highlights included seeing the side chicks, who wanted to enter into polygamy without clearly understanding what they were getting themselves into – thinking they were better than the first wives,” says polygamist presenter Musa Mseleku.

Lockdown level 3: Taxis back on the road full time Samwu says municipalities not ready for Level 3 Public Protector, EFF lose Gordhan appeal in Constitutional Court Read more: City Press »

Did he consider other factors that have contributed to the positive changes he's mentioned? He can ban alcohol but all these statistics will go up again. Do you know why? They haven't dropped because of alcohol no, they have dropped only because there's no socializing. I have 3 liquor stores and employ 26 ppl, Can the Minister and those of u supporting his nonsense liquor ban, please advice me on how I should tell my team that they dont have Jobs and UIF will only pay them 3 months and after that what? Eusebius ThuliMadonsela3

And mbalula he must also stay at home, Bheki Cele will be the downfall of democracy. We must be careful of people that believe everything that comes to their mind as true Abramjee Don’t insult me to avoid trouble More corruption and stupidity He won't last on that position Germany once banned sell of alcohol, guess what impact that did to it's economy...

Taiwan won the battle against C19 because idiots ain't hired as ministers. Le go o ka tima meetse, o tla bona e nwele Couldn’t find City Press anywhere today in Durban North. 😭 Eusebius Obviously Bheki Cele and Fikile are smoking the same shit! Or maybe is the whole. MYANC ? Shit! What else? Why aren't media reporting and exposing the fact that this coronavirus is an invention - a laboratory virus - with international patents? Your credibility is out of the window.

I'm not suprised. Magodu ga a na ditlhong. Service delivery dololo and bona ba busy ba a utswa. Gauteng and corruption...ai ke Just hope all those who consume alcohol can be on the same page come election day and kick these incompetent government according to him Ndozi the main problem in this country is alcohol

Who does he think he is? God? He is a power hungry cop Izinja zegame Alcohol is not the problem here. Drugs and unemployment are our main issues. Eusebius Maybe they should sell it under certain restrictions ie no alcohol sales after a certain time Eusebius Who is he to dictate to a whole democratic country?

They said 'stay at home' so they can LOOT 😂😂😂😂 Agree on Alcohol ban. Perhaps restaurant, shops to a sell alcohol till 18h00. After that, people can drink in their homes. Draconian legislation in comparison to the rest of the world. He banna, tell him ha re bana ba hae.... VuvuMaks ItuKgatle 🙈😳can’t believe GautengProvince is involved in unethical behaviour at the expense of Covid19SA . Anti-corruption warriors 🤔David_Makhura

That's our GP for you _ only a matter of time bfe we vote them out...... At this point the only Minister who still have my respect and full support is Mr Mkhize (Minister of Health). All the other incompetent corrupt imbeciles can go to hell 🖕🏿 The hidden agenda revealed. The police minister will regret his mistake dearly. One cannot dictate to one on how to spend one's personal money. The Constitution forbids that!!!

Let's make more people unemployed.... let's so how many people we can make destitute by taking away their jobs 👏 👏 👏 SisThobs Confusing. ...this headline is about GP ,then out of nowhere mentions Bheki Cele... Beke is an idiot! Prohibition on alcohol will simply cause anothe 1-2 million of SA's highest tax payers to relocate away from SA and renounce their citizenship! Clever - he does know SA is already heading to a Venezuela economic model where its citizens will not afford alcohol

Abramjee Well we all know he is a fraudster Cele must be drinking something very strong. You always going for Soft Targets Minister,your merge are these criminals that are always ahead of your strategies,Show us that you are capable of being ahead of crime not chase crime of become reactive. Why Minister are not taking an opportunity of soldiers and deal with drugs dens completely. You and Mbalula are talking too much but with less progress.

Abramjee The thing here is that there is a ban on places selling alcohol and in the gazette there is no restrictions on consumption. We live in a democracy and not dictatorship, something SALGA_Gov GovernmentZA must remember. CyrilRamaphosa LindiweSisuluSA please check the gazette. I just wonder what exactly did alcohol did to Bheki Cele, why does he hate it so much?

Abramjee We wish Bheki Cele would step down. Alcohol abuse stems from the lack of jobs and economic challenges. Solve that and the abuse would be reduced. They looted the late Nelson Mandela's funeral funds what would stop them now? Abramjee As if his failing ANC government would create jobs for those working in that field.

Useyanyake manje uNdosi and he is not even the deputy president for that matter.Can someone teach this arrogant minister a thing or two about recession,unemployment and fall in tax revenue for the state.Mxm,it is statements like this that chase away investors We knew this would happen.....is anyone shocked? I'd be shocked if other provinces aren't guilty of the same.....

Abramjee 🤣🤣🤣🤣 MYANC Kudliwa ngisho kufiwe kwa Khongolose. Abramjee He's not going to succeed Abramjee PresidencyZA ,CyrilRamaphosa it seems the time to eat has begun in earnest. Typically of you, there will be no consequences. Errm. No.. wannabe dictator.. Doesn't have powers to do that unfortunately...we will drink on...

Me too Bheki, me too. Bheki cele uyasinyela mos. Siyaqheleka ngok This alcohol grows economy The truth is starting to show up. COVID-19 was expected to be used to squander state funds. Giving easy passage of Covid-19 was made for looting. U can talk to ur colleagues abt that I think Anclekgotla will be appropriate platform considering the rate of gender abuse noise crimes etc in this country of ours & min GenBheki_Cele must curb nyaope cashintransit crimes with the assistance of Militarypolice we shall go far

We are with you Minister. Its not corruption so long done by the new dawn. Why do these people think they can get away with it without being exposed? But then, they know nothing will come of it..or maybe after 6 years according to the NPA's m.a. What would you have them do? These are unprecedented times.

We know they are going to loot under the guise of emergency procurement The alcohol sales should be temporarily banned for the next six months Haibo Bheki 🙄🙄🙄 I wish Cele can keep his thugs under control duting and after lockdown. We all have to have wishfull fantasy to get through the day without killing ourselves.

This won't see the light of day. Those who abuse alcohol must get help. Ningasifaki thina. Deal with drug lords simple. Lol Bheki Cele is a wannabe tyrant. cc RomanCabanac Jonathan_Witt KanthanPillay Maphuti_13 Please extend Any chance of putting online quicker than normal today, noting how few people will be going to the shops this morning? A big, captive online audience awaits.😀 CoronaVirusSA Day10ofLockdown

City of Joburg kicks out illegal occupants, vows to clamp down on invasionsIt alleged that criminal syndicates are using the national lockdown to take over unoccupied buildings and to invade open spaces and land. Human rights groups are coming When Mashaba fid that, yall cried out loud, incl the Anc, today its them executing evictions. Good thank you

Ms Dippy thanks the late Dumi Masilela for helping her escape a toxic relationshipMs Dippy says convos with Dumi always left one with food for thought

Money Makeover podcast: How to manage your money when life happensPodcast | How to manage your money when life happens | This week the MoneyMakeover podcast looks at the financial stress so many households are feeling amid the Covid-19 crisis & how you can respond to the debt trap.

French doctor apologises for suggesting COVID-19 treatment be tested in AfricaThe comments triggered outrage on social media. Let them come here to South Africa to apologize... We swear we won't do them any harm. Makayonya maan He is apologising for getting caught on camera otherwise he is not sorry.

Centurion homeless recyclers feel the impact of lockdown, appeal for food and shelter - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.A group of homeless people surviving through recycling in Centurion, south of Pretoria, has called on the City of Tshwane and the government to supply them with food and shelter. Challenge to all South African's can we pledge as little as R50 to helping these people in the coming days please It's a reality, we don't have any where to sell our products we accumulated. Bet you when we are allowed to trade, the big guns will offer pittance for what it is actually worth. artistsonjaosi1 Well gosh.. .imagine how the homed ones feel who have to pay rates bonds or rent

Coronavirus In SA: Tshwane intensifies Covid-19 screening and testingThe City of Tshwane has intensified screening for Covid-19 at all its clinics, with thousands of people being checked for the virus daily, spokesperson Selby Bokaba said.