'What in the apartheid is this?': SA outraged at viral video of cops beating two men with a sjambok

'What have we done as black people in this country to be treated like this?' asked one user.

2021-01-22 06:40:00 AM

'What have we done as black people in this country to be treated like this?' asked one user.

'What have we done as black people in this country to be treated like this?' asked one user.

21 January 2021 - 09:30Police are investigating after an alleged assault on two men by three officers was caught on video. Stock imageImage:Gareth WilsonA video showing Western Cape police officers using a sjambok to beat up two unidentified men has sparked outrage on social media.

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In the video, an officer can be seen searching one of the men, before shouting and pointing at him.The other man appears to receive a few slaps from another officer. A third other officer is also seen dragging the second guy and starts beating him with a sjambok.

Police spokesperson Brig Novela Potelwa said an investigation into the incident has been launched and the police officials captured in the video have been identified as employees attached to a unit in Worcester.Potelwa said the two men are yet to be identified and would be interviewed as part of the investigation. headtopics.com

“Further investigation into the matter is expected to also shed light on what had happened prior to the recording commencing,” she said. Read more: Times LIVE »

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Would they do this to white people? I say, let's start retaliating. Period!!! Its better than being arrested You voted for the anc. I can give an answer to the one user. You voted based on race and kept doing so regardless of the ANC's contempt for South African citizens. You get the grave you dig, though it's unfortunate you've also dug the graves of everyone else.

Reasons Why Not To Invest in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Expropriation without compensation 6. Failing infrastructure 7. No electricity 8. Exorbitant taxation rates I'm very scared of police eish sjambok very painful rather stay lockdown its safer stay in house

Only the EFF can do something because after all is said and done, it's the last best hope as things stand today for SA. You'll not hear racist organizations like Afriforum, DA, Right2Know concerned about this. Their only fear is DD, never mind the looting of PPEs in billions. We voted for ANC crooks over and over again. It is what we have done and deserve every horrible thing they are doing to us. VoetsekANC

Black people and this racecard nonsense. That's a colored police and the victims are colored. Where does race fit in there? That's just police brutality if anything Why? Don't make a racial issue out of everything..... REALLY BORING!!! We must see these mabhenanaz using the same force on the other race as well

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God bless you!! You're indeed a God sent to planet Earth, I never believed in her until I got my 4rh payout Charloteamelia7 We replace a White oppressor with Black oppressor, SAPS's conduct is still similar to when they operated under the apartheid regime. Some of us black people tend 2 put rights ahead of safety,police did a good job,actually they mst shambok every person who walks in public space without wearing a mask, mzanzi ppl dnt knw wt dey want ,police act ,dey complain,police dnt act ,still dey complain

I wonder what Bhekicele2018 would say about this video💚💚 Has been in the making for a long time, and only now does the media in South Africa begin to smell the rot. No, democracy spoiled us. Destroyer a country ... brought many rugrats to take away our legacy which our parents fought for ... gave to foreigners what rightful was South Africans ..turned a country into a shit hole ..and junk status ..

Until we defend ourselves from this cruel brutality they will never stop this nonsense. The video sickening my stomach it makes heart boil. We are still under apartheid in South Africa. Voetsek to supremacists dumb white racism. 😡😡😡😡 There is nothing wrong, Sjambok is good for punishment The police are drunk on power . They beleive they are all powerfull and that they can do what they want.